Has been a while since I have put pics up so here is where I’m currently at! You can look forward to a food plan and weight training routine also coming within the next week.

I am so happy to be blogging again! Also might I add… MY BOYFRIEND IS SO AMAZING! Bahaha, I can’t get over it. Spending the weekend at his place and so so so happy. <3

Ok, enough gushing… it’s just… this is the happiest I have been in a while. I was going through an alcoholic, self-destructive, depressed and suicidal time you guys. I think this man has maybe saved my life. His support and love means the world to me and… OH MAN… I can’t get enough. He is truly the best. Be jealous. 



So this is the first pic. A bicep flexing shot since as you all know… I’m a sucker for a good flexing pic. ;) Felt incredibly beast here. You know, it’s taken me forever to love myself… to love my muscles. I LOVE THEM, I feel and feel like I look AMAAAAZING! Yay!



This one is a pic of my quad and calf progress. I have not ever seen a visible quad (the first pic)… I always had too much fat covering up my legs since even after the weight loss, always struggled losing that last bit of fat. STILL LOADS there… but getting better and leaner every day. PROGRESS. Also… I have monster calves, they carried around me at almost 300lbs right? 



This is the newest face picture of me. Feeling kindof sexy lately (I wonder why). BAM.



This is me, at weeks 1-3 of my most recent weight training. Glute progress. MAAAAAN. See what a little heavy lifting will do?



Some shoulder progress. Check out my monster traps!!! Bahaha. If you have me on Facebook I really apologize for the doubling of pics. I have drank a lot of espresso tonight actually and am just in the best mood ever. So, here is another one of meeeeeeee.




Took this one tonight with my new boyfriend. SEEEEEE, he loves my muscles. Isn’t he a cutie??? <3 

I hope you are all doing well! 

I really did miss you guys.



12 thoughts on “PICS!!!

  1. So happy to see you back and well–we missed you. And you look A-MAH-ZING! I’m jealous! Good for you for moving on and finding someone who is truly supportive–you deserve nothing less.

  2. Omg. You have the most amazing transformation I have ever seen! Your entire body is so toned! You don’t have stretch marks or loose skin. Incredible! A true inspiration. What kind of exercise did you do to get such a toned and perky derriere in 3 weeks? Was it squats with weights? Thanks

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