I Did It!

Success! I just wanted to stop by quickly to let you know that I did NOT cheat at my moms delicious looking and smelling Sunset Gourmet party!

Loads of fun ladies, I had a few friends show up, and I had fun hanging out with my siblings. But I didn’t indulge, even a bite! I walked around the group of ladies telling people what to try and what to eat and asking almost incessantly if they thought it was good or what foods they liked… to feel included I guess? But I didn’t eat!

Actually that’s not true, I had raw veggies. Just munching and socializing. It was a good time.

So that’s another goal completed! Good on me! I”m flying through these short term goals! Excellent. I feel really empowered right now after making that good decision.

You can do it too! Just say no, you will feel so much better after! I feel amazing right now after having made consistently good food choices for an entire week back on Dukan! All smiles, seriously.


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