A Few Words About Surgery

I have a few things I want to touch base on in this post including surgeries I will have, plan on having and why, and my problems with Canada, and it’s surgery procedures.

My Issues with the Canadian Health System Regarding Weight Loss Surgeries

In Canada, to prevent obese and overweight people from clogging up the healthcare system, we do have free stomach stapling surgeries offered. My problem isn’t with that. There is a large wait time, but you can get it done for free and if that is your only option, well I have no issue with this. My problem is, when someone like me (although as you can see from my photos, I do not have a lot of loose skin) who takes it onto themselves to unclog the health care system, by losing the weight on their own, not costing the country anything medically, and who might get a lot of loose skin during this weight loss, isn’t covered for any surgeries to reduce this loose skin.

So, even if through stomach stapling you get a lot of loose skin, due to many things including age, hydration, rapid weight loss, you can’t do anything about it unless you have the income to get the surgery done for yourself. It’s considered a cosmetic surgery when I don’t believe that is the case.

I know of several people who lost a lot of weight, and suffered terrible emotional strains due to their new lack of self esteem, when the opposite should be the case. You lose the weight, you gain confidence in a new sexier, healthier body. No? Well when someone loses a great amount of weight, gets that loose skin, mentally it just shocks you. You get embarrassed of this loose skin. I have not only heard it from people such as myself who did drop the weight rapidly, but also, I mean I can tell considering the small amount of loose skin I had made me ashamed of my body, and made it hard for me to be intimate with people, for me to wear certain clothes, and for me to be comfortable with myself. So yes, I can only assume that if you have worse loose skin than I, along with the lack of confidence that comes (generally) with being overweight and obese, that this loose skin will make it worse. I have heard of men too ashamed to take their shirts off after weight loss because of the loose skin on their stomach, which although gets reduced with time and hydration, never gets better. Women who don’t want to go out, meet someone, bring them home. Who have trouble with relationships because of the shame of this hanging, loose skin.

You lose the weight, through an emotional and difficult process, then once it is gone instead of getting that sexy body, and the confidence that should come with a new, healthier body, you are riddled with a psychological self consciousness, about this skin. I have heard of some people, thinking that they were better looking when they were obese, with no loose skin, gaining the weight back SIMPLY because their new bodies disgusted them, and they felt like they might find a partner in life easier as a fat person, than as a thinner person with these loose skin issues.

So, they gain the weight back, or suffer through all this emotional abuse to themselves really, clog up the system again, or live their lives unhappy with the bodies they worked so hard to achieve, because of their skin. Literally feeling uncomfortable in their new skin, and always dealing with the… well did I look better before? Wanting to gain, and then proceeding to yoyo through their lives with their weight, never getting that confidence.

So, if stomach stapling is free in Canada, should surgeries to help the appearance of loose skin be as well? Considering it really is a psychologically tormenting issue with a lot of people who do drop the weight, and help unclog the health care system here? I think so, and this is really an issue that bothers me, since getting rid of loose skin cosmetically is considered more of an ascetics thing. It just rots me.

My Surgery, Vein Stripping

I am genetically predisposed, as well as… well shooting myself in the foot with my prior obesity, for varicose veins. I have several down both my legs that are quite prominent as well as being very painful. 

There is a constant pressure on my legs. They get swollen with minimal walking, and I find I need to sit down after long periods of standing, because the swelling and pressure is so bad, sometimes even a sharp pain.

After years of suffering with this I saw my doctor who referred me to vein doctor, who sent me for an ultrasound, and I was told that I do have a few options. I will make a post on this at a later date, but the decision has been made to strip both my saphenous veins (the major vein going down both legs, down the center, from crotch to toe). This is a big surgery, there is only one surgeon in Ottawa that does it, and the waiting list to even see him, is booked until at least January of next year.

So that’s a thing. I will be getting them removed, I need to wear support hose every single day, and all because I went up to almost 300lbs and busted a bunch of the valves in my legs, which cannot be fixed, only temporarily fixed or removed. It’s a terrifying thought, this surgery, but it needs to be done, and it could have been avoided. Like I said, more on this at another time. 

