Dukan Supplement Experiment

In his newest book, Dr Dukan answers the question I have been asked a hundred times: “Can you have protein shakes and protein bars on the Dukan Diet?”

The answer I have given time and time again is absolutely. There are ways to make sure the protein powder you buy is Dukan-friendly. The number one tip I give everytime is to make sure the amount of protein per scoop is close, meaning: make sure that if the scoop is 28g, that the protein amound is close to 28 grams, like my protein powder which is 25g of protein per 28g scoop. If your scoop is 28g and the amount of protein per scoop is 18, then you are looking at 10g of filler.

A lot of protein bars are not okay to eat on the diet. They advertise high protein and high fiber, but they are not. The only bar I have found to work well with the rules outlined in Dukan is Quest Bars but I always check the nutritional information on new bars I find just in case. I have not found a single other bar to work though.

The official statement by Dukan is that protein shakes and bars are not acceptable on the diet.

With the rise in popularity of shake diets and juice cleanses, as well as this official statement by The Dukan Diet that protein shakes are not acceptable, I thought I would do a test, an experiment if you will. My stance on protein powders and bars are that after a workout, or sometimes in replacement of a meal, or as a snack… they are good for you and healthy and something that can be beneficial to your diet.

But what if all I ate for 7 days was supplements? This is not something I would suggest to any of you… but might show the effects of protein powders over a longer period of time and show an extreme to prove that protein powders, bars, and other supplements… if the research is done on the product ingested… should indeed be allowed on the diet.

I will be filming a vlog on my YouTube channel showing how I feel throughout these 7 days as well as blogging here! :)

How Will You Proceed?


I will be switching between two whey proteins during the day. I have included pictures of the products as well as the nutrition information. Like when following “regular” Dukan, I will be drinking a protein shake whenever I am hungry, if that means I drink 10 protein shakes during the day then so be it, but I will be sure to record how many I drink and my hunger levels.


I will be alternating PP and PV days as if I was following cruise. During PV days I will be adding this vegegreens and trying my best to match one protein shake for every vegeshake. Included are photos and the nutrition information.


Before bed I will be drinking one casein protein shake. This is a kind of protein that is slow absorbing and suggested to be drank before bed. Once again I have included a photo and the nutrition information.


Like when I would regularly follow the Dukan Diet, I will eat my two allowed yogurts as well as the recommended serving of oat bran. I plan to eat this every morning for breakfast.


You Can Follow Me Every Step Of The Way

I will be letting you in on my weight every day. How I feel during the day, how much I have to eat to feel full, every symptom and craving via YouTube as well as here. I hope to see if a protein shake would be good for a snack or meal following Dukan, if vegegreens would make a good substitute for vegetables on PV days and to see if it’s possible to lose weight on a “Dukan Shake” diet. Maybe prove that you can do a blitz following Dukan of a few supplement days in a row to kickstart your weight loss.

I am not sure what I will learn during these 7 days, but I can’t wait to tag you along and maybe teach you a thing or two about supplementation.

Wish me luck!

-Dukan Dietress

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