Not Ballooning Up As Much… A Reflection

As many of you are aware, while losing the weight (the 8 months I followed the Cruise phase and dropped 115lbs) I did not cheat. It could be argued that although I did binge, I binged on Dukan-allowed foods and in doing such, still managed to drop the weight but did not necessarily learn any tools to prevent me from gaining weight once I decided to get off the diet, or rather, once I hit my TW February 6th 2012.

As of Feb 6th 2012 I did not gain back any of the 115lbs I lost (which has be very proud). Although once again… can I really say I did not gain any weight? This is not true, at all. Maintaining the weight is a HUGE struggle, much more difficult than it was to drop it.

I have been known to say that losing the weight was easy. IT WAS EASY. Yes, bad days, struggling… all that. It was by no means a joyride. But it was MUCH easier than this maintenance… since I simply did not allow myself to cheat and gain any weight during my weight loss, whilst now I am much more loosey-goosey and I have been going through a rollercoaster… and I mean it. It’s been a rollercoaster.

But let me explain.

Firstly let me tell you that I am PROUD, that although I have made changes in my workout regime which has caused me to gain muscle (going from not even being able to do one ‘girly pushup’ to being able to struggle through 20-30 on my feet, proper stance pushups… going from calling the weight section of a gym the ‘big guy section’ to having the confidence to workout with the biggest guys at the gym… claiming the free weights as my own.

PROUD, so yes, although maintaining and keeping my diet in check has been brutal, a total learning process for me… I am happy and content with my progress and my transformation (as always… ongoing!!!)

So, with that said, the weight fluctuations have been just a CRAZY ride this past year. Starting about June 2012 I noticed the ups and downs, 3 weeks of eating whatever I wanted, no diet plan, usually no exercise either (which, longtime readers might now… when one of my habits… usually diet, falls to the side, my water intake as well as my regular exercise, also starts to suffer)

Aaaaanyways, so 3 weeks of gain, on average 30lbs followed by 3 weeks of proper eating, dieting, watching my calories or falling into ketosis while on Dukan, water intake goes up, exercise follows and then BAM right back where I started at usually around 155lbs.

Oops, 3 weeks later 30lbs gain… 30lbs loss… aaaannd… well if you are like me you see the trend starting to form! It’s been pretty consistent!

Except for this past time around. I did not 3, but 4 weeks of eating as I pleased. I felt bloated but not my usual ‘fat’ that comes along with my binges and obvious weight gain. I weighed myself expecting that 20-30lbs gain and I had gained 2lbs. 2!!!

So… there are two explanations for that… that have gone through my mind right?

Either my body is finally slowing down fighting me for gaining those pounds (remember Dukan and his theory of 5 days for every pound gained? Well my 5 days for every pound actually ends August 10th of this year!). So maybe I am not assimilating calories as effectively or rather… effectively-on-steroids?

OOOORRRR maybe with this long of yoyo dieting, I have built up some good habits that stuck, not eating as much, or as bad foods while ‘eating whatever I wanted’ this time around?

Not sure, do you have an opinion?



3 thoughts on “Not Ballooning Up As Much… A Reflection

  1. sorry can’t help you with that constance, i’m still trying to work out why eating right all week and exercising every day isn’t always reflected with a loss on the scale. one of those great mysteries of life things i guess :)

  2. Constance – I commend you on your progress and openness with these struggles. I cannot help but think that the classic yo-yo dieting above indicates that you have not been able to find a sustainable lifestyle in what you eat. Abandoning an entire lifestyle to eat whatever you want for 3 weeks, then going back cold turkey to the “diet” screams recipe for disaster. I think we all need balance, and that balance includes eating some of our favorites all the time, not by depriving ourself for 3 or 4 weeks at a time.

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