Typical Results?

What? Me writing a post on a weekend? Preposterous!

I guess it’s that kind of relaxed weekend. :) Oh boy! Am I ever in a good mood right now you guys.

Firstly, yesterday I stopped by Chapters before Prawn and I went to see Looper. Looper was a great movie. I actually really enjoyed it. The date with Prawn though, meh. Not entirely sure why I was so excited for it. But I digress.

I FINALLY bought wheat belly, as well as a Paleo cookbook. Looking at the recipes in both these books got me like SUPER DUPER pumped to move out, have my own kitchen and sink, and fridge, and stuff and try out all these new recipes!

As most of you know… the itch to cook. MAN is it ever there.

I started reading Wheat Belly this morning (totally lazy weekend start) and I am enjoying it but so far it’s going in way more detail than I ever thought I needed to know about wheat’s history… does it get better and less scientific? I am all for gaining new knowledge… but I don’t care about wheat’s DNA, and breading, and different strains and stuff.

When it comes to the Paleo lifestyle. I have been attracted to it since I started the Dukan Diet and checking out blogs and learning more about different diets and options out there. I am a big Dukan fan, however, but I can see myself going into a Paleo-style regime once I hit Consolidation instead of gradually adding wheat. But we will see.

Secondly, although right now I have time to blog, to catch up on your blogs, to read books and relax and eat eggs (yummy yummy eggs… mmmm lol!) tonight I am going to a Spooky House with some friends and having a sleepover, then tomorrow I should be doing about the same! Starting at 7pm tonight it’s a very friend-jam-packed weekend for me and I love that, I love keeping busy!

Lastly, I started this diet with a really amazing friend of mine who wanted to lose weight. She is a stunner and has a great personality. Outgoing and smart and junk. ;)

Anyways boy problems (you know how it is) and finally she has the motivation to do this. She has tried other diets and gained the weight back (who hasn’t) and she started a day after me and has dropped 10lbs!

I guess I’m still beating her at 12lbs lost since Tuesday (Damn right! I’m ON FIRE!!!) but I have a feeling she will catch up quickly. I am excited to share her results with you guys as we both go along!

I will say it again, it’s strange that I am still dropping unbelievably quickly considering the last time I did Dukan (Aug-Sept) I stopped losing quickly after the first 10-15lbs… but I was doing 3 hours of exercise a day as well as eating WAY smaller portions and… I mean I was only eating chicken breasts with nothing on them and protein powder! In my mind there is no reason I should have been losing that slowly!

And yet now, eating pork chops, chocolate carrot muffins, whole eggs, turkey, drinking diet pop and eating Greek yogurt by the tubfull… I am losing fast, and have no signs of slowing down (although I know… my days of losing this quickly are numbered).

Do you think I will have an easier time losing the weight eating a little more and a bigger variety? I really can’t wait to compare my results this time to the last.

Have an excellent weekend, NO CHEATING! I am already probably 1/4 the way through my first weekend back on and I haven’t had any major cravings or anything (other than when my mom was making grilled cheese sandwiches and soup… CURSES!) doing well. Making good choices.

Feeling good, and happy. I don’t feel exhausted. I like this whole, eating more but still losing thing. Even though I don’t fully understand it.

Love you guys!



7 thoughts on “Typical Results?

  1. Eating a variety of foods is the key…your body needs the veggies too! I eat the yogurt like it’s ice cream, I go through a big container in two days…it is my indulgence. I add sugar free jello at night, like a parfait. Whatever it takes, huh? Happy for you…keep it up!

  2. The book Wheat Belly is quite technical BUT it clicked with me when unread it in January and I finally GOT “it”. I also went Paleo (with dairy) in May when I entered Consolidation. I’ve maintained my weight loss for 5 months on it and love it xoxoxo

  3. When we eat too few calories our body goes into protection mode. It decides that food must be in short supply and so it holds onto our fat stores. For the average woman going below 1200 calories will stop the weight loss process. The most effective calorie intake for weight loss for adult women is between 1200 and 1400. And yes, a variety of foods is better for both health and weight loss. Keep up the good work!

  4. I did Dukan Jan 2011 and lost 35 pounds by March 2011 and then after some life changes and a couple vacations that involved binge eating because I was on vacation and more bad eating because I wanted to be “normal” I gained back all but 5 pounds. So I decided to start again, and again, and again, lost a few pounds on the way and now I started again last week and made my list of goals and am sticking to it.

    I have never seen your blog before today but I will be following along now and now I feel like I have someone doing the same thing with me who knows what its like!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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