Starting To Feel More Comfortable In My Skin

Do you know my ultimate test on whether or not I feel happy and comfortable with my weight? I take an obnoxious amount of pictures of myself. While I was bingeing those 3 weeks before I jumped back (back) on the Dukan-train to happiness, I realised I was not okay with how I looked, simply because I stopped taking pictures of myself and the pictures that I did take… well they all got deleted, and absolutely nothing from the neck down.

I didn’t fit in my clothes, my work vest. I felt… well uncomfortable!

Looking through my phone just now I am pleased to see that, without even thinking about it… there are a ton of selfies (pictures of myself, taken by myself) from yesterday and today. There are still no body-shots… and absolutely no flexing shots… but it’s a start nevertheless.

Also, I’m trying out something new with my hair… side-swept bangs. What do you think?

I dropped another 0.6lbs! I am excited for tomorrows weigh in, really hoping I will be in the 165s!

Ooh also, last night I got my ear pierced. Kindof a panicked moment when I almost fainted and my piercer got me a juice box and told me to drink it… I kept mumbling: It’s not Dukan-allowed… not Dukan-allowed… but after a good 5 minutes of dizzy-ness I gave up and drank a few sips before sitting down and waiting to feel good enough to drive.

My weight still dropped, but I felt guilty since… well it was cheating. But I felt so sick, meh, just going to forget about it. Moving on.

I actually feel so okay with myself that I tried on and bought CLOTHES yesterday… something I had also been avoiding since my weight ballooning up. I bought two pairs of too-cute jeans and a clubbing top, for wait for it… 22$ total! SCORE.

I mean, what is better than shopping, smiling, and the weekend coming up. Am I right or am I right? Tomorrow night I am going to a ceili (group Irish dancing thing I have done the 3rd Saturday of every month for… 4-5 years now?) and Sunday I am (if he doesn’t cancel on me…) working out with a friend of mine! So this will be my first time hitting a gym in a little over a month. Wish me luck!

So my friend Nancy who is dropping weight with me, I have mentioned her before, she is the girl who started the day after me… is down 18lbs in 9 days following Dukan… 18LBS!!! I can’t even believe it!!!

Amazing results… and totally has me beat. My measly 14.6lbs in 10 days. ;)

Oh man, what a great day.

You guys going to rock out the weekend? Make good choices?

Have you joined my challenge? If not you should totally consider starting on Monday! Already 30 participants!!!

If you have, good luck during the weekend, drink your water, don’t cheat… I can’t wait to see who takes home the prize!


PS: I have read some REALLY nice and sweet comments from you guys lately. I want you to know… I just tear up at every one. I am glad you guys read and follow my progress and am so thankful for your support, advice, and love. Thank you. -Constance


5 thoughts on “Starting To Feel More Comfortable In My Skin

  1. You look beautiful! That is a gorgeous picture Constance……. Love the hair. Don’t you just love being able to get clothes cheaply, ‘plus size’ shopping is not only depressing, it’s super expensive! Wow your friend is doing amazing, Shelly who is doing your challenge has lost nearly 15lbs in 7 days!!!!! Losses like that make me wish I was starting out again, well almost!!!! ;) have a great weekend, I’m jealous of you going to a ceili, they are fantastic! Enjoy xo

  2. Stop changing your hair… LOL :D
    I was totally loving the last one (and took it to my hair dresser… I swear I’m not a stalker, lol) and now you’re side sweeping? TOO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!
    Congrats on your success these 10 days back on!! Cheering you on from Florida :)

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