I’m Sorry I Offended You

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Today I got a lot of hate for what I am doing with the Dukan supplement experiment. Look, I do not recommend doing a week of protein shakes, nor is it recommended by the Dukan Diet. This is something I am trying to figure out for myself, should supplements and protein shakes be allowed on the Dukan Diet. Can they be integrated healthily into your daily routine. If you hit a long plateau… could you do one day of shakes to push yourself through it? If you are a busy person is it acceptable to drink a shake as a meal replacement?

I am doing an extreme thing here, do not do it yourself. But I think I am proving that shakes can be a part of your Dukan Dieting. That’s all I wanted to do.

Yes, in this video I do mention, and am happy that I lost 12lbs in 4 days. That is because I am happy. I have never done that before and it’s been difficult only drinking shakes. I actually had someone unfriend me on Facebook for doing this experiment. I’m sorry that it offended you, but I am just trying to change something here. To prove that it wouldn’t be damaging to the Diet, so that if someone is busy and drinks a shake they don’t feel like they cheated because you don’t need that negativity, it shouldn’t be considered cheating.

It really hurt my feelings though. I cried, I am right now THIS close to ordering a pizza and just feeling guilty and horrible for the rest of the night. I’m sorry my experiment offended you, I’m not trying to promote unhealthy eating, I am just trying to fix the guilt that some people feel when they drink a protein shake and think it’s cheating, or show that maybe when you hit a plateau this is a viable option for you, to get people down to their goal weights faster and keep them on the diet longer.

That’s all.



9 thoughts on “I’m Sorry I Offended You

  1. Constance, you don’t owe anyone an apology!!! I think this experiment is amazing and fascinating and I appreciate you doing it on behalf of all of us. To ‘unfriend’ someone over this seems ridiculously trivial and that person is not worthy of your blog, your effort or your apology…

    Keep doing what YOU want to do xxx

    • That’s what I needed to hear. <3 Thank you.
      Putting down the phone, will not order a pizza. You saved my life. ;) <3 Well… saved my diet. Thanks. xo

      • To think that someone choosing to no longer follow a blog is ridiculous without understanding or knowing the individual’s reasoning…is also “ridiculously trivial”….I too am a Dukanista as we were called…. Losing 98 pounds in 11 months and am a fan of Dr Dukan and his diet…. The simple fact that I am interested in following blogs of people who are dedicated to following the Dukan a Diet as prescribed by Dr Dukan is not ridiculous or trivial….. If Constance is so upset over someone choosing to unfollow her to find someone who is dedicated and interested in following Dr. Dukan’s as detailed in his book is equalling sad …. Constance if you are seeking the fame you speak off… I would think that you would be able to harness the “she hulk” within you and not seek “pizza” when someone has an another view of lifestyle eating than yourself….. I am simply not interested in changing what a doctor has found to work for 1,000’s of others and not interested in finding ways to “cheat” or not feel like cheating by depending on or using protein shakes…. I too am sorry that this small act of seeking out someone who has also enjoyed success by following Dr Dukan to The Letter…. Also without cheating … And not choosing to entertain adjusting the lifestyle to be so stressful to you…. You will or may need to toughen your skin and know that from time it time someone may “unfriend” or “unfollow” you for reasons that are important to them…. As I said earlier…. I wish you much success in your future endeavours and hope you find the balance you seek….more so that we all seek with a healthy and rewarding life…of food…movement…and continued health….

  2. Honey,

    Don’t you worry about it. I can understand you wanting to please everyone but guess what ? That will never happen. People are different and that’s ok. Not everyone has to like you or agree with you.

    I love the fact that you are doing this experiment. I think it’s great. And guess what? The same people who bite your ass because you’re not following the book to a T, would be ok with the shakes IF It came out of Dr Dukan’s mouth. Well, Dr Dukan is great and I love him but he isn’t God and guess what…at the end of the day, I’m sure that there are variants of this diet that will work.

    I like that you’re not afraid to think out of the box. You have your own mind.

    Keep pushing! :-)

    • Constance did herself at one time follow the book to a “T” by her own admission. And I know….crazy that I would put my confidence in a book written by a medical doctor over some one I occasionally speak to over an internet blog…..seriously… All this because I wished her well and chose not to continue to follow her…..last time I checked….Constance wasn’t God either….

  3. Don’t focus your energy on the haters. You explained initially what your plan was and why. It doesn’t have to fit into anybody else’s ideas of what is right. Don’t apologize and don’t give in. Your efforts, I know, have offered more help than anything else.

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