Weight Plateau (Of Course) and 100 Followers! xo

Ah, less than 8 weeks until November 3rd. Almost 50 days away. Every day I am constantly boosting myself up, motivating myself to keep this up because do you know what would be way easier than following Dukan again and busting my butt at the gym? Giving up, eating nachos and ribs (seems oddly specific… my friend told me about eating nachos and ribs yesterday and it’s been on my mind, LOL) and moving onto phase 3, training for June and forgetting about November completely.

Well… I am just crazy enough to believe that I can make it. I think I can actually get my body ready in the next few weeks and if November hits and I’m not on that stage… you can never say I didn’t try my absolute hardest, right? Right.

I have not had a single person tell me that I wasn’t going to be ready. Everyone has been so supportive and so accepting of this new lifestyle. Well that is, until yesterday. I am laughing about it, and I was laughing at the time as well since you know… I have had so much shit thrown at me this past week, who cares about a negative comment, but yeah… it’s still at the back of my mind.

A friend of mine told me there was no way I could make it, that I need to realise it now so I’m not devastated in November. That I have too much loose skin in my belly and thighs and there is no way, even if I lose the 23lbs I want to lose, that I will look competition ready.

I am brushing it off, but seriously, I am hard on myself enough, I don’t need someone confirming my worst fears. Whether or not I go on stage in November is no ones business but my own since I am the one putting the effort in. People need to keep their doubts to themselves.

Otherwise I am happy, I visited my aunts condo-apartment yesterday and I have fallen in love. I will be checking out other places on Thursday but I’m pretty sure my mind is made up. It’s very spacious, loads of storage, veeery affordable, and it’s 19 minutes away from my work.


Did not manage to workout yesterday because of apartment hunting… two days off in a row and I’m feeling the stress. Itching to get back into the gym. Tonight is my little brothers birthday but I have made it a priority to leave the party a little early and get in my gym-time.

Weight stayed at 153.0lbs. I am just happy it didn’t go up, still not cheating, still feeling happy and peaceful.

Seriously right now the only thing I am feeling is just peace. It’s lovely.

I have switched from chicken breasts to basa. It’s a white fish, the cheapest fish I can find. I am hoping that cutting the fat out from the chicken I was eating might boost a little weight loss. I am eating a fillet each meal, my staple meal times. I am REALLY watching my potions, I find I am hungry in between meals now that I have made the switch from chicken, but not hungry enough to up my portions or switch back just yet.

I need to start eating veggies… luckily payday is tomorrow so I will be able to do so. I really want my own apartment so I can meal prep properly and set up all my stuff… I am feeling kindof lost in between homes right now.

My lowest adult weight was 152.0lbs. I was there for a day, it feels like months ago. It feels like a GIANT tease to be so close and it feels like the weight (which was just FLYING off when I first restarted Dukan a month ago… yep, it’s already been a month!) is just not co-operating. Hmmm.

So, in blog-news… I have 100 followers! OOOOH MAAAAH GAAAWED does that ever just… oh man, I can’t even handle it. You guys are amazing. Your comments are amazing (will reply to all of them while doing stairs tonight, promise!) and your e-mails… support… everything. I love you guys, you push me to be better and to work harder and to continue progressing, always.

Big hugs and kisses to ALL OF YOU.

So, a lot of people have been Googling things to find my blog.

(To you lovely readers who don’t use WordPress… I have a GIANT list of things people Google to find me, it’s pretty interesting actually!)

Loads of questions being asked. I was thinking I would do a few posts answering specifically the questions that seem to get the most people directed here through Google, as well as answering any questions you guys have about my experience on Dukan, any advice, anything about me personally. Go for it!

There are hundreds of things being searched to find An Ongoing Transformation, I was thinking of answering 10 questions a day until I run out of frequently asked ones. So go ahead, ask me anything! I’ll answer them all, well all of them that I can, or direct you to a website I have found that can better explain stuff.

