3 Updates & a Question

Hey you guys, stopping by quickly for a personal update, for a Prawn update, for a blog update, and for a quick question.

Let’s get to it!

Personal Update:

Start Weight – 264.8 lbs
Weight This Morning – 157.4 lbs
Lowest Weight – 152.0 lbs

So yesterday morning I weighed 162 lbs… what a drop just one day of eating right and working out does! Wooooah.

So yesterday I actually stuck to my guns. I didn’t eat anything after dinner (I had my protein shake after my workout and that’s it.)

Even though, I was a teensy bit hungry. I kept telling myself I had a good workout so I could afford to eat a chicken thigh after I got home. Or an egg or egg whites or something. But I totally resisted the urge and wasn’t starving.

& I know this morning I would have REALLY regretted it, so I am thankful I actually stuck to my commitments to myself, was strong and did well.

This morning there were blueberries on the counter and I justified to myself ‘well my personal trainer says it’s ok to have like half a cup of blueberries… no big deal’ but I resisted and DID NOT EAT THEM! :D You see though? I made an excuse to stray off my diet and then remembered the snowball effect, and told myself, no excuses! Stay the course!

Willpower! I can do it!

Feeling extremely motivated, just have to keep it up. I’ll update you along the way, as usual.

Prawn Update:

Start Weight – 354 lbs
Weight This Morning – 241.8 lbs
Lowest Weight – 241.8 lbs

So you know how I keep saying Prawn is joining the gym, Prawn is joining the gym, Prawn is totally going to join the gym this time…

Well he finally did! Prawn joined the gym and has gone every two days for a week straight! Also, would you believe (and this is SUPER exciting) he has hit a weight low! THE SCALE IS FINALLY MOVING FOR PRAAAAAWN! After almost 8 MONTHS OF WEIGHT STAGNATION!

I knew all it would take is to cut out rotisserie chicken, dairy, and work out. Easier said than done… and he has done it! Let’s pray for consistency and hope he sticks with it!

Prawns is totally catching up to me! Oooh darn, guess I’ll have to keep up with the effort I put in yesterday. Stay focused. I don’t know if I can accept him beating my weight low! Not cool! :)

Would you look at that, my competitive side is peeking through. Tsk tsk.

Blog Update:

Have you guys checked out my new ‘Fitness Progress’ page? It has been a month since I started training with my personal trainer and tracking my weight lifting progress. I have some pretty impressive numbers there ;)

For instance, my leg press weight going from 80lbs to 220lbs in the span of A MONTH. Pretty proud of that. I wonder if a month from now I’ll be up to leg pressing 360lbs… that would be crazy!

Quick Question:

So I’m a little nervous about this one. I want to market myself (obviously) for the female bodybuilding, fitness modelling thing I have dreams of doing, but I’m not sure how.

I want to keep up with this blog, obviously, and I hope it helps you guys sometimes. I know it helps me.

I was wondering… and I know this sounds SO SILLY, really…

OK I’ll just ask, seriously, should I make a facebook page? Like a facebook page where I give daily tips, and talk to you guys through a different social media site than just this blog stuff? Motivational pictures, quotes, tips and what have you. Would you follow me on facebook if I added that to my ‘repertoire’ so to speak?

Just curious, would you? Why or why not? Would you invite all your friends? ;)

I would hate to make a page and then have my mom be the only one who follows me, which seems very possibly something that would happen…

Also, any opinions on ways to market myself? Am I marketable? Bah. Prawn says I am.



Just a Thought: We All Know What It Takes To Succeed

Oh readers, you are consistently my greatest motivators, giving me the kick in the butt when I need it. I want you to know I read and take seriously every single comment and really lately, I have needed the focus.

I hate that it feels like I’m always saying this, but THIS TIME I will stick with my plan, no variations, no justification, no excuses, just strict dieting.

Oh yeah, I know, you have heard it before. You guys should have a bet-thing going on whether or not this time I will stick with it. Well I’m telling you, I’m all gung-ho and going to do it this time!

Why don’t I get discouraged and tell myself… well I have tried a million times, started over a MILLION TIMES! I should just say eff-it and give up.

Well no giving up is allowed, dear readers! Not on my watch!

