I’m a Third Of the Way To My Goal!

So as of this morning I have lost 13.4lbs/40.6lbs… that’s a third of the way! EXCITING and the best part? I lost in in less than 1/3 of the time I have to hit my goal weight! That’s a great sign! :)

Yesterday I did the stairs for 90 minutes after working out legs and shoulders for 2 hours. I feel AMAZING. That is TWO DAYS in a row of suffering through those 90 minutes. 2 days!

Needless to say, if I thought I was exhausted yesterday… well today I feel like a total zombie.

I worked 9 to 6, then weight training from 6:30 to 8:30 then stairs until 10pm. Home and awake at 6:30 to start the day out again.

My wrists hurt a lot from yesterday’s weight training so I have decided I wont be doing any weight lifting today. It’s chest and bicep day and I am fearful for my wrists getting worse or my wrists giving out and crushing my face with the weights…

I will be doing 90 minutes of stairs though. I feel like I’m on a roll and although I can barely walk today and my calves are aching, and my legs hurt… it’s something I need to do. I think if I can do it 3 days in a row… then I can do it 6 days a week for the next 9 weeks until my competition! Woohoo!

Good news… since I am keeping so incredibly busy I have no time to even THINK about cheating. No cravings, no want for any food I haven’t prepared for my day already. Just work, the gym, and straight to bed, repeat.

I’m too busy to think about food! Yesssss. That’s great. 17 days back on Dukan and feeling FABULOUS. I can see the muscles in my shoulders more and more each day. My tummy is getting flat (but the loose skin is a getting worse… damn, go away already!!!) and I feel slender and sexy.

A couple numbers to reflect on:

  • Heaviest Weight: 264.8lbs
  • Lowest Weight: 152.0lbs
  • Dukan Restart Weight: 170.6lbs
  • Goal Weight: 120-130lbs by November 3rd 2012. (Still have between 27.2-37.2lbs to lose)
  • Weigh In This Morning: 157.2lbs
  • Total Lost in 17 days: 13.4lbs (0.78lbs a day/5.46lbs a week)


  • 3 Weeks Back On Dukan: 16.4lbs total lost. (Should Weigh: 154.2lbs)
  • A Month Back On Dukan (12th September 2012): 21.8lbs total lost. (Should Weigh: 148.8lbs)

Now, I have mentioned before, ‘projections’ are just something I did last time following Dukan, every single day I lost weight I would grab a small piece of paper and just do averages, figure out trends, and try to estimate how much I would weigh in 10 days, for Halloween, for my birthday, the next day, etc. It’s a fun way to pass the time and keep myself SUPER motivated.

So I figured I would do it again this time around. I obviously don’t think I will keep losing at the rate I am (I never have) but still, it’s cool to see those numbers and… what if I do? That would be killer. It keeps me pointed in the right direction, making good decisions because you know what… a month back into Dukan I would LOVE to have lost 20lbs… so I am going to make choices to make sure that happens!

I am feeling better already. Very pumped for the future. Hopefully today keeps me busy and I have no excuse to get ANY cravings… and I make it to my goal AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Actually I really just want to get down to my lowest… 152lbs felt amazing and I hate that I sabotaged myself and proceeded to gain 20lbs… I can’t do anything about my past actions, I need to forgive myself and do everything I can to be successful. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME!

So no cravings, no cheating, stick to the plan Constance! I can do it! This is brutal but… man is it ever worthit.

Oh, for those of you who are curious:

Breakfast 7:30am

Protein pancake, water, COFFEE

So far I’m kindof hungry in between this early breakfast… (I usually eat at 8:30am) and my lunch. Just drinking coffee trying to forget about the little grumble in my tummy… only 45 minutes and I can eat lunch!


An entire yellow pepper, 1 cup of leftover egg white, pork, chicken scrambled eggs mixture.

2:30pm and again at 5pm

1 cup of left over egg white, pork, chicken scrambled eggs mixture.

Cardio from 5:30pm-7pm (sip on BCAAs during)

7pm – 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop glutamine

Hopefully in bed by 8 or 9 tonight… if not and am STARVING at 9pm will drink another protein shake.


PS: I have not had any sweetener in… at least a good solid month if not two or three months… I tried 1/4 of a sweetener in my coffee this morning and UGH was it ever disgusting. Weird, for someone who would use 8-10 sweeteners a day… Guess I detoxed myself from it! Cool!

5 thoughts on “I’m a Third Of the Way To My Goal!

  1. really great post…. i love how you do ther projections… that is something I like to do too!

    I am now considering competing….. but have masses of BF yet to get rid off first (currently at 28% BF) so your journey is really interesting to me and very motivational!

    Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your next day :-)

    • lol, that’s not masses of bodyfat dear :P 25% is the average for women so you are so close to that number!

      When I started out with my trainer I was at 23% bodyfat (and suprised… I was so surprised at that number LOL) and within 5 weeks of working out and not dieting I was down to 18% (another huge surprise)

      So bringing that number down is totally possible and achievable! Just so you know, to compete you are looking at bringing down your percentage to 8 or 9%! Lots of hard work, not exactly healthy… but it can be done! :) Good luck to you.

  2. Just had to tell you….wanted to scream I was so happy!! Remember (maybe you do) I had asked you about my slow down, due to starting the Cruise phase AND being on my period? I was so bummed, that first week of the cruise, I hadn’t lost anything, then the next week, only 1 lb. WELL…..today I weighed myself and last week I lost 5 lbs!!!! I got on the scale three times, just to make sure!! I’m so motivated now… I thought, if I could only lose 2 lbs. I haven’t cheated ONCE since starting the DD on 8/1 and I was just getting a little discouraged. I realize that is probably an exception, but it really did give me a boost that I needed. Love reading your blog everyday, it really keeps me on target and focused. Take care!

    • Whaaaaa? CONGRATULATIONS! And good job not cheating! (It’s soooo hard, I know! I feel you!) Keep that motivation, you totally rock. That’s so amazing! Seriously.

      Don’t get discouraged! The weight comes off (as you now know!) just keep making good choices and progress will follow. Stay consistent!

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