And So It Begins… :) (5lbs Loss!)

I wonder how many Day 1 posts I am going to write on this blog… but today is DAY 1 back on the Dukan Diet. ;)

Yesterday I half-followed the diet since I only decided 100% that I was going to give it my all starting today about halfway through the day… I guess I lost a big chunk of water weight since I lost almost 5lbs!

Start Weight (yesterday): 180.2lbs

Todays Weight: 175.6lbs

I love that initial super-weight drop rush.

Very happy about that.

I was so happy, and confident, that I tried on a pair of skinny jeggings I had been avoiding since the weight gain… they fit. Today I am strutting around in them and although I know they don’t look NEARLY as good on me as they did 3 weeks ago, I’m still happy.

And you know what, they will look smoking hot on me again… so no worries.

So, two things I am doing differently this time around:

Not Anticipating Any Cheat Meals

While I was trying to get back on track during the past 3 weeks I thought to myself, well I’ll get back on Dukan, but I’m cheating for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a couple treats here and there with friends of family. I had the dates set in my head.

But then what would happen is I would justify random cheating to myself (a dinner here, an outing here) because I thought to myself… well I’m not REAAALLY following Dukan since I’m allowing cheat meals (not Celebration… cheat. Since I was on Cruise and not Consolidation, anyways…)

So I would cheat randomly… meaning every day whenever a craving popped up.

But this time around I know I wont cheat, not even a bite. I am not thinking, well I’ll cheat Christmas… NO! I don’t need to, I know it will only derail my efforts and honestly, Thanksgiving was yummy… but I could have survived eating Dukan-friendly alternatives. 100%. Now that I have gone through it I know I wasn’t really missing much. Man, I’m such a baby.

Not Overdoing the Exercise

Exhaustion is something I have really suffered with throughout Dukan, as long-time readers will know. My energy just plummets on PP days.

During that last month of following the Dukan Diet very strictly I was doing 90 minutes of cardio (the dreaded stairs) almost every day ontop of (trying) to do 2 hours of weight training.

This is not something I will be doing this time. I want to lose enough fat through diet that I feel comfortable actually going in the gym again, and then I want to do muscle training but I wont overdo it with 6 days a week. I think I want to train heavy, but go only every second day and no stress. If I miss a day it’s not the end of the world. J

But for now, taking it incredibly slow and focusing on my dieting and eating healthy, curbing cravings and dropping that weight!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming support you guys. I lost 5lbs my first (half)-day following the Dukan Diet again, please keep the support going as I eat through the 30lbs I gained and move onto keeping this weight off for life.

Any recipes you want to share? How have your diets been going? It’s hard getting back to things once you have fallen off the wagon, isn’t it? But take it slow, one day at a time. Don’t overdo it like I did in August-September. :S That was a big mistake.

Above all else keep with the good habits, make great choices.

Today will be my first day with absolutely no cheating in 3 weeks. Ooooh Lordy. So far so good. J

See you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “And So It Begins… :) (5lbs Loss!)

  1. I just read yesterday’s post, then this one and I feel so much better for you! Just get back on track, easier said than done I know. You KNOW what to do, you just need the focus and I can see it’s coming back to you already! When you get into your new place, you can really hunker down and have your own kitchen and own fridge…rooting for you! Good news…I started the Dukan Diet on 8/1 and as of today, have lost 33 lbs. You have been a great motivation to me and even with the downs (along with so many ups) you are real and human and a great example to follow. Thank you so much for all you REAL life stories and your energy. You may not realize it, but you have helped so many people. Take care and keep up with your goals!

    • Omggggg my own place with my own kitchen! You have no idea, I AM ITCHING TO COOK SOMETHING! I have never felt this urge to try out new recipes but I can’t wait to just be moved and for everything to be overwith!

      :) Thank you so much for the compliment. That is what I am hoping to do. It’s not always up (not even close) but little by little I think I am learning more about myself and what I can handle and accomplish and with every mistake I grow, right? That’s the hope at least.

      I love hearing about your weight loss, seriously. You need to keep it up because it’s stories like that (33lbs! ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT IS AMAZING!!!!) that push me to keep going. Really. Make good choices today you are ROCKING IT! xo

  2. Your transformation is in incredible. You will be successful as you are determined, strong and honest with yourself. Loved the quote about the scale punching you in the face. I am on my own weight loss journey and have lost 24 on Weight Watchers and 8 right before starting WW for a total of 32. 22 lbs left to go to get to the weight that is my normal… not the woman who cared for a mother with dementia or the one who mourned her for the past three years. Hoping my husband wins us a trip from his job to the Caribbean in February, so have great motivation!

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