I mean, when it came to working out, HOW MANY TIMES did I try and try and try again to get my attendance up at the gym? I restarted… I can’t even tell you how many times, or how many times in my lifetime, every time trying something different to get my butt there.

Because that is the key, if you keep trying over and over again, doing the same thing, you wont succeed. Something needs to change for you to see results, it’s different for everybody, but eventually something just clicks.

They don’t need to be drastic changes, try a little twinge of a difference from the last time you tried… am I making sense?

Also, if you never take that first step in saying ‘well this time…’ and starting over, you will never ever know success because you will never TRY! It’s all about trying and putting in the effort!

Well, a thought from one of my fantastic motivators: You know what it takes to succeed.

This is so true. For the most part, we all know what it takes to lose the weight, we know what cheating is, we know what we are not allowed. We just justify to ourselves why we should be allowed that banana at 10pm, those drinks with our friends, that snack after dinner-time.

We tell ourselves that we will restart tomorrow, we tell ourselves that it’s stupid to not be allowed a handful of strawberries in the afternoon… and then end up eating one or two tubs full AND a slice of pineapple… even though we know we aren’t allowed on our diet.

Too specific?

I know how I feel after a binge-cheat (oh yeah… so last night I had ANOTHER! I feel like crap…)

I know that when it comes to me, one thing always leads to another and it all spirals out of control. I can’t be allowed that first bite! I KNOW THIS ABOUT ME SO WHY DO I ALWAYS TAKE THAT FIRST BITE AAAARGGGG!

And another thing… What if someone out there looks up to me? What if there is someone sitting at their computer who actually LOOKS UP TO ME… thinks I have willpower for having lost 113lbs, wants to lose weight like I did… looks to me for advice, reads my blog… and I am always disappointing them with my binges… my lack of confidence, my recent weight gain, when I don’t hit the gym for a few days at a time (probably the next step in my self-destruction).

Well that sucks! I can’t do that! If my weight loss motivated one person, and they read through my story like ‘I want to do that!’ If they think that because I did it then they can do it to… and then I cheat and binge and eat too much fruit at night even though I know I shouldn’t and I go out and eat massive portions of protein… EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I SHOULDN’T then I might discourage them from their own journeys… I would never EVER want to do that.

Oh man, it’s like, another layer of guilt, ontop of the guilt of cheating and being bad. I just can’t handle it.

So I need to make a commitment to myself. To be good. I am 18 weeks away from November 3rd. I still got this! I can do this!

Yes I know, I KNOW I always do this, but this time, it’s for real ok!

What am I doing differently this time?

I am writing here, a list of commitments to myself, and NO VARIATIONS or excuses. I will also provide a list of BANNED justification phrases, the excuses I give myself and how they snowball. Well from now on I am not allowed to think them, not allowed to act on them. Come on Constance, focus focus focus! This is so important to me and I know this time I can do it, for myself, for you guys. I know, as we all do, what we should and should not do. No more ignoring the good food angel on my shoulder for the inner fat-me that wants to come out, clearly. Just strict dieting from now on!

Constance’s Commitments to Herself

In terms of fruit I will only ever allow myself a banana, only in the morning with my pancake.

  • I always make this rule for myself when I commit to being strict.
  • The way I morph this into becoming a fruit binge is when I don’t have a banana at home but have apples, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries.
  • I end up adding half a cup of whatever or an entire apple to my protein pancake, telling myself that I am allowed other fruits as well.
  • Next thing I know I am eating the banana AND the other fruit the next day.
  • Then I eat fruit during the day, just a portion.
  • Then fruit binge in the morning because I tell myself I will have all day to burn it off.
  • Lastly fruit binge at night.

In terms of protein I will only eat the allowed meats: pork tenderloin, chicken breasts, thighs, and white fish. I will eat at max one steak a week.

I will only eat 2 egg yolks a day.

I will watch my portion sizes and will absolutely not eat after dinner and at night other than a protein shake before bed.

