Day 5

Chatting with a friend last night about this weeks weight loss was eye opening. How come I know so many wise people? I simply don’t understand it.

I was telling him that I was doing really well, feeling successful and that I didn’t have any cravings. I feel focused and happy.

He texted me back: “Awesome, no need for that to change :P’”

Omg he is totally right.

There is no need for it to change… why does it keep changing? Whenever I restart my dieting and try to regain focus I always do the same thing… I start off saying that I am focused and have no cravings. This lasts anywhere from a few hours to a little over a month (in my most recent experience) and then when I do end up cheating… well why? Because all of a sudden I have cravings and am no longer focused?

Well… he’s right. There is no need for my positive attitude to change! Why in the world would it change?

What circumstances change my drive, the cravings… I generally have the same temptations around me… it’s all about my headspace but I SHOULDN’T allow that to change! I can keep being successful, as long as I don’t change my attitude.

This is another plus of really trying to do this diet thing one day at a time. Just focusing on today. I mean today is day 5 back on and it feels like day one because today is the only day that matters. Sure, I have not cheated since Friday… and that’s awesome. Just gotta keep focused and stay POSITIVE! :) Time goes by, in fact, it FLIES by… before I know it I’ll be a few months back on track, I’ll hit my target weight and have regained that confidence and sexy-body I thought was lost forever. ;)

Otherwise I did SUPER good last night. You have no idea. Usually dinner-time onward is my kryptonite. I eat extra food and a gallette or I full out cheat. I am really bad at this. Generally when I cheat it’s after work.

Well, not only did I stick with a steak (and dats it) but I drank some tea and avoided food for the entire rest of the evening! Even when Prawn hid in the kitchen to eat baegals and whatever other junk he was eating. I could hear him… I could hear the little voice inside me asking to have a baegal… or eating more steak or a gallette or ANYTHING and I shot it down.

It was hard, like brutal. But I totally did it. So far food today has been great as well. I’m on a roll!

Oh, and not weighing myself everyday is KILLING ME. I guess I’m curious and since I know I’m doing EVERYTHING right… I feel like it’s dropping. But I want the proof!

And it’s only Tuesday!!! I still have almost the entire rest of the week to not weigh myself. This is going to be hard!

Have a great day! Make good choices, also, Challenge results are up!


5 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Inspiring post. It can be so hard to keep a healthy mind every day. I wish you lots of luck. This post made me think about some things I also need to work on! And good luck with not weighing yourself everyday. I used to weight myself a few times a day and now I can go a few days to a week without a weight in.

  2. You are very inspiring to those of us just started our journey.

    As for your friends – sometimes you need to hear it from a “new” perspective.
    Keep it up!

  3. I too need to stop snacking and introducing non allowed foods. The good thing is everyday is a new day. People who say ‘I’ll start on Monday’ will never succeed, because Monday comes and goes and they give up. Keep it up, you inspire us all!

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