Self-Sabotage – The Worst!

Good afternoon you guys, how have your diets gone so far this week?

I had a successful Monday but my weight went up on Tuesday morning, boo. Then I had a really really LONG and BORING Tuesday at work. I actually felt my sugar drop after work (I walked home) and all of a sudden I had these really intense cravings.

I didn’t cheat on my way home and had a reasonable supper. I watched TV all night and then when Prawn was about to come home I asked him to stop at a convenience store for chips and chocolate… which he did.

We watched TV and ate and then he snapped out of it and asked if I had just manipulated him into buying junk. I said yep… and then realised it myself and was so disgusted.

We went straight to bed and that was that.

Except for this morning when I was thankful I ‘only gained 4 pounds’ and I have been spending all day feeling swollen and puffy. My belly looks so gross and my boobs look gigantic. Oh, awesome, nice. I can’t fit in any of my clothes and I totally hate myself.


Why did I do that?

So today I am going vegetarian! It’s something I have wanted to give a try. Just veggies and protein powder for me today! I’m thinking I might do it once a week and then have once a week pure protein and see where that gets me. Just trying to change things up.

Otherwise if you are following my Challenge you will know that I like giving little statistics every week and to motivate my participants (since I feel like we can ALL use a little motivation lately… is there something in the air?)

This week I’ve decided to include some long-term stats with everyone who sent in their Monday Weight’s original start weight and I got a bit of insight into maybe why I have been struggling lately with my weight.

Yes, life happens, it’s stressful and shitty and I have low self esteem and people suck sometimes and say things that hurt my ego…

Also, to get from my original start weight of almost 270lbs to my goal weight of 130lbs… I would lose a little over 50% of my body weight! That’s quite a bit to handle both physically and mentally. 50% of your body weight… that’s insane.

As of my Monday weight I am 68.10% of the way to my goal though… which is only depressing since I was only this September 83.83% of the way to my goal… I have backtracked a little over 15%. :( -siiiigh-

Anyways, that’s that. Focussing today, seriously I promise I wont do anything to jeopardise todays success. Don’t you do it either! I’m sick of this rut and I know I say it every post, but I am. I am disappointed that I haven’t gotten back on the wagon yet.

Are there any reasons you feel like you sabotage yourself and your weight loss? How do we get out of this negative place and get back on track. I didn’t cheat for the entire 8 months I followed Dukan the first time, surely it can’t be this difficult to stop cheating this time around!!?!?!


4 thoughts on “Self-Sabotage – The Worst!

  1. You can do it. I always believe that as long as you keep on trying, even if it’s one good day a week, then you should be proud. Some people totally give up and can’t admit what they are doing wrong. So as long as you keep pinpointing the problems and realizing that it’s not good for you, you will do great. I have faith that your rut will be over soon. And I love protein shakes. They are quick and easy ways to get some quick cals, protein, and carbs to keep you away from the junk (:

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