Day 8, Happy, Happy, Happy!

I can’t believe I am only on Day 8 back on The Dukan Diet, it feels like it has been much much longer! :S

So far I am doing really well, looking at a loss of 12.4lbs. Considering I had little to no expectation of myself this round I am pleasantly surprised.

Also, I have completely proven to myself that eating more, and eating a bigger variety of foods, not being as strict within the Dukan-rules… all have caused me to lose faster than my second time following Dukan. I can’t believe I busted my butt and dropped almost 20lbs in 32 days last time… I felt like crap the entire journey and hated every minute of it… and then this time I have dropped more than half that weight while allowing myself the entire range of Dukan-allowed foods INCLUDING full-fat Greek yogurt on occasion… in 1/3 the time!

I mean, it is possible that this weight loss slows to a halt and I have to resort back to tiny portions, exercise, as well as cutting down to leaner meats, cutting out dairy, all that stuff I was doing before… But I’m thinking this is kindof ridiculous! If only I had realised earlier! -.-

Today I caught up with another friend of mine who is doing Dukan. She has been following it for almost 2 months now and has lost over 30lbs! A quote from her this morning: “[It’s going] good, now it’s going slower, only lose 2 pounds a day” I kindof laughed. CONGRATULATIONS girlfriend! ONLY 2 pounds a day? Wow, sucks to be you. ;)

I am so fortunate that for the first time since I started this diet almost a year and a half ago I have not one, but two commited friends following it and losing and being so successful with their weight loss! No cheating from either of these ladies! Well done!

Personally, since I got back on it, I feel so much better and healthier. My skin is finally clearing up, I fit in my vest at work again (there were a few days right at the end where I could not even button it up!), and this morning I checked myself out in the mirror instead of just looking, swelling up with shame and leaving the room… I looked at my back, at my waist… I don’t look like I did but I am almost at a weight where I am comfortable again!

Then once I get to a weight where I am not ashamed, it’s back to the gym 3X a week for me, beating my lowest weight, and becoming the sexy woman I know I can be, maintaining it for life, being happy… all of these positive things, all thanks to the willpower I KNOW I have somewhere deep inside me.

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about my challenge… but I just want you to know it’s not too late to sign up as long as you have a Monday weight to give me! I have 27 participants so far (In only 2 days! SO HAPPY AND PROUD OF YOU GUYS FOR STEPPING UP!) and I would LOVE to have more! Seriously, the more the merrier!

If you are not willing to compete you could still alert your readers and friends about the challenge, maybe some of them would be interested!

Make good choices today, I believe in you!


6 thoughts on “Day 8, Happy, Happy, Happy!

  1. As I read your post, I got completed distracted by “a weight where I am not ashamed”. Broke my heart. I used to feel that way, too. (Anyone who doesn’t know my story might want to check out my “about me” page to get a context for this comment.) Knowing what I know now, the gym is the very safest place I should have been sooner. And then, I spent a year on the cardio equipment before I felt brave enough to hire a trainer to teach me what I needed to learn. Despite how I felt, I know now it was just my “inner fat chick” negative self-talk. I also know now that most people at the gym used to be “befores” and they don’t judge. They support. Go to the gym now. Things are going well and you are motivated, so it’s time. Don’t let the “a weight where I am not ashamed” message hold you back from something good. That fear needs to be faced – head on. Blog about all of it – we’ll be here for you, too. I know I’ll be a cheerleader! I’m also a tiny bit concerned about what you are losing – fat or muscle? Some water for sure, but that’s a good thing, because some of that stuff under our skin that we think is flab is really water. A little resistance training will carve out that sexy woman you mentioned. ;)

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