Dukan Supplement Experiment Day 2

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Morning Weigh In


Total Loss/Gain


Food Log

9:41am – 2 yogurts, oat bran
11:03am – 1 scoop Muscletech protein shake (cookies and cream) in water
11:13am – 1 scoop Progressive Vegegreens (Blueberry medley) in water
5:30pm – Bag of popcorn
6:30pm – 2 slices pizza

Total “Zero” Energy Drinks = 1
Total Coffee = 1

Mood Log

9:00am – Lost 5lbs on day one?! Feeling motivated and not hungry yet
9:41am – It’s like hunger slapped me in the face! OW SO HUNGRY
10:03am – REALLY not looking forward to eating vegegreens today-.-
2:37pm – Oooh I can feel the vegegreens moving around in my belly
5:30pm – Massive craving
6:40pm – Total shame

*So as you can see from the above, I did end up cheating on the shake experiment last night. I plan to finish what I started but am feeling really terribly that I couldn’t stick with it for a measly 7 days. Wish me luck as I continue! Maybe something is to be learned here about severe restriction and urges to cheat. Hmmmm.



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