Damn That Greek Yogurt!

I had a busy weekend! Unable to weigh myself either day and was really looking forward to a giant drop this morning… lost 0.2lbs. Bah. You can’t win ’em all.

I know why my weight didn’t keep dropping at the rate I have grown accustomed to. Two words… Greek.Yogurt. Since I was so busy and out and about… I ended up eating almost all my meals on the run and since I am no longer eating rotisserie chicken (Prawn did some research and you are looking at a massive 1600 calories per chicken… YIKES!) it was Greek yogurt for almost every meal… and I wasn’t a good dieter… I went half the time for non-fat (which in large quantities is bad on it’s own) and half the time for full fat…


I still lost though, and I’m going to focus on cutting back. I just need to settle into a new routine at my new apartment and be able to cook and prepare meals in advance and I’ll be just fine! :) I can smell the spaghetti squash now! I can’t wait to look through both my Paleo and Dukan cookbooks and plan out meals for the first few weeks! BAH, can Sunday get here like… NOW please?

Also a problem with being so busy all weekend… water and oat bran consumption just goes out the window!

Side note… I did so much driving and driving downtown this weekend… I live in the country and I’m not a very good downtown driver… I think I have done enough scary-driving to last me an entire month thank you very much. So much stress!

I did workout (finally) though. I met up with a friend, we had coffee and chatted and then went to a local University gym and did some upper body weight lifting. We are thinking of making it an every-Sunday type thing and I hope we both stick with it, I think it will push us during the week as well. I am only 5.8lbs away from a comfortable gym-weight but you know what… I think once I move closer to the gym (about a 5-10 minute walk) I might try going a few days a week, just try it out and see if I can get my groove back.

The future is exciting. This is a photo I have as my phone background. Just giant black text with: THE FUTURE IS EXCITING.

Because really… it is! Well as long as you put in the work and stay consistent, then the future can be anything you want it to be, which is so exciting!

I only lost a little over 2lbs this week, I want to push myself harder and drop more for next Monday. I know I can! I am loving this new start and I want more!

I talked about you guys a lot this past weekend by the way. :P My readers. I am so thankful for you guys. You totally push me forward (I said no to a nice guy who asked me out for Sushi next Friday… SUSHI!!! I LOVE SUSHI!!!) and make me better. I can totally feel that I will be hitting my 130lbs goal this time around… I can’t wait to take you all with me!

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks with no cheating, I have lost 14.4lbs so far. :)

I’m very proud of myself… I do think it’s time to take it up a notch though! Maybe I’ll hit the gym tomor… the day after tomorrow. We’ll see!

Make good choices, as always.



8 thoughts on “Damn That Greek Yogurt!

  1. To counter act eating out I simply divide my chicken breasts, turkey, home-cooked roast beef out into 3 oz amounts and wrap them in saran wrap then place all packettes into a ziplock bag to keep in the refrig. When I know I won’t be home for lunch I simply put a pckette into my insultated luncheon bag along with a bottle of water. Vola! Lunch on the gol. If you eat chesse (all LF or FF that, too can be divided up into 50 gm packettes and stored alongside of the meat. Hard boiled eggs in their shell can also be included. These suggeestions may not be quite what you might want – but, hey, they’re all protein and legal.

  2. Hope you had a great weekend, it sounds fun and very busy. I’m excited for you getting your new place, moving on Sunday! That is exciting! It seems to have come round fast. Hope Prawn has given you all your things from his place now. Sometimes we are able to stick to plan better than others but you always refocus, here’s to a great loss this week!!!! xoxo

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