The Power of a Challenge

First off thank you Pam, I fixed the link on the last post. -.-


Secondly, seriously, the power of Constance’s Weight Loss Challenge… it’s already secured that I make good decisions today!

You remember my moms tasting party? Well I was flip flopping in my mind, in whether or not I wanted to cheat and indulge in her product (It’s called Sunset Gourmet… really delicious stuff!) and I was more leaning on the ‘well you only life once, might as well consider it a special occasion and cheat or something’ side, even though I just restarted my weight loss and a cheat meal this early in the game… well knowing myself that’s just asking for trouble.

The closer I got to today, the more I was convinced I would just end up cheating tonight.

Well thanks to the (seriously) overwhelming response I’ve gotten to this whole Challenge thing (7 new participants 10 new participants! 18 participants!!! since yesterday) I would feel DUMB cheating tonight! Just dumb! I actually really want to win at least most weight lost or highest percentage of weight lost… either or both would rock!

So you guys, there is no pressure with this thing… It’s a serious dream of mine to have like a solid hundred contestants trying to beat each other out each week!

Like I said on the Challenge page, I do want to do a 12 week New Years challenge as well as a few more long-term ones once I have more members. Also, if we do end up having many people join, we could do teams, like the Biggest Loser! This could really work as long as we all stay committed and keep losing together!

So (in the words of my favourite ‘Maintainer’) pull up your little girl panties, get started! Why not?

This is your last day to sign up if you want to compete in this weeks Challenge! Remember, weigh ins are on Mondays! Restart or keep pushing your efforts, fill out the form and lose with me! I need more people to beat! Hahaha. ;)

Challenge accepted!


One thought on “The Power of a Challenge

  1. Hi Constance, i find your blog very inspirational and wish to join the Challenge. I am a little technologically challenged let’s just say so I will need my daughter’s help tonight to join the Challenge properly and fill out the “form” and email it to you. My current weight is 186 and definitely need help and getting my weight loss started again (lost 25 lbs on Dukan since August 2012 but have not been doing well in last few weeks, feel myself slipping back into old habits). SOS!!

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