  • When it comes to eating at night I think to myself that I have had enough protein shake for the day but need to drink one before bed… well I have leftovers, or can make myself meat or eggs, or a pancake with the protein powder, so it’s ok.
  • Turns into nightly eating or binge eating after dinner, since for some reason after dinner I know I’m doing something bad anyway so I don’t care about portion sizes as much.
  • Turns into eating not-allowed foods after dinner, like chicken bacon with no fat processed cheese, or fruit right before bed. Can also turn into binge-eating allowed proteins with WAY too big portions right before bed.

I will not allow myself any ‘happy meals’ or cheat meals.

  • I have never had a single Celebration, Cheat, or Happy Meal that I didn’t binge for and didn’t regret the next day. I have been having them on and off since February 6th and if my experience isn’t enough to tell me I simply can’t allow myself them, because EVERY TIME they turn into a binge… well I’m dumb if I don’t get the hint.
  • So I can’t allow myself them to begin with, since I know I can’t control myself. I’m given an inch and I take a mile.
  • When I make the commitment to myself that I wont allow myself a cheat meal I always justify it to myself the exact same way: I shouldn’t miss out on this memory by not joining my family or friends at eating for this event. My coach says I can have a cheat meal, I should just do it, he says it’s ok.
  • Or I will say that other girls must binge-too, I am working out hard so it will balance it.
  • Or I will say that I deserve the cheat meal, that it’s healthy for me to have a cheat meal (mentally or physically healthy because I am missing nutrients with my diet)
  • I will justify it by saying that I will regret it if I don’t have a cheat meal.
  • I will say that the person knows I have had other cheat meals and will be upset if I tell her or him that ‘well now I can’t have one… even though last week I did’
  • I think to myself that my birthday… well I need to cheat for my birthday. NO! No cheat meals allowed, no excuses at all. I can have cheat meals after my competition. I have not done anything to deserve them and I ALWAYS feel like shit after. There is absolutely no point. This is my commitment to myself, no slip ups.

That’s all I can think of for now. Just a few things to get me started. I have stayed consistent with my water drinking, I don’t want to cut out or down on coffee even though seriously… I do drink too much.

I don’t want to burden myself with change by making the commitment to go to the gym on my days off from weight training and doing 45 min of cardio at 6am… although I think that if I can get the dieting down again, that will be the next step.

I can do this. Stay motivated you guys, I will snap out of this dieting funk and be there for you again soon! Just keep your chin up and make me proud in the mean time. I can get back on track, I can start seeing results again. I will be a sexy, fit, hardworking bodybuilder by November, I guarantee it!


Sunshine, Very Inspirational, and Kreativ Award

I have been so busy with other posts that I have completely pushed to the back burner accepting three awards I was nominated for… a very long time ago unfortunately.

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award and the Very Inspirational Blogger Award by the very amazing Sandi. She just recently returned from China where she was busy oh you know, being a midwife… can you imagine? In China! I am so jealous of her adventures. 

I was also nominated for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award a second time by Lipomachia, a blogger from the U.K. striving for better health after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

I was nominated for the Sunshine Award a second time by Shannon, a woman testing out the Dukan Diet with the goal of reaching her TW by September 1st of this year… hmmmm… by my birthday? Seems like the perfect date! ;)

The Kreativ award I was nominated by Sonia, who has lost over 110lbs on the Dukan Diet, a very inspiring woman as well. Her transformation has been absolutely incredible.

To be nominated by bloggers that I truly look up to… the feeling is amazing. Thank you.

The Sunshine Award

-Nominated to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world.

To accept I have to answer 7 questions and nominate 10 other bloggers I admire.


Favorite colors: Purple and Green, She-Hulks colors. Those are also Sandi’s fav colors. Too funny.
Favorite Animal: I can tell you my least favorite animal… sharks. Those things are absolutely terrifying.
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Well right now it’s water unfortunately :P
Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook 100% I don’t even use twitter :S
My passion: Female bodybuilding. Nutrition and fitness as well as educating others and myself on the subject.
Prefer getting or giving presents: Giving, it’s always less awkward.
Favorite Pattern: Strange question… plaid?
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday, my least favorite is Tuesday.
Favorite flower: Daisies!

10 Bloggers I Admire:
(So hard to choose! I’m sorry if you have already been nominated for this award, you are all so amazing and inspiring!)

