Building New Routines

So after a 2 week break from dieting, from bodybuilding I’m back. :)

Back, I am back.

Feels so great to say.

So now, onto building new routines, bringing back old ones. Being good, and following the Dukan Diet once again to get back down to my lowest weight. I want to follow Cruise and then hop back on Consolidation once I hit 150lbs. This will be easy-peasy. I got it.

The most stressful part of being back has so far been setting goals. I achieved 1/10000 goals I had last month and in fact, I strayed so far away from achieving any of my goals that I am scared to plan out my month. I guess I am just being lazy and disorganised and that is all bad!

I have been eating well today. Absolutely Dukan. I am surprised but you know what without my too-much toast for breakfast start to my day I was grumpy, hungry, and now: headachey… so I’m not sure what to think about being back so far. It’s just been a very Monday-day. Ack.

I keep looking at pictures of my 2-weeks ago physique… my muscles peeking through, my flat stomach and even my skin… almost free of zits. I can’t believe how different I look and feel, after only two weeks!

Also… giant step for me this morning: I weighed myself.

I was very fearful. I had a rough time getting on the scale. I thought I was between 180-200lbs. (My lowest weight was 150.2lbs a mere 2 weeks ago…)

Morning Weigh In: 172.2lbs. Which is a 20lbs gain… which is how much I lost on my month back on Dukan and how much I gained on my month following the bodybuilding diet. Hmmm.

Should take me a month or so to lose then I guess. Not panicking. Just focus.

My head hurts. Ooooooh mah gawed. L

Back to drinking my water. Really trying my hardest since over the past few weeks I was absolutely not drinking enough. Bad bad Constance!

Otherwise I am happy I took that break. I actually am. The damage done is nothing that I can’t fix over the next little while of following Dukan and I really did enjoy myself. I feel rejuvenated (minus the headache) and I am looking forward to spending loads of time at the gym and pushing myself. I am so excited for the future and the year 2013 which is MY YEAR. My year to compete, my year to push my body and get sexy and faaaah-bulous.

I am back to half a chicken breast a meal and protein shakes while waiting to be able to grocery shop for other foods. I wont be eating super-strictly like I was during my prep. I plan on eating all the foods allowed in cruise, so that means yogurt and fat free cheese, veggies, and cuts of meat other than chicken breast and fish. I am looking forward to it. I am happy and so far today, no guilt!

Just looking forward to getting my body back.

This time around I will be weighing myself once a week right from the get-go. I can do that, I hadn’t weighed myself in two weeks, so I know I can do it and not obsess. I know my weight will drop (as it always does on Dukan) and I am not super interested in knowing the number, I just need my clothes to start fitting again. L

Make good choices! Today is not only a Monday but it is the first of the month! It’s your chance to start fresh and be better! Set some October goals and get started!


2 thoughts on “Building New Routines

  1. Way to get back up and get back on track . I wish you all the success. Every time i think of next summer when i aim to do triathlons, running and possibly bike rides I think of Seinfeld when the character George declares his summer to be the ‘Summer of George!!!!’ So in my head I hear next summer as ‘The Summer of Chatter!!!!’

  2. You can do this. If you need additional inspiration check out yourself in today’s Dukan Newsletter. That is one inspiring young lady!!

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