Are You Ready for a ‘No Excuses November’?

Happy November to all of you!

Hope you Halloween didn’t test your willpower too too much and that you made good decisions throughout the night!

So far today I’m doing well, no breakfast food at the house so I ate chicken thighs this morning, loads of coffee and then for lunch I decided to go all veg (considering how RARELY I eat vegetables these days… this was different.

I had an entire cucumber and a bit of broccoli… bad decision, I should have eaten the chicken I brought as well since now it’s 1:42 and I’m staaaaaarving. :S Will have to wait another hour to eat. Sucks. Well this is a learning process, now I know if I’m eating all veg… eat more. Lmao.

I AM going to the gym today. I will do it. Going to do a full body weight training session and I’m psyched. Walked home last night after work, 13 minutes on the dot, and then probably 13 minutes to the gym… so I will get almost a half hour of walking in tonight as well. What a great way to start the month! Good choices all around! J

I think I want to do one day a week of eating vegetarian… and two days a week of no dairy at all. See if that does anything… I have been writing up specific November goals for myself and one of them is to lose 16lbs this month. Think it’s a stretch? I’m hoping I can get down to my lowest by December 1st and then just keep dropping until Christmas. I think it’s totally possible and I’m psyched to get to that point again!

This month is a month to focus on HAPPINESS, it’s the month my life turns around, nothing can go as wrong as the past 2 months have been… anyways. It’s all positive energy and change from here. I have been trying to smile a lot today, trying to start talking to people I have been ignoring for lack of a better word… just moving towards that ‘happy’ status. No more drama, no more bad decisions… I am in control of my happiness and it’s empowering!

It all starts with drinking lots of water, making good food choices, working out… being healthier and happier! Christmas is coming soon (8 weeks as of… next Monday I think) and I want to look my best, feel my best, and BE MY BEST by then.

It’s all up from here (clearly rock-bottom!) and that’s a lovely thought. Gotta bust my butt, keep busy and… well make better decisions! It’s like… come on Constance… snap out of it! J

Have a HAPPY November, okay? Are you on this get-to-it-train with me? Hop on, let’s rock it together! Time to get out of this negative place and just… do it!

Make a plan for the month, stick to it! See how much progress you can make, I dare you!!!


9 thoughts on “Are You Ready for a ‘No Excuses November’?

  1. Are you going to post where you find the vegetarian recipes? There are 1,000 of websites and I have no idea what is good.

  2. Okay so your goal of 16lbs for November has got me so busy thinking, it hurts!!! I did the math last night, which is approx 4lbs per week. So I got thinking if I could lose 4lbs per week…That was easy on Attack and I think I did it for a couple of weeks on Cruise. So I wondered what you would avoid or stick to in order to achieve this goal? I would like to join and challenge you on this mini goal…if you’re still feeling strong today? I’m not feeling nearly as strong as I did last night. SO tired and that makes me want to eat!!!

    My thoughts on a 4lb weight loss in a week are as follows…increase my water/increase exercise(never mind the fact that I am not doing anything regular)/Chicken only??/No lean mince/No fruit yoghurt(not even 2 per day)/Steamed Veg only/Increase Egg intake/No cold meats*allowed varieties*/no tolerated foods.

    Don’t know if there is something I’m not thinking of or being unreasonable with myself? My walking can start tomorrow, my very strict eating and drinking yesterday…I guess in a week’s time, I’ll know if it is all paying off.

    Thanks for all the motivation you send my way!!!

  3. I’m jumping on the train as well. I have too since I have not been doing too well lately and feel I’m slipping back into bad habits. I’m out of town quite a bit in Nov which makes it more challenging but will not use this as a reason to make bad decisions. In November, I will lose 8 lbs, down 1 thus far, 7 more to go. Thanks for the movitation you all challengers! :)

  4. No excuse November is for me. It is simple – when eating well I am happy, I feel light and positive – life is good. Yet for some STUPID reason, I appear willing to trade this in for no real reason. I will not do that for the rest of November – no excuses :)

  5. Constance-

    I miss your posts. Let us know how you are doing! Break-ups can be so challenging and LIVING with him after the break-up?! I don’t know how you can do it. I would find that so difficult in so many ways. I know very little about you or your relationship, but what I know is that when I am in stressful situations and times in my life (and living with an ex-partner would qualify for me) I tend to turn to checking out. When that happens I go on autopilot and find it very challenging (impossible) to stay in control of my diet. Even though my ex-husband is one of my friends and I consider him family, when we were going through our divorce, I had such a hard time being around him. I have never hated him or had bad feelings for him; we just weren’t sexually compatible. Still, navigating the new waters of a friendship/ roommate vs. the romantic partnership you used to have is going to challenge emotions. I am sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way. You are strong and capable and SUCH a role model to all of us. Keep on picking yourself up and when you feel ready- write about it. I am wishing a fantastic week for you! Miss you tons!!

  6. Hiya,

    I just read a bit through your blog and looked at some of your before/after photos. You are an inspiration!!!
    I’m starting the Dukan Diet for the 2nd time tomorrow as I put on all the weight again which I had lost in the first attempt. If I feel unmotivated I’ll just read your blog and will hopefully stay on track :)

  7. Hi, I hope you settle into your new place, bet you’re glad you have finally moved in! i hope things work out living with Prawn, you must be good friends! sorry I didnt send my weigh in in this week – felt crap and stuffed my face over the weekend. will do it next week :)

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