A Word on Addiction

H – ungry

A – ngry

L – onely

T – ired

A goooood good friend of mine who is a member of AA was talking to me about addiction and this resonated with me, so I would like so share because absolutely… absolutely do I have an addiction to food.
Let me rephrase… to BAD food. To chips and junk. To binges.

Oooh man, the binges. It is an addiction.

So, addiction to food, binges, it’s all relatable to something like an alcohol or narcotics addiction. You see that these groups of people, like AA, NA have come up with processes to help people with their addictions, dealing, getting over them. Now I’m not saying necessarily that the weight loss community could benefit from having groups like these put in place, but learning from the teachings, methods put in place by people in recovery or trying to recover from other kinds of addictions, can help and teach us ways to cope with our different addictions, mine being food, perhaps yours as well.

Usually when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired… you aren’t really thinking straight which can lead to a relapse, those cravings. Since you aren’t thinking logically, rationally. Especially a combination of more than one of these things can lead you to do stupid things, such as cheating on your diet. Something that can help you with these triggers, could just be as simple as recognizing these symptoms!

So that’s just a quick thought, do you agree? Disagree? Leave me a comment down below!


5 thoughts on “A Word on Addiction

  1. Over-eaters anon does exist, I have had friends who have benefitted from it greatly – and you are bang on with the HALT bit – always those times when I end up craving the worst foods

  2. I am a recovering alcoholic and the food thing definitely comes into it. Whatever your addiction is, behaviour comes into it. You need to find out what behaviour triggers a relapse and work on that behaviour. So for me, it was whenever I was feeling down, led to drinking then the next day, a massive food binge :-) 2 years sober on 18 Feb this year and a whole lot slimmer and healthier. Big up to you for coming this far. Great blog, love and light x

  3. I think I have a food addiction and binging problem. It would be nice to have a support group like AA for things like that. I use blogging as a way to self-treat and stay motivated. The thing is, I think I am well aware of the problem but in some kind of denial because I’m able to maintain my healthy weight regardless of the occasional binges. And the binges are HUGE, like scary-big – And I don’t do it around people. So I’m not really doing much to try and stop because it happens maybe once every few weeks. Recognizing the symptoms is really important, but what happens next is just as important. Last weekend I recognized the symptoms but didn’t do anything to stop it.

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