The Struggle Is Worthit – Feel That HAPPINESS

Good morning!

How are you? Did you sleep well? Well that’s good for you because I surely did not. -.-

For some reason I woke up not once, twice or a semi-reasonable three times… I woke up 4 times during the night with awful, painful charley horses! Just terrible pains in my left calf. Shooting all the way up and it was so difficult to get rid of it.

I felt my calf actually while the pain was shooting up… have you ever done that? It’s a weird feeling, my muscles were incredibly tense and I could feel all sorts of weird lines in my calf. It was kindof cool… not so cool that I really did not get enough sleep last night though.

So other than a banana this morning to hopefully prevent any more of this kind of hurt, no cheating back on Dukan, and there wont be any.
Cheating has never been a problem for me. While I follow the Dukan Diet I don’t cheat. I just don’t. You either do it right and see results or you nibble and draw out the entire experience (or rather, that is how I see it for myself). I have always craved instant results and the closest I can get to this is to follow the diet properly and lose as fast as I can instead of taking one step forward, two steps back all the time.

That isn’t to say I have not struggled. This entire process has been such a struggle and by far the most difficult time for me has consistently been the transition from Cruise to Consolidation. I am not sure why but the first time I hit my target weight February 6th 2012 I transitioned and then struggled with not cheating throughout phase 3. I then fell in love with bodybuilding right?

Wow it doesn’t feel that long ago.

But then I turned to the bodybuilder diet which… was not as effective as Dukan. I strayed and should not have since Dukan is the diet for me, that works for me, that is perfect for me and my goals.

I gained 20lbs in a month of following the bodybuilder diet and then lost that same 20lbs in the next month of my return to Dukan.

Well, after a 2 week mental-health break (which was so needed you guys… all the stuff being thrown at me lately, ontop of my failures and successes regarding bodybuilding and almost a year and 4 months of dieting straight with little to no cheating… needed) I am so prepared for all the challenges that will surely come with taking on this whole dieting thing again.

I became so bored and angry with my cheating during the past 2 weeks. The food was no longer good, and was certainly not as yummy as I remembered it but since I was allowing carbs and all that for myself I would just shovel it in, eating almost an entire loaf of bread every two days. At first I felt sick and full, but I can tell that my stomach grew over the two weeks since by the end of it I could eat probably twice the amount my body would let me that first week.

I ate out to restaurants, I enjoyed time with my friends and I drank alcohol,which I had not permitted myself at all while following Dukan the first time… which has always been difficult for me considering during that time I celebrated New Years, my own 20th birthday, all of my friends birthdays, ontop of many many other Holidays and random parties…

I had a good time, but now it’s time to see results because yes, I was social, I enjoyed myself… but physically I am so unhappy with how these few weeks have changed my body. Two weeks ago I was taking daily pictures of myself, I was taking 7-8 pictures of myself flexing every time I passed by a mirror. I was SO HAPPY with how I looked, at my lowest adult weight, and so proud.

Remember? I went out dancing in that tiny dress? I could have cried I felt so sexy.

Well that is not at all how I feel now.

But to be honest, after only one day back into dieting and training (PS: I DIDN’T WEIGH MYSELF THIS MORNING! That is a first! Lol) I feel like my belly has already shrunk a little. I already feel better in my clothes although not very much better.

I am confident by following Dukan I will be back to my top shape within 1-2 months. The difference between this time following Dukan and the last is that I am following Cruise, yes, but I am allowing myself a Celebration Meal every week. I know, I know about ketosis and how the Dukan Diet works, but for me, with the training and my own past with strict dieting, I can tell you this is a good option for me.

I am planning them a month in advance though. So this week will be Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Saturday (YES! You heard it right! This will be the first Holiday I get to celebrate with my family in over a year!).

I am excited. This year I wont have to force my family into making Dukan-friendly meal for me. Or just eating turkey with nothing on it and a salad. I will be able to eat with my family, to not stand out, and enjoy the traditions with them.

The only reason I can justify this to myself is because I have already lost almost 115lbs. I don’t need to lose any more weight, just feel more comfortable. I am not really rushing this weight loss since I still want energy to complete my weight training.

Are you following Dukan for the weight loss? Then brave Thanksgiving, do the turkey and quiche (an egg dish) and don’t use gravy and skip out on dessert and rolls and stuff. You can do it. I was 20 the first Holiday meal I skipped out on and I missed many many more… And we are French Canadian so food is a big deal around the Holidays here. ;)

You can do it, but this year… I wont be. I hit my target weight and I feel like I want to eat Celebration Meals as if I was in phase 3… just without the daily added-carbs and sugars of phase 3. So this is what I will be doing.

Still need to work on setting strong goals for the month.

Also have been looking into career opportunities regarding nutrition and fitness… did you know I could work as a professional arm wrestler? :P

Love you guys, thanks for keeping me accountable. Have you been making good choices so far this week? We are only on Day 2 of October… are you going to have as successful a month as me? Are you happy? Are you doing what you love?

ALSO kindof big news… did you see me in the Dukan Newsletter? Or on the Dukan homepage? Feeling kindof proud. You know, with time losing that much weight, since it doesn’t affect my daily life… it just gets forgotten, or rather, I stop talking about it since it feels like it all happened forever ago. I’d rather focus on my current goals than on my past successes…

But I lost almost 115lbs while following the Dukan Diet! I hit my target weight not even a year ago! The struggles, the sacrifice… all worthit because I feel so amazing and sexy (well sometimes…) and HAPPY!


One thought on “The Struggle Is Worthit – Feel That HAPPINESS

  1. Way to go. Glad to see you back and positive, a force to be reckoned with. I truly believe success should be weighed on how we handle our setbacks. I wish you all the best, set those goals and get to work!!!!

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