Moving, Routines, Water!

Do you hate moving as much as I do?

I am still living at my parents house, all of my things are still at my old home… other than my clothing which is spread all over my car right now since I don’t want to bombard my parents house with my clothes (or lose any of my favourite pieces… which always seems to happen to me when I move).

My new landlady has been nice enough to let me move in the last weekend of October instead of halfway through the week November 1st. It feels like it’s a long ways away but I know my move-in date will be here in the blink of an eye.

I feel like I have been moving a lot, and moving always causes me a lot of anxiety.

I moved out of my parents house the summer after highschool when I was 17, to this small basement apartment. I then moved again halfway through the year to a bigger basement apartment.

I then moved back to my parents for a month, and then into an attached house with many many many roommates (it was a 3 bedroom and at one point we had 8 people living there). I lived there for a year before moving into Prawn’s parents house.

I was sure I would live there for years and I wouldn’t have to worry about moving again. But after a little over a year… well you guessed it, MOVING.


I like this apartment, it’s walking distance to my work and walking distance to my gym (in the opposite direction.) Is this the one? It’s a little small. I can see myself moving again in a year, which is kindof frustrating… moving somewhere knowing in a year or so you should be doing the same stupid moving process. Haaaaate it.

I am excited to have a place again. To put all my stuff, to take care of my kitten (my baby, Titan, who I have only seen once since I moved out of Prawn’s parent’s place… only once! I miss her.)

Do you know what I am excited about with this place? I will have my own fridge! This is the first time since I have started Dukan that I will have my own fridge to buy my food, organise it, make meals and not be constricted to a shelf… I can fill the entire fridge without guilt! I can prep my meals and stock the freezer… with my own stuff! I am excited about this, it will make the dieting so much easier.

My own place. Damn! Moving might suck but once everything is organised, I have thrown out old stuff I have forgotten about, my furniture is all placed… it will be really rewarding and a nice new start.

So moving causes anxiety and stress that might knock you off your dieting, your training, and throw out your routines. We ALL know how hard it is to pick back up where you started when your routines are thrown out the window. So what do you do?

Well this time around I am happy with how I handled things. I took a break to reset, to get back to scratch and to improve my overall mental health. Now I am trying to build new habits and routines, drinking my water, eating at scheduled times and making my lunches. I will have to build new habits again once I move but I cannot handle a month long break from training, dieting maybe but not from the gym. I really missed it and I miss my muscles.

It’s weird, when I took my break all my other habits when out the window. I had only planned on eating unhealthily for two weeks. In my mind I thought I would keep my other routines but they really go hand in hand.

I said it before, I stopped drinking my 8-10L of water a day, I stopped going to the gym as well. To be honest I even stopped brushing my teeth twice a day, it was a struggle to remember to get it in once a day! I even skipped one or two days of showering, me, who can’t function without my morning shower! I was sleeping in, I was all over the place!

That’s the power of a good diet, and of following this diet! If you drop it, all other good habits and routines you worked so hard to build, just crumble. Now it’s up to me to pick all of them back up.

So do yourself a favour and keep at it, I spent over a year building all of these routines, picking them up slowly but surely and building myself into this healthy, happy person. I don’t regret taking my break but I can really see the future struggle I will have bringing myself back up to that level.

Wish me luck!

Today’s habit I will be picking up again… my WATER (I just reminded myself, be right back need to drink a bit).

Slowly but surely, I will get back up there. ;)

Go drink some water, right now! Kay? & Make good choices today.

Will you stick with me as I pick up all my good habits? Gotta be strong!


PS: I am so behind on reading your blogs… I am sorry! Will get back to this so soon! :)

4 thoughts on “Moving, Routines, Water!

  1. Some of us post too much anyways. Besides, you have had a hard couple of weeks it sounds like so it is all good. Glad to see you are back and going strong.

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