Hmmm Seeking Advice, Off the Wagon, Miss You Guys :)

Good early afternoon to you guys!

How is everyone doing? I’m trying to get this internet thing under control, it’s hard trying to balance time between a full time job, catching up with my fam, cleaning, and spending almost every minute of my life with my new boyfriend… -.-

I don’t know if you know the feeling, but we live 40 minutes away and the travelling back and forth between the two places, also I was sick, then he was sick…

A new relationship, it’s weird because although he is so supportive of me and my dreams, but the lack of new routine and of me feeling sick, then him… all that stuff… has made it pretty difficult to actually get to the gym and put in a solid effort, because the entire time I spend thinking about him, rushing through so I can call him, not focusing and or feeling sick because of this cold going around.

Then, I could workout after work, but he actually has time to come down to where I live! So I don’t. I’m not going to make him wait in the car and if I workout for 2 hours then we can’t actually spend any time together. So what about on the weekend? Well we did, but I couldn’t focus. I’m not the kindof girl who likes working out with people. It’s just plug in and there you go. Beastmode through it.

Then with dieting, it’s much easier when you are on your own, or living together as Matt and I were doing, where I would prepare his meals or we would just do our own thing. Here we are doing groceries together and I don’t feel, this new in a relationship, like making my own Dukan-friendly thing and it being all awkward I guess.


This is all just the precursor of me making two points:

1. New relationships make you so happy, but mess up your routines and make you fat.

2. Pretty sure I’m moving in. ;) :D

As in, I am moving in. I’m moving in in June-July. We are going on a big trip down East where his family is from and where a part of my family I rarely get to see is.

We talked about it a while and I’ll have to give my notice to my current landlady in May, that will give us enough time to make sure this is something we want to do. :) It’ll be better monetarily and… well it’s all just positive stuff! Everything is bussing distance from here, there are jobs around and… well we can settle into routines around each other and I really feel like I’ll be able to focus on myself instead of focusing on well focusing on this new relationship.

But ladies, you are all struggling (or really succeeding) with yourselves, your weight loss, your working out, your families… How do you do it? What do you think of my plans?

It’s weird to say, and everyone kindof rolls their eyes, but he is the one! When you know you know, putting a gamble on our relationship yah-dah-yah-dah.

This is happening!

Also, when I say June-July I do mean… that although that was the initial plan, it seems like I might be giving my two months notice like… at the end of this month… meaning move in date will be closer to April.

I can’t wait!

He is so nice, and thoughtful. He loves my friends and I love his. He has a good job and is respectful and funny.

Ontop of about a billion other things.

Also he’s DAMN sexy.


Love you guys! Give me some of your life experience!!! I don’t know have anyone in real life I can talk about with regards to dieting and a new relationship!



(Your Dukan Dietress)


8 thoughts on “Hmmm Seeking Advice, Off the Wagon, Miss You Guys :)

  1. I am just plain happy that you are so happy! You’ve had so many ups and downs this past year! Just do your best to not go crazy with the bad food, love is new and you’re all giddy and everything, just enjoy it! When the two of you move in together, you can settle down and not have to travel to see each other so much and you can get really strict with your meals…you will have the time to work on them. Instead of worrying about not making it to the gym, why not just take a nice, leisurely stroll with your guy? Nice form of exercise and you two are spending time together and have time to talk. Just a suggestion!

  2. YEA I am happy you found someone that deserves you! It is absolutely true that when you meet them, you know. I met my now hubby in December 2010, he proposed in April of 2011, we moved in together shortly after, and got married that July. I would do it all over again. I just wish we could have met sooner so I hadn’t wasted so much time on losers!

  3. I say go with the flow! Things will balance out as your relationship becomes deeper. Find 20 minutes a day for YOU. Even if that’s some stretches before bed or a walk around the block. And twice a day be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. You worked too hard to go backwards xoxo

  4. Sounds like you have a plan of action! Congrats on your new relationship and your decision to move in. I’m sure that you will be able to focus more when it comes to exercise when you are living together because you won’t have to make any special arrangements to see him. I gotta agree, though. New relationships are awesome but they do make people gain weight. It happened to me every single time I started a new relationship and man, I’d gain so much “love” weight!

  5. Sounds like you’ve got a case of “Couple-itis”: where two people eat and breath each other- it’s quite contagious at the beginning of all new relationships ;)
    Enjoy the time and there’s plenty of other ways to exercise lol x

  6. Follow your heart Constance, but mind that you don’t forget your commitments to your wellness. Part of learning the balancing act of life is making the big mistakes then bouncing back from them…it’s not how far you fall, it’s how high you bounce after all…you’ve bounced back beautifully. Bask in the glory of new love…if it is meant to mature into a fine long relationship it will…trust the process and be authentic and you can’t go wrong!

  7. Congrats on all the new excitement. When I met my hubby I just knew it as well, we practically moved in together by the end of the week. We actually met in the gym, so we still flirt like goofballs in the gym now. We all go through seasons of our life, so enjoy this season! Once you move in together and you find your routines, maybe you can find you workout schedule again. I would still try and hit the gym – even if it just to hit it hard for 10 minutes! Best of luck girlie!

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