1. Veerukka – I can always look forward to Veerukka’s daily posts, absolutely the most consistent blogger I follow. She is always willing to give her feedback on other blogs. The only blogger where I can actually picture all the items in her closet as she tries to get into shape to fit back into them.
2. Zealous – This mom knows how to rock it, has lost the weight and is now moving on to better, fitter things. Running, lifting weights. Fit is the new skinny and she knows it!
3. Abby Clark – I don’t follow a lot of competitors but she is definitely one I admire. Her posts are informative on both the nutrition and fitness aspect of bikini competing.
4. Mélanie – A friend of mine who is blogging her travels through Wales for the next month. Her new blog is funny, amazing, bilingual, and educational! Check it out. ;)
5. JustJess – My friend’s blog on her health and daily thoughts and experiences.
6. Faf – Ma belle cousine et son blog d’une petite histoire peu banale d’une épopée sans fin en éternelle recommencement. A blog that follow her life and commitments to herself.
7. Chalene Johnson – A joy to read: this woman is so motivational, knowledgeable, and inspirational.
8. Semaras – A blog written by a friend of mine about food, struggle with crisis, and family. Big shout out from me to her and lots of love.
9. Goddess Athlete – A fitness and competition blog full of helpful information.
10. Coco – One of the first bloggers I ever followed, has been going through a rough spot but has not given up, still working towards that Dukan TW.

Very Inspirational Blogger Award

-Nominated to bloggers who write posts that inspire others.

To accept I need to tell you 7 things you might not have known about me as well as nominating 7 bloggers for the award myself. (I awarded 8… couldn’t choose!)

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Constance:

1. I am fully bilingual, I can speak and write in both English and French fluently.
2. I worked for almost 2 years at Mappins Jewelers (same company as Peoples Jewelers, Zales, and Gordons) where I learned to pierce ears, as well as all sorts of information on the trade.  I know a lot about jewellery repair and cost.
3. I love to travel. I have plans to travel through the United States and visit each state before my 25th birthday as well as travelling to the West of Canada (never been, but have visited the East) within the next 2 years.
4. Actually, did you know I am Canadian? I am very proud to be. I live in the Nation’s Capital.
5. I have 4 younger siblings and I love them all and am very proud of each of them.
6. Prawn and I have been together for almost 6 years now. I am 20 and he is 22.
7. I am a big scaredy cat. I am afraid of everything, really. I am afraid of bugs, sharks, spiders, the dark, closets, needles, blood, dots that are too close together, closets, being stabbed in my sleep, mold, and the list goes on!

8 Very Inspiring Bloggers To Me:

1. Melly-Sue – Has proven to everyone that hitting that goal weight and trucking through Consolidation IS possible.
2. Athena Unbound – Have you seen her new bikini pics? This lady has dropped 40 lbs and looks AMAZING! Better than ever!
3. Moonday – After working hard towards her PHD, has recently altered Dukan to fit her lifestyle, making it less of a diet and more of something she can continue on healthily for the rest of her life. One of my all time favorite bloggers, always look forward to her posts.
4. Melliee – With an amazing new website she is ready to take on the world, losing one pound at a time and never looking back. I am so inspired by her continuing progress!
5. S.O.S – Consistently commenting and motivating others in the blogging world, is refusing to let the past bring her down. A mom working towards bettering herself through Dukan. Finding her footing and working towards her goals.
6. Curt and Jamie – I love couples who drop the weight together and these tough cookies are rocking it. Parents going through a rough time, but still working hard and working towards being healthy. I can’t even imagine, so inspiring.
7. Sonia – Her progress and determination is outstanding. Obviously strong-willed and absolutely amazing, it’s hard not to be inspired by her results!
8. Lynda – Amazing woman. Consistent blogger. Her blog is the perfect balance of caring wisdom, and sharing knowledge as well as experience and little bits of her amazing life thrown in.

Kreativ Blogger Award

-Nominated to bloggers who have the ability to ‘transcend traditional ideas’ , who are original, progressive and imaginative with their posts.

To accept I need to tell you 7 things about myself as well as nominating 7 bloggers for the award. Now since for the ‘Very Inspirational Blog Award’ I had to do just that, instead of telling you 7 things about myself I will give you my 7 favorite quotes.

