Cruise Day 14 – I’m On a Roll!

It’s so funny how once you believe in something, and truly do… and then just do it, how you start seeing results.

You just need to give into ideas sometimes, take the plunge, that first step, and do it.

I followed The Dukan Diet for 8 months and lost 110lbs. I never cheated, I didn’t want to, I was taking the steps to becoming healthy and happy (and skinny!)… I fell in love with weight lifting and I thought I had to change my diet to fit with the ‘industry’s typical diet. I thought to myself, well yes, I have survived this long and seen results with no carbs and no fats… but everyone else is following the bodybuilder diet and seeing results so I have to.

After struggling (and you all know just how much I struggled!) with food for an entire month, gaining 20 pounds… I am so thankful that I finally smartened up and went back to my ‘roots’. I found something that works for ME, and no matter what the bodybuilders say about how my diet wont work in combination with the amount of exercise I am doing, about how I need to add carbs at least once a week… I don’t need to listen to them because I know what works for my body and Dukan is the way to go!

People who know me in person know how passionate I am about the Dukan Diet. I love it, I preach it, and when I follow it, I follow it. None of this ‘modified cruise phase’ junk I was doing. I follow the diet to a T and if is so effective (clearly!). Now I’m not saying The Dukan Diet works all the time for everyone… I’m just saying, if you find something that works for you, don’t change or take advice from people who just don’t have the same experience as you!

I would look at all these interviews online… every bodybuilder follows a similar diet. Well then I need to as well… WRONG! I need to follow a diet that works for me, and the same thing goes for you! Don’t listen to all the different outside influences and try to modify what you are doing if it’s working! Just listen to your body!

I was afraid my weight would not drop since I didn’t workout yesterday (day off, woooh!) but I watched my portions, and would you believe… I did drop and I feel absolutely amazing this morning.

I actually dropped so much that I upped my ‘average weight loss per day’ from 0.78lbs a day to 0.81lbs on average lost a day while following Dukan again.

I have lost 15.4lbs in the 19 days I have been back on the Dukan Diet, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down! 15lbs in not even 3 weeks! At this point I am incredibly confident in my ability to compete this November, since I have only 25lbs to lose in the next 2 months (pfft, easy!)

So, tomorrow is my ‘birthday’ the actual day I was born. I am going to make my mom happy and just ignore it, and to prevent any ‘feeling-the-blues-binges’ or ‘boredom-binges’ which I have so far not had ONCE (It’s a miracle!) I will be keeping incredibly busy all day.

  • I’m thinking 8:30am training with my coach,
  • Morning hangouts with my family and figuring out my competition suit with my mom,
  • Afternoon bike riding with a friend,
  • Evening dinner with a different friend and hanging out,
  • Pub at night with my birthday twin and a few close friends.

I have no idea how I will squeeze all these into one very full day, but I think keeping busy will be key to my birthday not sucking and then I can have my ‘real birthday’ November 4th with my family where I can celebrate my victory at the competition (What? You haven’t heard? I’m winning 1st place!!! :D) as well as my 21st birthday with CAKE and pasta dish and ice cream… all mashed together, I don’t care! IT WILL BE DELICIOUS! J

So today I am eating my usual. I have been asked how I survive eating the same damn thing every day (or incredibly similar every day). Easily you guys, even when I wasn’t following Dukan as strictly I still ate very similarly day in and day out. Not only does it create an easy routine for me to follow which promotes not cheating, but it’s easy to cook the same thing every day. I cook all my protein in big batches that last me a few days, I switch up the spices (making sure they have no salt or sugar) every single day and otherwise… I just eat! I try not to make a big event out of my meals, just eat every 2-3 hours, my pre-planned, cooked and packaged meals. It makes dieting incredibly easy.

Breakfast 8:30am
Protein pancake with ‘fruit crumble’ spice by Epicure. Yummy!

Snack 9am
1 chicken thigh (I was feeling a little hungry)

Lunch 11:30am
Chicken thighs (2 or 3… they are kindof small) and an entire red pepper.

