Questions Answered:

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Q: What is your go-to breakfast

A: Eggs or yogurt with oat bran


Q: Where can I find good Dukan recipes



Q: How much ff dairy can you have in the attack phase?
A: It’s on the approved list, unlimited amounts allowed, but make sure to watch your intake because it could affect weight loss


Q: Do you know of any good BBQ sauce now that summer is coming?

A: Waldens Farms


Q: Where do you find shiritaki noodles?
A: Online, low-carb websites/dukan website also asian superstore


Q: Is it normal to gain weight after the attack phase, like when you add vegetables?
A: SUPER normal, yes. Drink lots of water and push through, the weight will continue to go down!

Q: If I eat at night will it affect my weight loss?
A: NOPE, sure the next day when you wake up and weigh yourself there will be the semblance of weight gain… that’s just because the food is still inside your digestive tract and hasn’t been passed yet. While you sleep your body digests food at a slower pace and does not turn the food you ate to fat, that is just impossible. So you will not gain fat, but your weight will be up because you haven’t digested the food yet. Throughout the morning you will digest the food and the next morning your weight will go down.

Q: Are there some things you don’t agree with the Dukan Diet on?
A: I agree with every fundamental aspect of the Dukan Diet, especially considering how well it worked for thousands upon thousands of people around the world. I do have to say, their stance on protein powder, I do not agree with. If you checked out any of my Dukan Supplement Experiment videos you can see why. I feel like it should be an allowed food as long as the dieter knows the kind they are buying adheres by the same rules that the dukan diet food follows because not all protein powders are created equally.

Q: Do you try out a lot of Dukan recipes?
A: No, I have my staple meals and I stick to those. Every once in a while I will experiment…and I mean every once in a while like once every 6 months. But generally no.

Q: Is there a substitute for shiritaki noodles?
A: Not that I am aware of, no.


Dieting, Weight Loss and Fitness


Q: Will you be doing another giveaway on your page, what will it be?

A: Absolutely will be doing more giveaways, what will it be? Well that’s just a huge surprise for everybody now isn’t it.


Q: Have you ever been bullied, bullied for being overweight?
A: Absolutely. I will be making videos about this and my experiences with being bullied because I was bullied by so many different groups of people throughout so many years. Like I said, more videos about this some day. But for now, yes and it affected me for years.


Q: Does birth control affect weight loss?
A: I wouldn’t know personally. I haven’t been on birth control in over 3 years because I’m not into the hormones and stuff and I had a terrible experience with the patch.


Q: How long did it take for you to see results?
A: I lost the first 8.6lbs in the first week. When it comes to seeing results with clothing, it took me about 3 weeks to buy my first new pair of jeans, and then at least one pair of jeans every 2-3 weeks afterwords. Yes, I became good friends with the employees as my local thrift shop.


Q: When did you start working out?
A: Only after I lost the weight did I start working out. I lost the weight so quickly and had zero muscle. I quickly fell in love with weight training and saw amazing results.


Q: How do I get a back like that?!?!?
A: I’m assuming you are talking about my before and after back progress pic. Which I will somehow include here. My back was always my strongest muscle group. I think it was because I was so heavy and really carried the weight in the front (so my breasts and stomach) which while I was obese put a constant strain on my back muscles. I did a lot of single dumbell rows to get that back as well as barbell rows.


Q: Do you do cheat meals or cheat days?

A: This one is tough for me to answer, especially since I’m trying to rapid fire through these and I have so many different opinions on the subject. I will do a whole video on cheat meals and cheat days. I did not do any to lose the weight. I was very strict and very dedicated. I was super terrified of unravelling my diet with a cheat meal and I mean TERRIFIED. I feel like there are certain events where you would feel incredibly jipped in the future for not cheating, such as my trip to New Orleans, your wedding… stuff like that and I feel really sad when people say to me that they don’t know how they are going to have the willpower to not cheat during their graduations or 40th birthday party because girl! You are only going to have those days once and you have the rest of your life to worry about dropping the weight. Don’t let it waterfall into a cheat week but don’t stress out on big days or at big events.


Q: Why did you stop going to the gym?
A: Oh yeah, this one. I stopped and have not been in over a year. The reasons I have not been to the gym goes as follows: the first few months were because I had overtrained and going to the gym literally made me feel ill. I would sometimes sit in the parking lot for 2 hours and cry because I was in pain at the thought of going to the gym. Then once I got over that a lot of stuff happened in my life which is very dramatic and at the time really destroyed me and my confidence… so a few months pass and I’m feeling ready and then my Doctor told me it would be a bad idea because of my varicose veins and because I was at high risk of blood clots and a stroke prior to my surgery.


Q: Hi I followed the Dukan Diet and lost over 100lbs, I fell off and after a few years put quite a bit of it back on. It’s the only diet that worked for me in the past, if I go back on will I lose the weight again?
A: Absolutely! All it takes is persistance and consistency! :)

Q: Is the Dukan Diet a ketogenic diet?
A: Eeeeehhhhhhh, there are a lot of conflicting views about this. A true ketogenic diet is high in fat, low in carb and medium protein… I like to think of Dukan as a low in carb, medium fat and high protein diet. So not technically… but I also consider Dukan a ketogenic diet because it can put you into a state of ketosis which is rocking for burning fat. I have no real answer for this, I’m sorry.




Q:Will your husband ever appear in one of your videos?

A: I don’t think so, but who knows… future and stuff.


Q: What motivated you to start on your journey?
A: It was for health reasons… okay I have to be honest, I just wanted to look hot and attract a lot of men I would then have to turn down because I’m my own WOMAN… and then I found one I want to keep and I married him. The end.


Q: Where did you get the map in your background?
A: IKEA, I think it was 300$

Q: What phase are you currently in?

A: This one is a toughy. Cruise, technically.


Q: Most painful piercings/least painful piercings?
A: Most painful would be septum, most painful one I actually have would be the industrial. Least painful would be lobes


Q: If you can live in any state in the US which would it be?

A: Nevada, 100%


Q: If you could only use one social media platform which would it be?

A: Uhhh Facebook. It’s a toughy. I feel like I reach people in different ways through all my different social media.


Q: Do you think you will follow Dukan for the rest of your life?
A: Absolutely.


Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Nope


Q: What do you do when you fall off the bandwagon and want to get back on?
A: I scour the internet for inspirational pictures and quotes. I look at all my before and after pictures and tell myself I will get right back on the wagon right away, not tomorrow, not on Monday… like right that instant. Then I drink a giant glass of water and just do it!



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