Otherwise, love you guys. Thanks for reading and putting up with seriously… as I mentioned in my last post… the roller coaster that is my life. I love hearing about your own ups and downs, always and appreciate all feedback. Make good choices today!


13 thoughts on “Weight Plateau (Of Course) and 100 Followers! xo

  1. 1. you are an inspiration to me everyday
    2. who cares if you have a bit of extra skin on competition day. It will be an experience and tell you if you want to do it again!
    3. You are actually skinnier than your lowest weight ever, as you have so much muscle you’ve built, you MUST have less fat.

    Keep up the great work, hon. Don’t listen to doubters, they are mean and probably jealous.

  2. I agree with the above! Would you have worn that tiny dress the last time you were at 152? And yes, exactly what was your friend trying to achieve? Was there some hidden motive on his/her part? One particular online article discusses that loose skin can become negligible when your bodyfat gets really low, as there is so little fat to weigh the loose skin down. Keep at it!

    • I would ABSOLUTELY not have, you should have seen my belly, it was all over the place and that dress would have shown EVERYTHING.

      You are totally right, thanks for putting it in perspective… and hmmmm I will have to look into that, but who cares if I have a little bit of loose skin? Pfft, I worked so hard, doesn’t matter. I’m still doing it.


  3. Geez, why do some people have to be negative…especially a friend? So what if there is some loose skin, go for it…you never will know how you would have done if you just don’t DO IT!! It’s been your goal for such a long time, keep it up, you will be so proud of yourself when it’s done. Good luck in your apartment search, the one you saw sounds great. Once you get yourself into your own place, you can be comfortable and really have things the way you want. Today was my weekly weigh-in and I lost 3 lbs. in the past week. I’m so happy. I started the diet on 8/1 and I haven’t cheated once ( I don’t know how I managed that) and so far I’ve lost 24 lbs. I feel so much better and getting up to do my walking every day is now a treat, not a chore. I owe so much of my inspiration to you and your daily posts. Thanks so much.

    • 3lbs in a week is amazing and OMG you haven’t cheated once? I know how you managed that, iron willpower! Stay strong dear, you are so amazing. 24lbs in that little time is SO INSPIRING, keep me posted as always, you aren’t slowing down, you are doing so well I am really really proud.

      Keep making good choices, you are rocking it!!!! xo

      • Thanks, you are a great role model and inspiration! Even when you have your bad days and life sucks…it’s real, that’s the way life is. You dealing with it and us all trying to help one another really helps. Take care and have a great day!

  4. Well, you know how I feel about the negative people. They’re either jealous, or just don’t know how to react. “bleep” them all! Now might be a good time for you to re-read your posts on sabotage– sadly, it’s sometimes the people closest to you that are going to be the most negative.
    When the time comes, ready or not, just get on stage. With all the time and money invested- just do it- regardless of the outcome. You will likely enjoy it either way. Who knows– if you find you’re not “ready” to actually compete and win–it could be more fun just doing it for fun and knowing how far you’ve come!
    Chin up and have fun!!

    • It’s all about the journey. ;)

      I am still doing it, it’s been my goal for months now and I actually think I will be ready come November! It’s 50 days away, that’s plenty of time to whip myself into even better shape. Thanks for the support dear. xo

  5. Constance… the comments above are exactly how I feel, as well… so I’m just going to say this YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU INSPIRE PEOPLE LIKE ME EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! And that is the TRUTH :D Big hugs xoxoxoxo

    • Thanks for being there for me Sandi, I really appreciate the daily support. You are amazing! I inspire you??? YOU INSPIRE ME!!! :D ;)

      Make good choices today, as per usual hun. xo

  6. Two words for your friend! KISS IT!!!!!! Only you should decide whether you are ready to get on that stage and a lot can happen in 8 weeks! You will rock it and just remember we are all rooting for you! Congrats on the condo you found! AND 100 followers….holy crap I think I have 20! Hahaha! Have a great day girl!

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