2:45pm & 5pm
Chicken thighs

Pre-workout 5:30pm
Maybe one or two more chicken thighs

During Workout
Sip on BCAAs

After Weight Training and Before Cardio 7:30pm
Protein Shake and Glutamine

90 min of Cardio (stairs)



Make good choices today! Have you reached all your August Goals? Have you taken the time to write out your September Goals and promises? I really thought hard about mine and I will be updating and changing them all throughout September (check out the new page above: September Goals). You should do the same! What are some of your goals for this next month? How will you achieve them, what steps are you taking? How will you reward yourself? J



Birthday Switch and Consistent Results (Finally!)

I weighed myself with high hopes this morning. I thought I would maintain or lose, I was (as usual) praying for a 2lbs loss (I know… gotta aim high though!) but since I had not done my usual 2 hours of weight training I figured if I didn’t lose… not the end of the world.

The scales of consistency, after my namesake… rewarded me for my hard work by keeping my average of 0.78lbs loss a day!

  • I’m down to 156.4lbs! (Only 1.4lbs away from my Dukan True Weight, hit Feb 6th 2012)
  • I have lost 14.2lbs!
  • I have been back on Dukan for 18 days!
  • I still have another 26.4lbs – 36.4lbs to lose before November!

I’m pleased with these results and I’m glad my weight loss has not slowed down. Today is my day off from the gym and I am not sure if I even want to weigh myself tomorrow morning since I can’t see a single reason why I would drop more than 0.2lbs and I don’t want to get discouraged with a gain.

YES I managed (even though I was really depressed… more on this later) to do an hour and a half of stairs after work last night! That means I did 3 days in a row of 90 minutes of sweaty, uncomfortable stairs!

I need to thank a few of my good friends for texting me throughout these brutal 90 minutes of cardio… I get so bored but texting people, writing e-mails, these all help pass the time faster and distract me from the sweat running down my back, my arms,  and soaking my hair. Gross.

Now why was I upset when doing my stairs last night? Because my mom changed my birthday. I know, seems weird. But let me get your opinion here:

My birthday is September 1st. I had a really shitty birthday last year. Long-time readers will know it was the absolute worst day following Dukan for me last time around, but although I always blamed it on the fact I didn’t cheat, it was a multitude of factors that were out of my control and the food really played only a small part in why my 20th birthday was so disappointing.

I have been looking forward to my birthday for months. I saw it as a chance to ‘redeem’ my birthday. Have a good birthday. I’m turning 21! A huge milestone! I also missed my family and couldn’t wait to get everyone together. The only problem was that I was stressing about food.

I made the decision a few days ago that I was not going to cheat. For birthdays though (in my family), the birthday girl/boy chooses what the family is eating that day. So I wasn’t sure if I was going to force my family to eat chicken breasts or if I wanted them to eat my favorite meal: pasta dish. The one I fantasized about eating for my birthday for… well months.

& Then there is cake. I wanted to eat cake… I haven’t had birthday cake in over a year and a half, and talked to my mom about making a Dukan-friendly cake (knowing it wouldn’t be the same)… I just didn’t want to feel left out, or ostracized because of my dieting on my birthday (again… and like I feel every single family event).

Well my creative mommy who cares and loves me a lot came up with… let’s just move your birthday this year!

At first I argued with her, I was really sad and upset, but I know the thought is there and it makes sense… the thing is she wants to move it to November 4th, the day after my competition. That’s where I started getting anxiety.