My 7 Favorite Quotes:

1. “A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”
– Walter Gagehot
2. “Some people are settling down, some are settling, and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”
-Carrie (SATC)
3. “The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.”
-Vince Lombardi
4. “Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”
-William Faulkner
5. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
-Dr Seuss
6. “The only place you can get without a map is lost.”
-Gail Vaz-Oxlade
7. “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”
-Kate Moss

7 Very Kreativ Bloggers To Me:

1. DukanItOut – Has been consistently pumping out delicious Dukan Recipes, I love this site!
2. Janie – Every post carried through with a yummy sounding recipe. Has not posted in a while and I miss her!
3. Sandi – I want everything about Sandi’s life. A mom, a grand-maman, a midwife, a traveller, she is as inspiring as she is awe-worthy. Her Kreativ and consistent blog-posts are always just a joy to read.
4. Roxy-the-thirteenth – A sister of a friend’s art blog, full of sketches and kreativity!
5. Lipomachia – An obviously intelligent woman (based on her regular reads and daily webcomic sections), this woman has committed to changing her habits after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
6. Shannon – Started a facebook group you should all check out HERE. I love the layout of her blog. Shannon tests out recipes and blogs about her experiences and life on the Dukan Diet.
7. Anna – An adventurer whom I would LOVE to live with, even for just a week. The beauty in all the photos found on her blog and the honesty and obvious love of nature. A blogger I really look up to.

I would like to say as a closing statement… that this post took a ridiculous amount of time to write. I really didn’t think it would be so difficult, so enjoy! You all deserve these awards. Love you all!


I Have To Wax My WHAT?!

Female bodybuilding… time to teach you guys something new: It’s not just about the confidence on stage, the fitness and exercise done in preparation of going on stage, as well as the strict dieting.

There are a few other things to consider, or know about, when it comes to the sport.

  1. The money. This is a very expensive sport to participate in. I want to post more in detail about it later, but when you consider the bathing suit, tanning, personal training, gym membership, as well as the actual cost of entering the competition and being a member of your chosen federation… it all adds up, and fast! I am fortunate to be in a place financially (with no major commitments, like children or a mortgage) where I can afford to compete.
  2. You have to walk on stage… in a bikini. No matter what category you want to compete in: bikini, figure, fitness, physique, bodybuilding… you will have to go in front of people half naked… and then be judged by them based on your looks! I know it seems obvious but I had never really thought it through until recently. There is a big mental aspect to this sport, you need to be very confident in yourself.
  3. You have to get a bikini wax. Another thing I hadn’t even considered. I have never gotten one and according to my friends it’s probably not something I want to get done the day before the show, you know? Something I might want to get done a few times before actually competing… So scary! Can my mom come with me and hold my hand? Or is that weird? It all sounds so painful!
  4. Spray tanning. Not only is it expensive, but it can go wrong! Which is kindof scary. What if the person spray tanning you messes up, or you sweat and your tan leaks? If your PH levels are out of wack the tan can turn green before you go on stage! All things to worry about.
  5. Spray tanning pt 2. From what I have been told, they can spray tan you on site… which means you have to be naked in front of the people you are competing with… also, they need to get everywhere right? Do you see where I am going with this? Every nook and cranny… I’ll spell it out plainly, you bend over and they get veeeeery close to your privates! Lovely! Imagine I hadn’t been warned! It would have been the day of my competition and I would be giving those tanning ladies the weirdest look… “Wait you need to… what? Where? Here? Not my… Oh no!”
  6. A lot of it is about beauty, so you need your makeup done, your hair done, the whole package.
  7. There are different ‘federations’ to compete in. I have chosen OPA for my first competition (Ontario Physique Association) because generally their competitions are local for me, so I wouldn’t have to travel. But you can compete in a wide array of federations, as long as you pay their membership fee prior to the competition.

Hopefully you learned something new here. All the above are things I hadn’t even considered before I decided I wanted to compete and am glad I learned along the way.

Have a great day! No cheating!


It always comes back to FOOD

I thought a lot this weekend about social interaction and food. Just messes me up. Everything in life comes back to or can be related to food. What is a typical first date? When a man takes you out to a restaurant, and then a movie. At the movies you eat popcorn, restaurant is self-explanatory.

