2 Weeks

Today marks 2 weeks back on dieting for me! Two weeks without cheating! I feel very proud.

One thing I am thinking about… Sunday will be my first family event… and I had decided already that I will be eating with my family for family events, included are birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, as well as Easter… Well this is a family birthday and I am just not sure what to do!

I am currently not thinking I will cheat… I just don’t really want to. My fears are that faced with the temptation when I have told myself I would allow family-event cheating… that I will binge and it will completely unwind me. :S

I don’t know what to do… also my ‘birthday’ is fast approaching… if you will remember, my family switched my birthday to November 4th… I am sad that I will not be competing the day before… and also nervous because the reason I changed the date is because my mum and I wanted to drink champagne to celebrate my 21st birthday and I wanted to eat birthday cake for the first time in a few years… right?

I don’t want to backtrack on my success, but at the same time… Bah. Do you understand? It’s a dilemma. I think I will look into Dukan-alternatives that are maybe allowed in Consolidation? We’ll see. :)

Otherwise I have had a great day today, food-wise. Work went by too slowly and I’m really tired right now.

Ugh. Actually really tired. -.-

I have been thinking a lot about bodybuilding. I am feeling excited to get back to the gym, feeling excited to cook… I need the weekend to be here like, right now, so my life can start! Although you know what, I am really glad I didn’t wait to get back on Dukan until the move… I would feel even more upset… and would have probably gained another 10lbs… woah. I have dropped almost 15lbs in the past two weeks… actually at the rate I was going at I would have gained probably 50lbs total! That is so brutal!

It’s a downward spiral, when you get out of control. Horrible. You need to stop yourself before it’s too late. You will only regret not starting sooner!


If you want to add me as contact on Facebook btw you can add me here. It is an easier way for some of you to contact or hear from me, as well as being able to follow my progress a little closer!


8 thoughts on “2 Weeks

  1. Lets try this again…
    Here’s my two cents…
    You need to decide what you want to eat and what is healthy for your body.
    Stop making good, healthy food the enemy and embrace it. Family get togetherness do not have to = blowing your diet. You don’t have to eat the crap, you can say no. It’s amazingly empowering. The thought of eating wheat ladened birthday cake literally makes me nauseous. At your family events, eat the protein and veggies and/or bring your own stuff. If your family isn’t supportive of your choice to be healthy, just smile, knowing you’ll outlive them all, lol.
    In regard to your “birthday”… A glass of champagne won’t blow your diet… Champagne and cake WILL. Have an alternative dessert, made with clean, whole, healthy ingredients instead of the crap that got us fat in the first place!
    Here’s some suggestions for that:
    This ROCKS my world: http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2012/01/zero-net-carb-caramel-machiatto.html
    So you can see you can eat amazing foods and not blow your diet!
    I’m cheering you on and KNOW with your amazing determination that you’ll make the right choices xoxoxxo
    ~ Sandi

  2. “Cheating” is a bad word for it. About a year before I started bodybuilding, my nutritional coach insisted that I have a cheat meal every couple of weeks. It’s absolutely necessary to stick with a program long-term. It’s a planned thing and it has a nutritional purpose. Please know that 15 pounds in two weeks includes a lot of water. So when you have cheat meal, you will gain back some water – and it’s really water. You can’t gain fat from one meal any more than you can lose it by eating healthy once. It’s what you do over the course of a week that matters.

  3. Good for you for sticking with you’re plan. However “diets” don’t work long term. If you cannot work real life into you haven’t made a lasting plan.

    I agree with cheat meals. They are planned opportunities to reward you’re good habits. And honestly, life’s too short not to occasionally indulge in champagne

  4. Hey!

    Firstly I love the new bangs, I know that is a few posts ago but never mind!!

    Love reading your blog and it is great to hear that other people go through the same highs and lows that I do, and whilst that is selfish from my point of view it makes me feel better.

    I have lost 3 stone since January this year but the weight loss has really stopped/slowed down to a snails pace so thought I would give Dukan a go after reading your blog. First day was yesterday and I dropped 4lbs overnight, I actually could not believe it… I am planning on doing 4 days attack (cannot do any more as I am travelling to the in laws so will be tricky) and then moving on. I bought the book and have only read as far as the part I need, so actually only know the rules for attack stage at the moment….. I dont want to get confused!!

    Anyhow I really wish you the (I was going to say luck but I will rephrase) strongest of will powers and I look forward to reading your updates…… :-)


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