New Before & After Photo!

Well, today is kindof a meh day. I lost 1.2lbs since yesterday (woohoo!)
You know you can check my daily weigh ins in the tab above right? It’s under ‘About Me’.

Otherwise I’m still happy and focused and I have drank A LOT of coffee today.

Have had a few rough days with Prawn, moving soon so that’s about a brick-ton of stress, and I’m not sleeping all that well (maybe it’s the coffee…)

But you know what I do when I get a bit down? It’s before/after picture time! Time to look at how far I have come and just relax a bit, before jumping back into thinking about the future and all the stresses that come with it!

Crazy eh?

You can do it too! :)

Make good choices today.



8 thoughts on “New Before & After Photo!

  1. Hi there! I just found your website last night and started my new Dukan inspired diet today!

    Someone suggested the Dukan Diet to me so I was looking for some info about it and stumbled upon your blog. You seem very diligent about posting information which is really great for someone like me just getting started. I am at about the same weight now that you were when you started this most recent round. I am hopeful when see your weigh in’s with dates! My goal in 150.

    This morning i got up had two cooked eggs and four pieces of bacon. For lunch I headed home and grabbed a rotisserie chicken on the way. So for lunch I ended up eating a few pieces of roasted chicken and a small container of plain, fat free, greek yogurt. I suppose that’s okay. I have a hearing late tonight so i’ll probably grab a salad / seared tuna entree before my meeting.

    I work and do a lot of special either side projects or side work so it can be hard to prepare ahead of time during the week. I hope my choices are appropriate…

    Anyway, just want to drop you a note to say I’m out here and listening in, and trying to figure it all out. Keep your posts coming!


    Kathleen Clendaniel

  2. You look amazing Constance! I can hardly believe its the same person, you look so different…… Thanks so much for setting up the challenge, it’s a great idea and a brilliant motivator for everyone. Keep an eye on Veera! shes doing great this week! :) What would we do without our Dukan Dietress hey?!? Lol ;) I find too much caffeine gives me restless nights, so maybe cut back a little. Hope you have a good day xoxo

    • I think I’m going to try setting up a ‘last call’ for coffee drinking… none after 1pm or something. Maybe I am just too excited for my move though! I don’t know. We’ll see if cutting back on coffee fixes me.

      That Veera! Determined bugger. Let’s try to beat her! ;) Good luck!!!

  3. Congrats on everything! You seem to be focus and working hard! Your excitment goes through the computer and makes my heart sparkle! You’re definitely an inspiration! Keep it up! We’re all rooting for you =)

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