Absolutely nothing can ruin this good mood I’m in, I don’t think.

Why am I in such a good mood? Yes, I did go through a bit of a plateau there, but I have been reflecting on stuff… and I’m doing just fine.

Here is a list of why I am so happy right now…

  • While following the ‘bodybuilder diet’ I gained 20lbs in a month. Ooef.
  • I have been following the Dukan Diet again for 31 days and I have lost the 20lbs I gained!
  • I finally broke through my plateau!

You guys are absolutely right, from my before-lowest adult weight I have gained muscle, which means I have less fat then the last time I weighed 152lbs.

Weigh in this morning?




Now I don’t plan on weighing myself until at least Saturday, if not for an entire week. I don’t want to get discouraged by any weight gain tomorrow… like let’s say I only dropped this much because of water retention or something silly… nope, I want this mornings weigh in to be my reality for a bit longer, just soak up the reality of it.

I am so happy right now. This is the lowest number I have EVER seen on the scale!


All smiles, just all smiles… can’t stop smiling.

HAVE A GREAT DAY AND MAKE GOOD CHOICES! If anyone understands doing everything right… day in and day out and not seeing ANY results it’s me… but check it out! RESULTS DO COME!

Stay consistent, stay persistent, don’t ever give up!

I guess the switch to fish is what did it, since yesterdays workout wasn’t particularly spectacular.

I don’t care, I feel amazing. Have a good day you guys! Looks like things are finally turning around! J


10 thoughts on “YESSSSS!!!

  1. I’m glad to hear you will start weighing in once a week or wait a little bit longer in between wi. That darn scale can really get you frustrated and discouraged. Remember the scale is only feedback and not set in stone or the end all be all. There is so much in your life that you have accomplished and can be a testimony of progress. Keep it up. You can do it!

    • Thank you, I really just want to bask in the happiness of this last weigh in. LOL

      I am always telling people, you can weigh youself every day if your mood is not affected by the scale. Can you shrug off a 2lbs gain even though you did everything right the day before? Then go ahead. If not, weigh yourself every few days.

      I was absolutely showing signs of someone whose mood was being greatly affected by that number… I would be more and more depressed the longer it was taking for my weight to go down. So although there are several benefits to weighing yourself every day, I need a break.

      Thanks dear. xo

      • Keep that excitement and joy cause you deserve it. You are an inspiration to me cause you know what it is like to have to lose a lot of weight. Lately people have been saying to me that I have lost enough weight and don’t let weight watchers tell what looks good. I tell them that I’m about health and I need to get down so I don’t have an increase of health factors.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I saw the pics you posted the other day and you look amazing, and tiny, for being 150 lbs! Makes me question my goal of 135….. But keep on fighting the good fight and inspiring the rest of us!

  3. ROCK ON!!!! I do weigh everyday and it definitely can affect my mood! But I have to turn in my weight to my trainer every morning. I am at the lowest weight that I have been in at least 8 years probably and have more muscle than I have ever had! It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? Keep it up girl, we’ve got this!!!! :)

  4. Great for you!!! So happy for you, this is the start of your new attitude and mood and it will help greatly for getting you ready for your competition!! Hope you haven’t changed your mind on that one! During the attack phase, I did weigh every day….but when I started the cruise phase, I decided to weigh once a week, I figured lbs. may bounce around ( + / -) but at the week’s end, that should be a good measure of the loss. So happy I did, because it has worked out great. It’s really hard though, not to step on that scale in the mornings!!! Your great mood has made my great mood even BETTER!!

  5. Congratulations! I know how much scale fluctuations bother you. For me, they don’t– it’s just natural. A 2 lb. difference doesn’t mean I gained 2 pounds of fat overnight– it’s not possible– it’s simply one of the other things that factor into what shows up on the scale– fluid retention, irregularity, hormones, etc.. It always evens out in the end, so I don’t worry. I hope you learn to worry less :) Hugs.

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