  • What if I am not ready to compete November 3rd? What if even by pushing myself as hard as I am right now my body just isn’t up to par and I don’t compete… I will have missed my birthday for nothing.
  • I looked into it and it’s 65$ a ticket to attend the show for the day… not only can I not expect anyone I know to spend an entire day at the event (competition is at 10am, big show is at 6pm)… but that’s expensive!!!
  • My mom asked me to change my birthday on Facebook and that means only a handful of good friends will remember it’s my birthday and wish me happy birthday on Sept 1st… the rest will have forgotten and/or will not ever acknowledge my 21st birthday at all… and that makes me feel kindof lonely and sad. I look forward to the hundred or more “happy birthday”s on Facebook every year…
  • My ‘birthday’ on November 4th will be overshadowed by my competition the day before…
  • I can’t expect my family to spend an entire weekend giving me attention (the show/competition and then birthday the next day…) I don’t want to waste an entire weekend of my family’s time.

Anyways, those all seem kindof dumb right now… my mommy wants me to tell people who wish me a happy birthday on the 1st of September that my birthday ‘is November 4th this year’ and to treat Saturday like any other day. She doesn’t want me having a shitty 21st birthday in September and then a belated birthday in November.

She wants me to be able to enjoy my birthday, eat the cake I want to eat, eat my pasta dish I have been looking forward to, drink champagne with her and really celebrate instead of feeling cravings and temptation around my birthday dinner. She doesn’t want any stress and wants me to have the perfect day.

What do you guys think? Is this a good compromise? Moving my birthday by 2 months to make sure I have the ‘perfect day’. I wasn’t sure, but my mom put so much thought into it, thinks it’s best, and I think it would make her happy to think I really enjoyed every aspect of my 21st… so I’m doing it.

How have your days gone so far? Doing well? Pushing towards those results? Making good choices?


I’m a Third Of the Way To My Goal!

So as of this morning I have lost 13.4lbs/40.6lbs… that’s a third of the way! EXCITING and the best part? I lost in in less than 1/3 of the time I have to hit my goal weight! That’s a great sign! :)

Yesterday I did the stairs for 90 minutes after working out legs and shoulders for 2 hours. I feel AMAZING. That is TWO DAYS in a row of suffering through those 90 minutes. 2 days!

Needless to say, if I thought I was exhausted yesterday… well today I feel like a total zombie.

I worked 9 to 6, then weight training from 6:30 to 8:30 then stairs until 10pm. Home and awake at 6:30 to start the day out again.

My wrists hurt a lot from yesterday’s weight training so I have decided I wont be doing any weight lifting today. It’s chest and bicep day and I am fearful for my wrists getting worse or my wrists giving out and crushing my face with the weights…

I will be doing 90 minutes of stairs though. I feel like I’m on a roll and although I can barely walk today and my calves are aching, and my legs hurt… it’s something I need to do. I think if I can do it 3 days in a row… then I can do it 6 days a week for the next 9 weeks until my competition! Woohoo!

Good news… since I am keeping so incredibly busy I have no time to even THINK about cheating. No cravings, no want for any food I haven’t prepared for my day already. Just work, the gym, and straight to bed, repeat.

I’m too busy to think about food! Yesssss. That’s great. 17 days back on Dukan and feeling FABULOUS. I can see the muscles in my shoulders more and more each day. My tummy is getting flat (but the loose skin is a getting worse… damn, go away already!!!) and I feel slender and sexy.

A couple numbers to reflect on:

  • Heaviest Weight: 264.8lbs
  • Lowest Weight: 152.0lbs
  • Dukan Restart Weight: 170.6lbs
  • Goal Weight: 120-130lbs by November 3rd 2012. (Still have between 27.2-37.2lbs to lose)
  • Weigh In This Morning: 157.2lbs
  • Total Lost in 17 days: 13.4lbs (0.78lbs a day/5.46lbs a week)


  • 3 Weeks Back On Dukan: 16.4lbs total lost. (Should Weigh: 154.2lbs)
  • A Month Back On Dukan (12th September 2012): 21.8lbs total lost. (Should Weigh: 148.8lbs)

Now, I have mentioned before, ‘projections’ are just something I did last time following Dukan, every single day I lost weight I would grab a small piece of paper and just do averages, figure out trends, and try to estimate how much I would weigh in 10 days, for Halloween, for my birthday, the next day, etc. It’s a fun way to pass the time and keep myself SUPER motivated.

