Food Addiction?

Food Addiction?

lol, just going to leave this here for today. Have a great weekend!




So after being back on Dukan for the past 6.5 weeks I can safely say… Today I am under 180lbs!

A few stats:

Restart Start Weight: 207.6lbs
Days Back: 45 days
Total Lost: 28.0lbs!!!
Percent Lost: 14.61%
Current Weight: 179.6lbs!!!

I weighed myself this morning and I was honestly floored. I had to re-weigh myself quite a few times I was so happy and stoked to be under 180lbs. I am almost at the weight I was when I met my amazing boyfriend (only 10 more lbs to go!) and I am only 27.8lbs away from my lowest ever weight of 151.8lbs… the weight I was for one day last September! Which is really exciting because you know what… that’s less than 30lbs away… and I am CONFIDENT I can hit it before September of this year… Which is all kinds of exciting!

I wonder what I will look like under 150lbs…

I wonder if it will get more difficult, I mean… I haven’t been under 150lbs ever… not since I was like 13 years old! I do not ever remember being in the 140s! Ever! This is going to be tough… I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Sample from yesterdays diet… I lost 1.4lbs.

I ate two cups of 35cal yogurt in the morning, with 1tbsp of splenda brown sugar mixed in.

I had supper at my grandparents with the boyfriend. It was so good and I have a TON of leftover veggies and stuff. :) It was Dukan bread (I will post the recipe as I try to recreate it later this week) and shrimp salad loaded with veggies.

Had a really nice visit, we were both talking about how lovely it was to talk to my grandparents and to have a meal with family that was Dukan friendly and delish, had a nice coffee after dinner and got the recipe for the delish dill Dukan bread. All kinds of wonderful feelings. :)

So today I am using the leftover veggies and we are having taco salad. We take lean ground turkey, cook it then add low sodium taco seasoning. Dump it on the veggies, it tastes like a restaurant meal honestly. Like a cheat meal but it isn’t!

I have been tracking my calories on as most of you know. Have been doing it every day for 3 weeks. I like that the more calories I eat in a day, of lean protein and other Dukan allowed foods… the more weight I drop usually. It’s weird. But I’d like to experiment with this more. If I’m hungry eat, and don’t worry so much about the calories. I’ll let you know after I get more data!

Lastly! I know I promised you guys mine and my boyfriends -10% photo, but you know what I think I’m going to wait and lose 10 more pounds, hit 20% lost total and then put up those pics as well. The 10% shows a big difference, but if you wait maybe 2 weeks, I’ll have the 20% up and you will see a HUGE difference, I mean now at 15% lost total I feel and look way better, huge difference. I think it will all be much more motivating with the 20% pic too.

Anyways, that is it for today. Good luck with your next week! You can do it!


Good Morning!


So I started my new job. I work Mon-Fri 6-2. It is not bus accessible so I need to wake up at 3:30am every day, walk 40 minutes to meet up with a carpool, then get there half an hour early (this is the time the carpool arrives at my work) work 6-2 on my feet, then do the walk home and basically fall asleep at 6pm every night. :S

Funny story though… well first off my weight is dropping again (apparently standing on your feet in steel toes and walking 80 min a day is enough to get through a plateau, who’d a thunk it?) 

The funny story? So last night I went to bed at 6pm and woke up at 8pm. Well… I now know this, at the time all I saw was 8 and I FREAKED out… I started work on Tuesday and I was like… omg I am late and it’s only the third day of working! How is this going to look! I searched for my works phone number, I was crying, I was so guilty for missing the carpool and I hoped he hadn’t waited for too long. I couldn’t find my works number and I started on looking for a taxi number. Didn’t know if I just wanted to call in sick, then I decided to tell the truth, that my alarms just hadn’t gone off, and that I was so so sorry and guilty.

So I get upstairs to google the taxi information. Dreading this entire process, starting to get a headache, when my roommate says something to me about how he thought I had already gone to bed… I look at the time (it’s all military time on our computers and on my phone… which I had overlooked… even though I had stared at my phone for like 10 minutes trying to think of my works phone number.

Anyways… it was clearly the PM… I mean you could see the sun setting from my bedroom window for gosh’s sake! I was just too tired to think straight! I started crying again and went to bed, fell asleep instantly and woke up at 3:30am to my alarm like… wtf happened last night!

Ohhhh Lord. 

So right now it’s 4am and I’m just getting ready to leave, having downed 2 large coffees and packing a caffeine pill for later as a just in case.

I just keep thinking… the money is worthit… the money is worthit… although let’s be honest, my bad circulation, especially in the legs makes this whole thing almost unbearable. My varicose veins are screaming at me all day… but getting out of the house, keeping busy, and then the extra paycheck ontop of my boyfriends will be lovely.

AND I’m getting exercise, right? Right? Hoo. My achin’ leeggggsssss. -.-

Anyways, so we are almost 6 weeks back on Dukan. I’m at 25lbs lost! Which is fantastic. Almost back in the 170s! :)

Have a great weekend, I know I’ll be sleeping!



Weight Is Stagnant – Day 39

Two days in a row of perfect eating, but no walking, and gaining 0.2lbs both days. I haven’t been doing my daily walks since I scratched up the back of my heel really badly, and I’m starting a new job tomorrow morning and I don’t want to be in pain in my steel toe shoes. :S

It hurts really badly, to even put on my runners. I’ve been trying to heal it and just relax a bit, but my skin is so dry, it’s brutal. Anyways, so I don’t know if it’s because I’m not going on my walks that my weight has stagnated, or if it’s because after 39 days and a massive almost 10lbs loss last week my body is just adjusting.

Anyways, trying not to lose hope and fingers crossed for a loss tomorrow. Just going to keep doing what I’m doing and see if it works. I’m sure once I start working tomorrow, with waking up early and walking around and standing at work all day… it’ll start dropping again.

Will keep you posted!