Constance’s Weight Loss Challenge

So, I am just testing this out… a new idea for a blog. It’s a weight loss challenge! Trying to see if anyone would be interested, if you are serious about losing weight and need something to push you or some friendly competition to keep you motivated.

It’s like the Biggest Loser for bloggers, you send in your weight every Monday and by the Wednesday everyone’s weight gets tallied up. The person who lost the most weight and the person who lost the biggest percentage of weight get featured not only on the Challenge blog but I will also feature them here on mine with a link to their blog.

It’s not too late to sign up! Today is Monday! Also, if you are reading this tomorrow (Tuesday) and want to sign up, you can always send me your Mondays weigh in!

Click HERE to check it out and maybe sign up! I’m thinking this can either really work or really flop. So let me know what you think! Any constructive criticism would be awesome. ;)

Keep up the good work, I didn’t cheat at all today! Looking forward to tomorrow’s weigh in. Have a great night.


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