So I figured I would do it again this time around. I obviously don’t think I will keep losing at the rate I am (I never have) but still, it’s cool to see those numbers and… what if I do? That would be killer. It keeps me pointed in the right direction, making good decisions because you know what… a month back into Dukan I would LOVE to have lost 20lbs… so I am going to make choices to make sure that happens!

I am feeling better already. Very pumped for the future. Hopefully today keeps me busy and I have no excuse to get ANY cravings… and I make it to my goal AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Actually I really just want to get down to my lowest… 152lbs felt amazing and I hate that I sabotaged myself and proceeded to gain 20lbs… I can’t do anything about my past actions, I need to forgive myself and do everything I can to be successful. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME!

So no cravings, no cheating, stick to the plan Constance! I can do it! This is brutal but… man is it ever worthit.

Oh, for those of you who are curious:

Breakfast 7:30am

Protein pancake, water, COFFEE

So far I’m kindof hungry in between this early breakfast… (I usually eat at 8:30am) and my lunch. Just drinking coffee trying to forget about the little grumble in my tummy… only 45 minutes and I can eat lunch!


An entire yellow pepper, 1 cup of leftover egg white, pork, chicken scrambled eggs mixture.

2:30pm and again at 5pm

1 cup of left over egg white, pork, chicken scrambled eggs mixture.

Cardio from 5:30pm-7pm (sip on BCAAs during)

7pm – 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop glutamine

Hopefully in bed by 8 or 9 tonight… if not and am STARVING at 9pm will drink another protein shake.


PS: I have not had any sweetener in… at least a good solid month if not two or three months… I tried 1/4 of a sweetener in my coffee this morning and UGH was it ever disgusting. Weird, for someone who would use 8-10 sweeteners a day… Guess I detoxed myself from it! Cool!

So Sleepy… ZzzZzzZz

So I went to the gym yesterday. Long story short this big bodybuilder guy was giving me excellent advice, and being really nice (I am friends with his wife’s co-worker). The thing is I felt really judged by him… ontop of feeling weak because I couldn’t do the exercises he was suggesting to me… and then I’m almost 100% sure he kept looking at my legs (which are my absolute LEAST favourite body part. I hate how my legs look…) so I ran away?

¾ of the way through my workout I just decided to run up and down the stairs at the gym. I said bye and thanks for the help but I’m done working out for today and just hit the stairs. This is my all-time favourite way to do cardio (we don’t have an actual Stairmaster) and I did it… for a good solid 90 minutes straight.

I always aimed to do the stairs for 90 minutes straight and have never gotten past that one time I did 80 min. Generally I will do between 20 min to an hour. I did 90 and I feel SO proud of myself.

Sucks that to push me to get there I had to feel embarrassed and ashamed and fat… all sorts of negative feelings.

I did drop 1.4lbs from yesterday though… and I guess everything happens for a reason. Hopefully I can keep up this ‘motivation’ and plow through legs and shoulders today, then finish with another 90 minutes of cardio… that would be pretty sweet.

I’m feeling tired today. I fell asleep in the car on my way back from the gym last night (don’t worry, I wasn’t driving LOL) and I don’t even remember getting into bed. I was so exhausted.

Then this morning? My legs are SO sore and since today is leg day… it’ll only get worse.

So I still have 27lbs to lose I think… in 66 days. That’s about 2.8lbs a week. Ugh. I’m too tired to think about it.

Only an hour and 20 minutes until work is done… and then gym and straight to bed for me. Also… I haven’t cheated in 16 whole days! I feel amazing… I don’t think I will ever cheat again.

Can I go to sleep now?


PS: Oh darn almost forgot… I have made a solid decision on my birthday. On Saturday September 1st I will NOT be cheating on the Dukan Diet. Going to stay strong and make the best of it because you know what… I don’t want to have worked my butt off these past 16 days just to take 2 steps back.

