3 Weeks On Dukan

Good morning! So as of this morning I have been back on the Dukan Diet for 21 days: 5 days of Attack and 16 days on Cruise.

  • I have lost 16.8lbs.
  • I have 23.8-33.8lbs to lose before November 3rd.
  • My competition is 62 days away or 9 weeks away as of yesterday and 2 months away as of tomorrow.
  • My weight loss has not slowed down, as of this morning I have lost an average of 0.8lbs a day so far.
  • I have lost 5.6lbs a week on average.
  • I am only 1.8lbs away from my lowest weight!!!

I have been in ketosis on and off for over a week now, but with only 3tbsp of oat bran every morning as my carb source I can tell you honestly that my energy levels at the gym have not dropped and I am still lifting heavier and heavier every time trying to build my muscle-mass.

I have so far stayed consistent with my September goal to do 90 minutes of stairs every day I do weight training (well so far it’s only been one day… but that’s a start and it IS something to celebrate.)

I am happy you guys, I had a great, busy day yesterday. I went bike riding, which I haven’t done in over 5 years with an old friend, I spent the night at home just relaxing, I worked out in the morning and had a pretty good talk with one of the guys at my gym.

And today we do it all over again! I need to rush out so I can workout, then I’m having lunch with a good friend and then I’m working out again. I want to go to the movies after that and then we are having a huge party at my house. Tomorrow I have off from work, I will be working out in the morning with my trainer, then who knows! I want to keep super busy and do more stuff! I haven’t had even the most remote want to cheat so far in this experience and I feel so happy! Compare this feeling to when I was following the typical bodybuilder diet, I was always so mad, angry with myself for being weak. I had cravings all the time, I kept justifying binge-eating to myself. I was floundering, lost, guilty… I was gaining weight and not losing it and I was embarrassed.

Yesterday at the gym one of the big-bodybuilder guys told me I was looking good! That he could tell I have lost weight, and that I had an hourglass shape coming through! That was such a great feeling. I am so happy right now you guys. You know what… my mom was right. Without the pressure of food and my birthday without-food I had an amazing day yesterday, and my “actual birthday” in November will be even better… since I will be celebrating with my family, and cake, and champagne that I have so deserved over these weeks of strict dieting and hours upon hours at the gym.

Make good choices, I hope you all have as amazing days as I have been having. Smile, enjoy the weather and don’t cheat!

9 thoughts on “3 Weeks On Dukan

  1. Congrats on your weight loss girl! You are doing awesome! Just something to think about, I am no expert, but our trainer has told us that doing a ton of cardio after a big weight training session can burn some of the muscle you just finished building. The most I do after a workout is 25 mins. Now you are losing more than I am but I want you to lose fat, not muscle. Food for thought. Have a great day!!

    • When do you generally do your cardio? I know a lot of people who suggest fasted AM cardio but I just don’t have the energy to do it…

      The only time I really have to get mine in is after my workout, I try to take protein powder right before I hit the stairs and sip on BCAAs during. Also, since the only cardio I am doing is stairs I am hoping that I’m building muscle through muscle resistance on the stairs as well… Hoping!

      Do you think actually switching to AM cardio will prevent burning muscle? :S

      • Just saw this girl. My trainer hasn’t added morning cardio yet but it’s coming. So I’ll be doing it twice a day when that happens. She said that morning cardio on an empty stomach needs to be low intensity, no running or stairs in your case girl. Haha. Because she doesn’t want me to burn muscle, only fat. Now the cardio I do in the evening after my weight lifting is high intensity intervals but only for 20 mins. I’m glad to hear you are having a protein shake before you start the stairs. That should prevent muscle burning from what I’ve been told. :o)

  2. Congratulations for your weight loss, AMAZING progress . Just wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to go back to Dukan. Did it last year, for two omonths, and lost ten pounds….then weight watchers combined with regular exercise….no weight loss. I am easing into it, and tomorrow will be my first official start to the attack phase, figuring on 10 days and then onto veggies and protein every other day . Keep up the awesome work, you are inspiring !

    • Oooh! GOOD LUCK! :)

      I have had a lot of people tell me I was absolutely crazy for doing 10 days of Attack, but to be honest, even in this restart… I almost did 10 days without veggies just by accident! Be strong, you might find there isn’t a lot of variety and you might feel a little tired by the last day… drink a ton of water and remember, only 10 days!

      Have you started? How are you feeling so far? Any results?!?! :D

  3. GREAT job! You’re doing amazing! Keep up the good work and congrats on ketosis! :) OH, and happy belated birthday. Many, many happy returns.

  4. AMAZING!you are doing so well now. if only I could stick to it for more than 6 days at a time…happy birthday and at least you have the celebration to look forward to. :)

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