Shiritaki Noodles – Recipe


A reminder that I never really measure anything. All recipes are very forgiveable. Sidenote… don’t add too much ginger!

RECIPE (all ingredients shown in first panel):

  • Throw bean sprouts, green onions and broccoli in a crock pot,
  • Scramble fry x-lean ground turkey throw in crockpot,
  • Detangle and add shiritaki noodles (I use angel hair, 3-4 packs),
  • Add oyster sauce (2tbsp),
  • low sodium soy sauce (4tbsp),
  • ground or fresh ginger,
  • splenda brown sugar (2tbsp)
  • and garlic,
  • Mix,
  • Leave and forget in crockpot,
  • Serve with sriracha sauce for extra kick.

I added leftover turkey bacon from this morning. It wasn’t too bad! LOL


-Dukan Dietress

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