Motivating Myself

This was the last weeks worth of back progress. 7 days of weight lifting and weight loss. MAN! I was so proud!!!

I am feeling the need to motivate myself, so here are two of the most recent progress pictures I took of myself around the end of my last week of prep.

So these are me, two weeks ago. Nope, this is not what I look like currently. After 2 weeks of a nice dieting break and not hitting the gym… needless to say my muscles are in hiding.

But YES, I will get back here, AND BE EVEN BETTER.

This is the last photo I took of my progress while I was preparing for my competition. Loooordy! :) I’ll get back to this, no problem!

Sometimes when you get off track it’s nice to take a step back, realise not only how far you have come, but how far you went. Take a breather and think to yourself… well if I did it once. Easy peasy.

Make good choices today! Going to hit chest and bis hard at the gym tonight, I have been making really good food choices. Can’t wait for Monday mornings weigh in!

Oh yea, that’s right, still have not weighed myself. Who has willpower? This chick.

Love you guys! Have a great day.



7 thoughts on “Motivating Myself

  1. you look amazing!
    I want to start lifting but I dunno where to start.
    I cant get a gym membership at the moment because Im not sure how long I will be Staying in Beijing for. So getting a year or a 6 month membership is out of the question.

    any tips on how to start out?

    Im currently just doing Pilates by blogilates (Cassey Ho) but I feel like its not enough anymore and I really want to start being kickass and strong.

    Lara Novales
    Thinspirational Journey | Fit, healthy & Beautiful

    • Well I would suggest going to a gym for your weight lifting, 100%. Buying the equipment and doing it from home limits your options.

      You can try out a few days at the gym see if that’s something you are interested in (no point dishing out for a membership if you go and hate it, right?) Most gyms do offer one month at a time memberships which are a little more expensive than something like a year-long contract.

      Pilates and yoga are great, but I understand you looking for a challenge! Maybe your local gym offers one on one personal training that you can sign up for one session for a personal trainer to show you some exercises you can try out for each bodypart or you can try looking at books (there are literally TONS of different versions) with good pictures demonstrating the workouts. Then just DO IT! Lift heavy, keep your form right, hit every muscle group and constantly push yourself!

      It is so addictive, you are always trying to beat your personal best and once you see those results, MAN. You will be hooked. ;)

      Hope that answers your question! :S

      • Thank you so much for you tips and advise!
        I am really really really itching to start lifting because I feel like its the right next step. :)
        Im now looking around for a gym here in Beijing, China and some in Manila, PHilippines. Those are the two countries I go back and forth from. Too bad there is no Gold’s gym here in Beijing because if I get a membership there I can use it in the Philippines as well. **sigh**

        But really thank you thank you so much! And you are such an inspiration

        Lara Krystle Novaes

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