I wasn’t going to blog, you know I get a lot of messages on Facebook and a few e-mails a day from you guys, people who have heard my story and who read the blog, asking questions, letting me know about their journeys. I love reading all about them and answering any way I can (which is usually about a blog length reply because I am a chatty cathy)

This morning I got a message that was so sweet, from a really beautiful woman. It pushed me to write out a blog post. So thank you for that.

I started Dukan yesterday with my boyfriend. I lost 4.6lbs and he lost a little over 7lbs. I am reaching for my lowest weight although I know with the stress of life and the move (did you know… I moved again? That’s 9 times in 4 years… STRESS) and then we went on vacation to the Maritimes in Canada to meet his family (Do I EVER love his family!) well… what can I say, 4 months later, 3 cup sizes, and a little over 50lbs… I am feeling the body-hate… I am happy, I am in looooooove… but I am weighing in at over 200lbs andĀ embarrassed… and motivated for change!

So that is where I am at. I am planning on posting on a regular basis, even if I do not end up creating another blog (struggling with this). Just to let you know what is going on. You know, weight loss is a daily struggle. I have bounced up in weight by 30-40lbs before. Roller coaster of life. I have never gone up this much. So more on that later, or plans to prevent this from happening in the future. But for right now just be aware that I’m giving it another shot. Focused, and with a support system that is totally whooping my butt in numbers… having lost almost twice as much as me and he had cream in his coffee yesterday. Jerk. ;)

Love you guys, I am jacked, and I am so happy.