10% Body Weight Lost Since May 23rd

I’d like to start off by saying, you can now visit my blog simply by putting http://www.shehulk.ca as the URL. My boyfriend set it up for me, so I don’t need to set up a new blog, shehulk.ca will just take you here!

My new e-mail being constance@shehulk.ca

My boyfriend rocks. Just sayin’.

So I started on Dukan again May 23rd, this past May 23rd. At 207.6lbs. I had a bad week last week and cheated a few times, but no binging, which doesn’t make it better, I’m just saying. So since May 23rd I have lost 20lbs and 10% of my bodyweight! Which is very exciting, the first 10%, 20/50lbs lost. 

I have just been focused this week, walking, not cheating. Making my meals in advance, drinking a lot of water, and tracking my calories through livestrong.ca.

NOW, I know on Dukan you don’t have to count your calories, and yes I am following Dukan. I was curious about my calorie intake and I find it helps me remain more focused on not cheating, and not overindulging in my protein intake. I track my walks and it tells me how much I burned and I find it very motivating to have those numbers up there.

Have a great day you guys, I feel really happy with my weight loss, weighing in at 187lbs as of this morning. I hope I get under 180lbs again within two weeks maybe. That would be so nice. Getting into the 170s would feel really awesome!


3 thoughts on “10% Body Weight Lost Since May 23rd

  1. You go girl! You are incredibly inspiring to me, even through yours ups and downs. Maybe even because of your ups and downs. We all have them and it’s great to see you pull it together. I’m working on that too (again).

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