Influenster ImPress Manicure Voxbox Review

IMG_20140513_103326 IMG_20140513_103432

Hi all!

So I was shipped the ImPress Manicure Voxbox from Influenster and Broadway Nails yesterday and am in LOVE.

I was shipped it for free for review purposes and put them on earlier today. If you are looking for a quick manicure for a night out, a cheaper alternative to getting your nails done professionally before a big date… I would suggest this 100 times over.

First off, the colours are so cute. They sent me the purple and pink ones. I put on the purple ones (because She-Hulk… duh) and looove it.

I thought they came with only one pair but there are at least 2 with extras of a few sizes. The only problem I found with these nails is the tape at the back of them (the strip for removing and exposing the sticky underneath) is hard to take off. I damaged one of the nails in the process of trying to rip this off.

I don’t have a good eye and I put the wrong size on one of my nails accidentally and that was also a bother. So 2 nails ruined… one perfect quick manicure later… voila.

They actually stick very well and even me with absolutely no experience with fake nails had them all on in less than 3 minutes.

So there, my review. :)

Hope you enjoyed.




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