20 Days Back on Dukan


Do you know what is even harder than following Dukan this time around, being motivated enough to blog on a regular basis.

So far I am feeling success though! After 20 days back on Dukan I have lost 18lbs and my boyfriend has lost almost 21lbs!

I feel very motivated to continue. I have lost 18/56lbs. My goal is to hit my lowest weight, well to beat it! 151.8lbs being my lowest, I hit that mid September of last year.

I realized today that as of two days ago I hit my 2nd anniversary of following Dukan. Which means that on June 10th 2011 I took the first step on this long, difficult journey of losing weight and addressing the emotional issues regarding my binges, unhealthy eating habits and low self esteem.

When I think back to it like that… I feel really accomplished, even with the falling off and on the wagon, which has been consistently happening since July of last year. When you look at my overall progress… Well, progress is progress!

Today, since I don’t have a job yet, unfortunately, I had a very productive day regarding my goals in helping others achieve their own happiness and weight loss. I looked into a group called Overeaters Anon. They have meetings in Ottawa almost every day of the week and I think that I will go to my first meeting Friday of next week. I want to learn more about myself, this organization and I hope to volunteer for one.

I also looked into Hospitals in my area, to volunteer for their Addictions counselling and Obesity clinics. Although I have not found anything solid. I want to help people and make them realize that they can do it too, and also, that noone is perfect and it is a daily struggle dealing with this addiction. 

My first course towards getting my personal training certification as well as my group fitness certification is this Saturday. I hope to have applied to a few jobs so I can keep busy in the meantime since my courses are every weekend from now through December, and they are a tad expensive. I realize that once the courses are done I will have a job with my local YMCA, but also realize it’s not my boyfriends job to put me through school. :P So that’s a thing.

Also, food news:

I have found shiritaki noodles!!! THEY ARE AMAZING! I tried out this recipe and they turned out spectacularly! Mmmmmm. <3 Made it again the next night! So good.

Anyways, that is all. If you do have any questions, as a lot of you have been doing, and pushing me to blog again,

Love you, good luck!


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