I really have to give everything I’ve got if I’m going to be ready in time for November… I don’t want to get to the 3rd and think that I could have done something differently. So that’s that. Make good choices today!

PPS: After November 3rd… I am going to eat cake. Delicious… delicious cake. I’m thinking my first celebration meal will be cake and nachos… omg I can’t wait. Only 2 months and a bit until I can taste that sweet sweet freedom!!! :)

Down 12lbs in 15 Days – A Good Start

This is me with my She-Hulk print! I looked all over the convention for the absolute perfect art-style to capture my vision of She-Hulk, or rather, what I want to look once I become her! Cute, feminine, and super-strong! Perfect.

I’m back home safe! What a trip! J I had a good time with the boys but now it’s time to sink back into my routines and stay focused on November 3rd!

So, like I said in my last post I had a rough time staying consistent with my water while at the convention, but I did drink some and am RIGHT back to it today. Considering I drink over 8L of water between 9 and 5 every weekday, I should have assumed while on the road I couldn’t keep up with the high standard I set for myself and other than a few light headed moments I felt no repercussions for cutting down on my H20 so it’s all good.

I ate a few of Prawn’s homemade burgers while on the trip and a bit of pork he also brought from home. In terms of protein that is the only variation I had from my usual chicken-breast-every-meal food plan.

Flexing before leaving for Toronto. You should see my phone, it is filled to the brim with flexing photos… I pity the person who steals my phone, seriously.

I did eat yogurt while on the trip, which I do not do while at home. I was afraid Prawn had brought too much and I also wanted a bit of a treat. They are Dukan allowed and I did not overindulge so, CHECK.

I also drank heavy amounts of diet pop every day for dinner and the entire 5 hour drive back, also not something I would usually allow myself, but I was on vacation and I am right back to water and coffee today.

Couldn’t help it, I just had to get a shot of me with this huge LEGO Hulk! :)

I did not cheat, even though Prawn did, as well as his younger brother and our friend… Not a bite of pizza, nachos, chicken fingers, more pizza, burgers, subs, fish and chips, doritos, nada!!! I feel empowered but still… OMG was it ever hard, sitting there with my bags of chicken and diet coke watching them eat.

Seriously, for any of you dieting… it’s so hard amiright? But I survived (thanks to my trusty cellphone, I just kindof blocked it all out). I am going to say… thank GAWED they didn’t order dessert even once… I would have passed out.

It’s especially difficult since I JUST got back on Dukan. I kept thinking… well… I could just actually restart tomorrow or something, I JUUUUST got back on. No harm done.

But I stayed focused on my competition date and denied all the temptation… and there was SO MUCH! I mean the entire convention smelt like FOOD. Ugh. But I stayed strong. I did!

I did manage to fit in two gym-dates on the trip, but I had to wake up at 6am to make it to both since we had such packed days. But that still means I am behind by about… 4 workouts so I need to snap to it and push myself hard at the gym tonight. I am only 6lbs away from my lowest, which means in only 6lbs I should start seeing more muscle definition again and I am excited for this.

Big debate in my mind currently… to cheat or not cheat on my birthday (This Saturday WOOHOO, 21!!!)

I am loving my results… but keep thinking that it’s my birthday… and I regretted not cheating last year! I haven’t had cake in over a year! Almost a year and a half!

Then I think that I am being SUPER silly, I can eat cake after my competition.

You see, I just convinced myself not to cheat, even though all this morning I was convinced I will cheat. Blegh, this indecision is annoying.

I found this little guy at Fan Expo, ADORABLE. I just had to get a picture with him. Look at those little fists, LOL. He was saying ‘Grrrr Hulk Smash!’, it was adorable!

Make good choices today, I know I will be! I have a good solid 28.6lbs to lose in only 9 and a half weeks! Gotta stay focused, eye on the prize! J

Any motivation would be super helpful you guys! This is so difficult (as any of you struggling to lose weight will know!)


