Quick Post

Hi there!

Quick post for you all today, my weight is the same as yesterday (meh, happens). I am planning on having an amazing, cheat-free, stressful-moving weekend. :)

Last night I was pretty overwhelmed. Bought homemade fudge from the Orchard where the Spooky House I volunteered at is located… did not eat it though! It can be frozen so I used ALL the willpower I have to put the fudge down after I bought it and then wrap and freeze it…

I feel empowered… but totally wanting fudge. Will have to wait until my first celebration meal. -sigh-

Otherwise, a LOT of you (I’m surprised!) have opted to add me on Facebook for your questions and motivation and junk. Just in case you missed the link and were interested:


MAKE GOOD CHOICES! IE: Don’t eat the fudge! Ugh. I can’t believe I was weak enough to even buy it! -.-
Fight temptation, let me know how your weekends went, be good for the Challenge Weigh In on Monday!


3 thoughts on “Quick Post

  1. Hi Constance,
    I live for your daily writings and muses on such an amazing journey…Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. I hope that your move was as stress-free as moves can be.

  2. Constance – I love reading your story. I found you when I finished week two of Cruise, and fell off the wagon. You were just what I needed!! I hope one day you can post about what you eat in a typical day, and maybe others can comment what they eat. I can always use ideas. Keep it up!!

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