9.2lbs Lost By Day 2? Excellent

Good morning! I really mean that, good morning!

So, I’m looking at a total of 9.2lbs lost… and on Day 1 I cheated (since I hadn’t fully committed to the idea of going back on Dukan)… and on Day 2 I accidentally cheated (full fat Greek yogurt instead of non-fat, oops!)

I guess you’ve gotta love that water weight! :S

I am anticipating that just like last time I restarted Dukan (This August to September) I should stop losing this rapidly after 4-5 days.

Now a cool experiment will be seeing if I lose weight faster then the last 2 times I was losing weight on the Dukan Diet (the first time being between June 2011 and February 2012, 8 months, and the second time being between August and September, a little over a month of losing weight… all other time following Dukan has been maintenance.)

The reason I am thinking… maybe it’s possible I will lose the weight a little faster this time… for some reason? Just maybe? I mean I know it’s water weight… but here are the numbers:

  • 1st time on Dukan: by day 10 of the Attack Phase I lost 8lbs. Lost 115lbs total in 8 months.
  • 2nd time on Dukan: by day 5 of the Attack Phase I lost 5lbs. Lost 19.6lbs total in 46 days.
  • This time around… by day 2 I have lost almost 10lbs… Well… hmmmm…

I guess I will have to see.

Something I am doing drastically different than the last time I followed Dukan, is I am allowing a MUCH larger variety of foods, going over the entire range of Dukan-allowed foods instead of sticking to very low fat meats like chicken breasts and white fish.

I ate turkey, I am eating Natural brand hotdogs for lunch today… I mean I made Chocolate Carrot Muffins (dukanitout recipe) for breakfast today! I am allowing myself Greek yogurt and when I am done Attack I plan on eating veggies (unlike the last time I followed this diet, BAD Constance!)

You know, just not eating the same food everyday… also allowing myself larger portions (although not much larger) and sticking ontop of my water… well… here’s hoping to continued success, amiright?! :)

New pages on my blog to look for, under the About Me section I have a new Weigh In page with my daily weight posted there so you can keep track with me.

Also, by the time you read this I should have posted my October Goals Short and Longterm Goals page. It’s been posted!

Otherwise nothing to report! Feeling so happy and SO excited for the future! Really!

I leave you with a silly picture of me (that I love way too much, LOL)

This is going to be my new ‘plateau’ face. LOL

Make GREAT choices today! Will keep you posted on my progress, tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “9.2lbs Lost By Day 2? Excellent

  1. Awesome post! I actually competed myself in Daytona Beach Florida. I placed 4th, It was still a good experience. Please follow me as I only have 2 followers lol. I hope to hear from you.

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