Lastly, Why I Want Breast Augmentation Surgery

I’m going to apologize in advance for this long post, all this has just been on my mind nonstop. So I have been thinking, well since my weight loss, about getting breast augmentation surgery. I have talked about it at length with my boyfriend, but this is something I have wanted way before meeting him, only now it seems I will have more of the funds to achieve this dream and goal of mine.

Weight loss, for me personally, didn’t take a hit at my confidence in the loose skin region (although it did) as much as in the boob region. I was criticized by my ex for having lost my breasts, as well as feeling self conscious around any man I was approached by in the time I was single about them.

Because when you go from an E cup, where the only compliment you ever hear about your body is “those giant tits” (which I now know… is no compliment at all) to having loose, stretch mark ridden, and saggy A cups, which have no appeal at all… constantly hearing in your early twenties that girls in their early twenties, even the small breasted ones, should have perky breasts, or full breasts, or what have you…

Being compared in your relationship to women with larger breasts and being told that you were so much hotter when you were obese, and at least had boobs…

It takes a toll on you.

You never want to take your shirt or bra off with a man, you don’t want them touched or complimented, because you know it’s just bullshit and they look terrible, it puts a strain on you, your confidence. You want to always wear double pushup bras when you are out, you feel awful about your results and then, well the yoyoing starts. I gained and lost the same 30lbs for… almost a year now. Feeling incredibly self conscious about not only my skin, but my breasts.

And so, I decided a while ago I wanted breast augmentation surgery, not E cups, don’t get me wrong, but a sensible C, to help balance out my body, and boost my confidence.

Not that I need confidence to pick up guys, and not that my boyfriend minds my boobs even a little. But I need it for me since it’s something that is always on my mind, and prevents me from living a happy, confident life, and maintaining this weight loss.

When I first met my boyfriend, and I don’t want to say this is the only reason, but I gained 50lbs in the first 4 months of dating him. I was eating what he ate, I wasn’t watching my diet, and I went from an A cup to a D cup and I loved my breasts but hated my new, fat body. And still do.

We are both losing weight, in fact we have a little competition this week to see who can lose the most… his idea, he really is a sweetheart (he knew I was having trouble last week with the diet), but in the back of my head I am TERRIFIED to lose these ‘new’ bigger breasts. I know he will still love me, but I am afraid it will shatter my confidence… again.

I know, in my heart he will love me, and he wont be like others who pointed out other women… said their breasts were much nicer, bigger, than mine… he wont get nostalgic about my old breasts and make me feel like shit. But the thought will always be in my head. For that reason… I look forward to and am saving for this surgery.

Because psychologically it will help me get my weight under control and I will have no reservations about losing the weight again, and keeping it off.

This isn’t something I am rushing into. I have a lot of money to save up, and I would like to prove to myself that I can lose the weight and maintain the weight loss for an extended period of time before I even approach a surgeon about this breast augmentation. I am looking to get it within the next 5 years. I want to make sure I am mentally prepared, and like I said, proving to myself that, with the thought of these eventual breasts in the back of my mind, that this is something that will make a difference in my confidence and that this is something I want, and that my weight loss is something I can maintain over time.


What are your thoughts on any of the above? How have you been? Sorry for the long post once again, love you all!


2 thoughts on “A Few Words About Surgery

  1. I totally agree with the loose skin comments. Having lost over 100 pounds since 2010 I can attest to the sadness endured over the results of getting healthy. No short sleeves and sleeveless tops for me and at 53 years old, I’m stuck with the extra skin. I think that I truly wod be 10-15 pounds lighter without the extra skin. At least I’m healthy now. That is much more important than a pretty top or cute dress. And don’t ever ask about swimsuits. I did this to myself, so I tell myself that the extra skin is a reminder of what USED to be. Life could be much worse.

  2. I agree with you on the loose skin surgery. That should be free if weight loss surgeries are free. Removing loose skin would also help with taking off some unnecessary weight. In the US nothing is ever free, so just seeing a free option for any kind of surgery makes me jealous.

    I haven’t lost nearly as much weight as a lot of other people but I have enough loose skin to be embarrassed in a bikini. I got excited after losing 60 pounds and bought a bikini as a reward. Wore it once or twice and decided I can never wear a bikini again. Too much loose skin in the abdomen area, way too embarrassing in public with the sagging. Looks ok if I don’t move at all and sit/stand up straight.

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