Well Would You Look At That…

Have been working on a killer new transformation webpage… My own domain name, focusing on weight loss and weight loss maintenance as well as this new chapter in my life (just moved again!)

You wont have to wait too long. Miss you guys. Add me on Facebook if you would like more day-to-day updates in the mean time but will let you know when the webpage is up. ;)


2 thoughts on “Well Would You Look At That…

  1. Cool! Been wondering where you were! I’m happy to report that as of yesterday morning, I have lost 70 lbs! I started the Dukan Diet on 8/1/2012 and all because I saw a pin of yours on Pinterest! You were such an inspiration and still are! Thanks for that…I still have 7 lbs. to go until I reach my true weight…thinking about my celebration meal already! Take care and looking forward to your new website. Congratulations too, on the new love and the new lease on life…it’s good to see you happy again!

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