As Per Request:

Daily Food Journal

I am not saying if you eat as I eat you will lose weight, but I have been asked to post quite a few times my meal plan, what I eat on a daily basis. Here is yesterdays meal, please remember that I was not hungry during the entire day, and yesterdays meal plan accurately depicted the majority of my days on Dukan so far:

Meal 1 – 11am 
2 coffees, with skim milk and sweetener

Meal 2 – 2pm
2 hardboiled eggs, with a slice of ff cheddar cheese.

Mash up the eggs in a bowl, put the slice ontop and microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Meal 3 – 4-5pm
Two 35cal 0% yogurts with a tablespoon of splenda brown sugar and 1.5 tbps of oat bran. 

Mix in a bowl.

Meal 4 – 7pm
Shiritaki angel hair noodles, one tomato, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp reduced sodium soy sauce, 1 tbsp low carb oyster sauce, 2 chicken thighs (skin on), 2 hardboiled eggs.

Cook chicken thighs and chop into chunks. Boil shiritaki for 5 min, drain, microwave for 1 minute. Put in pan with pre-mixed soy sauce, oyster sauce, chopped garlic. Throw in chicken thighs, heat all.

While it’s cooking in a pan, chop up tomato into chunks, mash up hardboiled eggs. Mix together, cover in shiritaki mixture. Yummmmmm.

So that totals in calories at 959cal for the day (I have been curious and tracking my calories on livestrong all week) 

I was not hungry all day, timings will change based on if I start to get hungry earlier, or when I wake up, and usually I wont have thighs but rather chicken breasts. 

So that’s that… and I lost 1.4lbs this morning eating it.

Will post another one soon if my meal changes a bit, and talk to you about fitness and macronutrients. ;)


One thought on “As Per Request:

  1. Hi Constance, just wondering what you have post workout. I usually have a scoop of protein, creatine, dextrose (12g) in water within 30 mins of training. This was before Dukan so just wondering what you have that is Dukan compliant but good for weight lifting. I lift heavy and missing creatine already!! Thanks in advance. You look awesome!!

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