Broke My Streak! Gosh Darnit.

I was doing so good this week! Losing 1.6lbs one day, always losing, dropping 7lbs since Sunday.

Let me start off by saying I am not discouraged, I just didn’t go for my usual walk yesterday since the back of my ankle on one foot is just destroyed. The skin is completely ripped off because of socks I was wearing during a longer-than-usual walk at the beginning of this week.

Anyways, yesterday I ran out of bandages to wear overtop of it, and I was worried that it wasn’t healing at all since I had continue to be stubborn and go on my walks every day.

So yesterday was a lazy day, although I ate the same thing as if I had gone on my walk. I put on 0.2lbs.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, or boo on me for gaining weight. That’s a normal day to day fluctuation, and I’m like… oh whatever! But it just gets to me that I broke my streak! Oh well, back at it tomorrow, although it’s pooring rain here now, and the boyfriend comes home from course tonight so I doubt we’ll be going on any walks, although I’m sure we can find other ways to burn calories (can I put a wink here? I think my grandmaman reads my blogs… hi grandmaman! Oh geez)


So whatever, something I’ll be doing when the boyfriend is home is making sure to keep on track of my portions. One of the things that surely helped with the weight gain once we started dating, was that when I would cook I would seperate our portions 50/50. But he’s a big dude, 6’3”, almost 300lbs at the time (although now he is getting under 260lbs… go Dukan Diet!), big barrel chest, and obviously would need more nutrition than me during the days. But I can think back to us sharing every single meal of the day 50/50 and then I was lamenting on my weight gain… well if we are both eating 3000 calories a day and he is losing and I’m gaining… when his metabolism is faster than mine naturally because he is a man and he is a giant… well what is wrong with me that I didn’t click into this sooner?

So this week I have been meticulous on measuring my portions and tracking. No more 50/50 for me! Let’s get back on my good streak of losing every day and get down to that goal weight, shall we!?

Oh man I’m so stoked for him to come hoooooomeeeeeee, only 6 hours. My little military man. Hoo. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll try and blog but it might have to wait until he leaves on Canada Day.


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