Holidays? Traditions involving cooking, baking. Grand-maman taking time to prepare a big, labour intensive meal.

Vacations? Experiencing the food of the place, alcohol.

When you host a party you have to make sure to offer everyone drinks, you have a bowl of chips or veggies and dip to serve everyone.

When someone graduates you go out do dinner, you go to a reception with little sandwiches and other finger food.

Big part of weddings are the bar, the meal, the food at the reception.

I mean, come on, there is a part of your life where all you did was eat and sleep, when you were a baby. There were literally months where all you did was eat! That’s how deep in our lives food is. You need it to survive, food is EVERYWHERE and in I would say, every social situation.

So of course, when you are on a diet, when you change your lifestyle to Paleo, or healthy eating, you stand out, social interaction becomes more difficult which deters you from keeping up with the not-really-socially-accepted actions you are taking.

You feel left out, it’s difficult.

Just something I reflected on this weekend. Saturday I went to rib-fest. I had been looking forward to it all week and decided that if I was SUPER strict with my food Monday-Friday that I would allow myself a ‘happy meal’ on Saturday. Of course it turned into a ‘happy day’ with me eating junk from 10am to 10pm, including alcohol, poutine, nachos, ice cream, and ribs. I don’t feel guilty since I absolutely rocked my workouts the day before and after as well as getting right back on track on Sunday…

Ok that’s a lie.

Well I did have two amazing workouts the day before and after. In fact, during yesterdays workout I was told I was a ‘beast’ at the gym. : ) Which just… made me so happy. My hope is to be consistently intense.

But yesterday morning I saw I had a slice of cake left from Saturday and I hadn’t eaten all morning so at 4pm I made my galette and had a slice of cake.

Then I had a protein shake after my workout and another galette (without oat bran) around 9pm.

And that’s it. So I didn’t have a terrible binge-eating, meat-eating day. I had cake for breakfast and two galettes… not a lot of food but I wasn’t hungry.

I don’t feel guilty, meh. Now onto having a super-strict week. I’m thinking I might not want a happy meal this week, but we will see.

So anyway, during Saturday I decided every time I was in a social interaction where I was offered food that I would just say yes, as a treat, instead of my usual ‘No thanks, I’m on a super-strict diet actually’. I ended up eating SO MUCH, as well as drinking quite a bit. But really I didn’t create any eating situations, I just went with the flow and was so surprised at how much I was offered and how much food really does just absorb all our social interaction.

Just a thought for your Monday morning.

Start the week off right. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Follow your diets strictly, no cheating. Think of all the work you are putting in and keep up the effort! You don’t want to take one step forward, two steps back.

I know it’s hard, you might think to yourself that you have it down, that it isn’t that difficult, keep up that positive mindset, but really, you are putting in such hard work. I am impressed by every one of you. You are all my motivation.


As Per Request – A Typical Day In Phase 2

I have gone on and on about portion control, which ends up being an important factor in your eventual Dukan Diet weight loss. The diet at first is amazing since you can eat unlimited amounts of the 100 allowed foods, so you battle your cravings by eating, and it’s allowed. It is a difficult and strict diet, but since you are encouraged to eat and never be hungry it’s manageable.

Now, Prawn and I in the beginning truly gorged on allowed foods. Just eating all the time, really taking advantage of this whole ‘eat unlimited amounts’ business. At around 90-100lbs lost though we noticed that we had hit a plateau and were even GAINING weight when we hadn’t changed our habits at all.

My response was to change what I was doing, and cut down on portions. My results? I lost 15lbs after hitting the plateau, achieving my (then) target weight and moving onto the Consolidation Phase.

Prawn did not change his eating habits. His results? He has been stuck in this plateau for 7 months now gaining and losing the same 6lbs for the length of this stagnation.

