Place Your Bets! Fun Post. :P

I know I have been whining a lot about only weighing in one day a week, then last night I had a eureka moment when a friend of mine posted in a… I don’t know how to explain it properly…

You know when someone is pregnant and people place ‘bets’ on the day of birth, weight, gender? All that kind of stuff?

You know what will get me through the weekend of not weighing myself? Do you guys want to “Guess the Weight Loss”? :D

So, I have been doing ridiculously well with the dieting, other than last night where I didn’t cheat, not even with extra yogurt… I just took full advantage of that whole unlimited meat thing and ate a few extra servings of steak and an extra chicken breast and some more cauliflower.

I don’t know what came over me. I just kept looking at the jalapeno poppers Prawn and his friend were planning on eating, and they were drinking and all I wanted was red wine and cuddling and then I got up and made myself more steak. Then I got up and heated up fish with cauliflower ‘rice’ and then I got up again for more steak AND chicken breasts.

And maybe I also ate a second gallette for my day. :/ Okay so I did actually cheat.


So today as ‘punishment’ (I don’t really believe in punishing yourself when you have a bad food-day) I have decided to write out a food plan and stick to it and I HAAAATE writing out food journals, tracking calories… that kind of stuff. I am organised but not THAT kind of organised…

So, sticking to the plan, going to have an excellent day. No more slip ups! Even if it’s just extra portions of allowed foods! Although I am happy I stayed away from the Chinese food and pizza I had been craving all day, as well as those poppers, the chips in my house and those DAMN BAGELS!!!

So, a mini success. I don’t want to justify it to myself as a good choice because it was NOT but I know myself and I am aware that in the grand scheme of things, resisting going out to Tim Hortons for donuts with the boys last night… was huge for me. Especially considering how early in the diet-game I am.

SO, yes I had a could-have-been-better day yesterday but I am totally recommitted. I didn’t end up working out last night but tonight I am 100%, I made a date with a friend at the gym to keep me accountable and I will also be working out on Sunday. All weight training though, no cardio.

So… how much weight do you think I will lose this week?


You might notice below that I posted I would do half an hour of stairs if I lose my bet. You don’t need to bet something physical, maybe just something you have been putting off or nothing. Yes, you can bet nothing. :P It’s totally fine.

Just comment on this post how much weight you think I will lose! It’s fun and it’ll get me off that scale… also it will get me to work harder! I’m sure of it. ;)

Also, you CAN bet the same thing as someone else. No big deal. Have fun with this!

Good luck!


Monday the 19th Weight: 167.8
Lowest Weight: 151.8 (Mid September 2012)
Monday the 26th Weight: ?!?!?!

Age: 21
Back On Diet: A week as of Friday (tomorrow)


Constance (dats me!) bets half an hour of stairs that I will lose at least 6lbs this week!

Lori V bets one week of not weighing herself that I will lose 3lbs!

Matthew bets one week following Dukan with absolutely no cheating (not a bite!) that I will lose 8lbs.

Angel bets a hardcore 4pm bootcamp session that I will lose 4lbs!


Make great choices today! Work hard!



6 thoughts on “Place Your Bets! Fun Post. :P

  1. Pretty aggressive weight loss. Not that I think you can’t do it….but I’m in for 3 pounds and I won’t weigh myself for one week!! I’m a scale junkie myself!!

    • Just wanted to let you know I did the hardcore at 4 today, not knowing if I lost or won, just knowing I lost my own weigh-in big time. I am eager to know how you did…
      Don’t feel bad if you slipped up. It happens to all of us. Be strong!

  2. I bet one week without cheating that you’ll lose 7 lbs! I’ve been reading your blog for the last couple of days and your words gave me the strength to start again and finally lose all these pounds that are taking over my life. After gaining back each one of the 30 lbs I lost last winter with the Dukan, I finally feel strong enough to get back on track. Thank you for sharing your Dukan journey!!

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