My First Novel


I don’t know if you currently follow my Facebook page: The Dukan Dietress.

I announced yesterday that my first novel is up for sale at THIS ADDRESS

I know I have not posted much on this blog in the past little while, I have been putting a lot of focus on other aspects of my life, but if you have ever been a fan of my writing style or of these blogs and my weight loss journey, I highly suggest you take a look at my book: Dietress. It’s raw, it’s intense… it’s my life wrapped up in 122 pages.

I’m a big fan of how it turned out and love the support I’ve been receiving since posting it 24 hours ago on my Facebook page. I realize not all of you follow me there, and wanted to let you all know that it is OUT and available! :)

Sidenote: Have you seen my Woman’s World Magazine cover? Here it is:


I did it! I’m famous! :)

Love you guys to the moon and back.



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