When I was being successful and losing weight after my plateau on phase two I cut out dairy, so below would be an average weekday on Cruise for me, as per request. ;)

Breakfast, 8am

Oat bran galette. I have started my day with an oat bran galette for at least 10 months now. It’s my breakfast treat, a pancake and I love it. The recipe has changed as time goes on, starting off with the recipe found in the Dukan Diet book and morphing as time changed. The newest addition to my galette before I changed my diet to a bodybuilding-friendly one was as follows:

Whisk liquid egg whites in a bowl,

Add 2-3 tbsp of oat bran, a heavy spoonful of cinnamon, a tsp of powdered pudding mix (no fat, either chocolate or vanilla), and a tsp of cocoa powder.

Add a touch of vanilla extract (or other extract such as coconut or maple)

Mix, put on heated and lightly oiled pan.

Flip, enjoy.

Now I would also drink a cup of coffee with this.

Lunch, 11:30am

During the week I eat my lunch at 11:30 am because of my work schedule.

I like eating the exact same thing every day, I find when you have a sort of ‘schedule’ when it comes to your food intake it goes better. There is less room for error or cheating when you eat similarly every day. Here are a couple examples of something I would eat during my successful ‘portion-controlled’ Cruise Phase:

CHOOSE 1 – Lean Animal Protein

1-2 Basa, Tilapia, Salmon, or other fresh fish fillets.

1-2 Skinless chicken breasts

2 Skinless chicken thighs (Quick note, it is a misconception that chicken breasts are the only lean part of the chicken to eat, chicken thighs have as low fat content as the breast, so enjoy, it’s cheaper!)

½ can of tuna

Available to you also are any leftovers from last night. Chicken burgers, turkey burgers, pork chops, etc.

Leftovers were a very rare occurrence for me when I wasn’t watching my portion sizes. By very rare, I mean I never ever had leftovers. When portion control was no longer an issue for me, however, I would actually have leftovers and utilise them in my lunches, less cooking!

CHOOSE 1 – Vegetable

So, now I have to be very strict with vegetables, watching how many I eat, only sticking with green veggies like broccoli, asparagus, and spinach. Before bodybuilding, I would always go nuts on them. Great way to fill you up, right? Before Dukan I probably ate veggies once a week when I went to my parents, during Cruise I ate veggies absolutely every day. I never had a pure protein day! Not one.

Even when I was watching my portion sizes I would still bring a big Tupperware container full of broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots to work and just munch on them during the entire day between meals. So get your veggies in baggies, and make sure to eat some during your lunch to keep you fuller longer.

I had a phase where I was eating low-sodium canned green beans like crazy. Either the full can or half and I’m pretty sure that was when I was watching my portions. So you do have options.


Now I make a liquid egg whites and 2 whole egg mixture that I eat every day with every meal (easy to make, cheap protein) when I was in cruise I would eat just egg whites, scrambled, every day for lunch. It doesn’t have to be a lot, or even a hard-boiled egg, that’s fine too. It’s just a low in fat, little extra something you can make yourself. I would make my broccoli mini quiches, or just scramble them up with my fish, chicken, or other protein source.

Main Snack, 2:45pm

I always have a main snack at 2:45 (that’s when my break is) I find if I do it curbs my after-work hunger.

I have always eaten whatever I ate during my lunch, just mimicked in this time slot. So if I ate a chicken breast, cup of broccoli, and cup of egg white-whole egg mixture, I will eat the same thing again at 2:45.

That way when I am packing my lunch in the morning I can put all my veg, all my protein, and my eggs in Tupperware and separate half and half during my lunch, eat half and then the other half for snack. I don’t cut my lunch short because I know I will be eating the same thing at 2:45, I use these both as full meals.

Sounds a little complicated… I hope I am being clear. If you have any questions be sure to ask!

Supper, 5:30-6:30

I would usually eat supper during this time slot during Cruise. Supper can be anything Dukan allowed. Just make sure to watch your portions.

Did Prawn and I follow rules when it came to portion sizes? Nope. We didn’t measure using a deck of cards or by weighing, we just batch cooked our protein, so an entire container-thing of pork chops, chicken thighs, or whatever and then discussed before plating them: well what would a reasonable portion of chicken breasts be? Probably 2 breasts. & Then that’s all we would allow ourselves.

Also try to eat veggies (a salad, grilled veggies, or raw) during supper. Same deal as lunch, you feel like you are eating more if you include veggies in your meal. You aren’t sitting there with just one or two pieces of meat on your plate thinking… MAN I would love more food right now, I feel like I’m starving myself.