Cruise Day 8 – 70 Days Until Competition

Hey you guys! I’m still in Toronto and having a great time at Fan Expo (It’s like Comic Con, but with all sorts of nerd-genres such as horror, gaming, comics, sci-fi and anime.)

This is the first post I ever write from my IPhone so I hope it’ll turn out okay.

I have still been weighing myself every day (I brought my scale from home, LOL) and the weight finally dropped this morning. I’m assuming it’s because I finally hit a gym yesterday after a giant 4 day break.

I packed all my food in a cooler and since the hotel charges for fridges, I have just been filling it with ice at random and it is working perfectly. I made all my chicken in advance and put it in Tupperware and resealable plastic bags. I have been bringing baggies of chicken  with me to the convention and munching during the day.

I have NOT cheated this entire trip. I have been allowing myself treats I dont ever allow myself at home like diet coke every night… But that is because we have been eating out at restaurants… Which has been absolutely brutal for me… And I have been just staring at my phone chugging diet pop to try and deal with how delicious these meals have looked right in front of me…

I have also allowed myself a yogurt or two a day these little nonfat, no sugar added 35 cal cups) but that’s it in terms of food! My gallette in the morning andreasonable portions of chicken all day. Walking around the convention with friends and having a good time. It’s been a nice vacation.

The only thing I havent been doing so well on… Drinking my water. But I have been trying!

Off to workout, make good choices today!


Cruise Day 5

Not sure why but I’m feeling weird today. Just having a hard time picking myself up. I am not unhappy… I’m just… well in a funk.

Still have not cheated (woooooohoooooooo look at me go!) I’m almost 10 days into this and feeling SO confident and proud of myself. About time eh?

As anticipated I dropped 1.2lbs from yesterday, bringing my total to 11.2lbs in 9 days which is reasonable.

Doing some quick math (which I did constantly while following Dukan last time)… just little predictions based on trends and such… By next Saturday (not the one coming up, but the one after)… omg that’s my birthday…

So by my birthday if I continue exactly as I am (doubtful, but a She-Hulk can hope) I can expect to weigh: 147.2lbs!!!

I will be 9 weeks out from my competition with at least 17.2lbs to lose. Totally manageable! (I would need to drop 1.9lbs a week until November 3rd, pffft – cake… mmmmm cake…)

It never happens the way my math predicts it, since with time I end up losing weight at a slower and then even slower pace… but I like thinking about it optimistically like this. Makes me smile and gets me super excited for the future. You know?

I didn’t work out yesterday… I don’t know. I was out to coffee with The Prawn, trying to prepare myself mentally for shoulder and leg day, and then I just decided I didn’t want to. My joints all ache and my legs were sore and I just couldn’t get the courage up to actually do my workout.

Tonight I wont be either… so that’s a 3 day break from the gym. Hmm… maybe that’s the reason I’m feeling a bit of a funk happening. My brain needs those endorphins! This is the longest I have gone without hitting the gym in… months, about 4 months… and I feel weird.

So I am leaving for Toronto with The Prawn, his younger brother and friend tomorrow morning. I’ m hoping the gym at our hotel has all the equipment I need. Would you believe I have not packed, done groceries, meal prepped, cleaned my parents home (who I have been house-sitting for a few weeks now), done laundry… nada… at all. Yep, in true ‘definitely-my-mothers-daughter’ fashion. ;)

We are going to Fan Expo. It’s like Comic Con. I will post pictures. I was hoping to look very She-Hulk-ey by this time… that is not the case so I wont be dressing up. Maybe next year.

Nothing much else to say, are you making good choices? I know I’m behind on responding to comments… be aware that I am always so happy to read about your own journeys and experiences and every comment just makes my day. You guys are all so sweet and I appreciate feedback and stories. Everything. My readers really rock.

Might not have internet while I am in Toronto (I sure do hope so though!) so I’ll say bye now, byyyyyeeeeeee. Talk to you guys Sunday night when I come back! I wont be cheating, don’t you dare either!

Have a great weekend.