It’s all about tricking yourself visually.

I wouldn’t usually have egg whites with dinner, but if I’m looking for a little more food that’s what I would eat.

The rule I would keep to: NEVER EVER eat after dinner. Once my dinner is done, that’s it. No tricking myself into thinking I’m hungry. No food and no snacking.

This is a rule I stick with now, except I will chug down a protein shake before bed.

So this was incredibly hard to write, remembering what I used to eat like… in January and February. Woah.

Let me know if this helped you at all or if you have any questions. I hope I didn’t miss anything or confuse anyone further! :S


Too Sweet For Sweetener ;)

I know I promised some of you a ‘Exactly What I Ate In Cruise’ post… seems I’m having a bit of trouble concentrating enough to write it all out. I have the intro and conclusion all typed out but for the life of me am I ever having trouble remembering what I ate back then.
Prawn says he remembers, will talk to him when I get home from work.
Big shout out to my little-est sister, graduating from grade 6 today! Congratulations, we all knew you would make it this far. ;) Love you so so much. xoxo
So instead of tackling what I ate in phase 2, I will address another itty-bitty concern brought to my attention by the same reader: Sweetener. Just a little blurb on the subject.
So number 1, sweetener like aspartame or sucralose are found in diet drinks, as well as other products meant for people who are trying to avoid sugar. The best sweetener (meaning the cleanest and ‘healthiest’) are (to my knowledge) the ones like Stevia, that are more natural and less chemical. So if you are using a lot of sweetener I would suggest going that route.
Also, I found while following Dukan that I was using a lot of sweetener, in my galette, in my Dukan muffins and most recently, in my coffee.
My mom (not a big fan of the artificial-ness and chemical-ness of sweetener) told me to cut back by one pack in my galette and see if that helps (since I was using 2-3 every morning). I cut down to 1 sweetener and seriously did not see a difference in the taste.
When I was making a batch of Chocolate Carrot Muffins (SUCH a yummy way to get your daily oat bran in) I was using 8 or more packets of Splenda. My mom suggested I cut that in half and would you believe I ACTUALLY didn’t see a difference in taste!
Maybe my brain is tricking me into thinking sweetener actually does anything?When it comes to my coffee the first few days I was using 3 sweetener, this time on my own I thought… well what if I cut down? Now I usually drink it black or with one sweetener and I find I prefer it that way. Just by weaning myself off it.

& Believe me, I have the BIGGEST sweet-tooth ever. I grew up in a French Canadian household where we ate dessert every night and holidays and weekends are just filled to the brim with delicious home-made treats. I’m not saying I have grown out of this (not even a little) but I am saying that using a ton of sweetener actually doesn’t affect the taste in a positive way (in my opinion).
So maybe if you are used to using 2 or 3 sachets of sweetener in your morning galette, cut back by one, see if the taste is any different. I don’t use any in my morning protein pancake now, I will use one in my coffee in the morning and I don’t use sweetener for anything else. It’s weird considering how much I was using before!
What to do for your sweet-tooth? This is something I have had trouble figuring out my entire journey, especially during Cruise and Attack where you are not allowed fruit. I have had trouble from day one not bingeing on anything I discovered to taste sweet.
I have had phases while following Dukan where I would just go absolutely crazy eating yogurt, greek yogurt, drinking diet pop, anything to get that sweet feeling. In consolidation I did the same with fruit. Just bingeing, with no control or willpower on my part. Sometimes I think about the days I would drink not 2, but 4L of diet coke after work, just to get that sweet-tooth satisfaction.
It’s just bad.
My suggestion to you is to just cut it all out. Wean yourself off the sweet-stuff and save it for special occasions or experiment with different Dukan-friendly dessert recipes but only allow yourself a piece. There are some using cocoa that satisfy that sugar craving, and if you can avoid making a batch of Dukan Muffins and then eating them ALL… go for it. I know when I was in Cruise I couldn’t so I had to stop making them. It’s all about knowing yourself and knowing how much control you have over your cravings.
Sometimes you just need to not give into them, and not set yourself up for failure by eating just a tiny bit, when you know in 10 minutes you will be back for more.