About Female Bodybuilding

Bikini competitors at National Capital Fit Day posing from the front. This picture was taken at the first bodybuilding competition I ever watched live.

I am currently in training to compete November 3rd of this year in a female bodybuilding competition. I am very very excited! :)

To prepare for this competition I need to focus on a few aspects of myself, improving them.


The diet I am now on is very similar to Dukan, in fact, you could even say it is a modified phase 2 or phase 3 of The Dukan Diet. When asked, most female bodybuilders will tell you the hardest part of training for a competition is the diet. They allow themselves a ‘Happy Meal’ a week (bodybuilding term for ‘Celebration Meal’ or ‘Cheat Meal’) they struggle with the lack of carbs and the strict-ness of the bodybuilding diet. Since I was on The Dukan Diet for almost a year before finding this new passion, I am fortunate enough to have the diet down! Dukan really opened up doors for me because I could have never followed such a strict diet without having had all this practice.

I explain the various diet details throughout the blog, I am always changing up my diet as I learn new things I should include or remove from my daily staples. Basically I eat 70% protein, 20% carb and 10% fat which I take from different sources.

My biggest weakness in terms of diet is my addiction to fruit and late night meat-snacking. It’s a hurdle I have to cross, portion control has always been an issue for me while dieting. It’s something I find hard to control and need to work on.


The hardest thing for me to get into was fitness, I had to first train myself to attend the gym consistently before I could work on the length and intensity of my training. Depending on what category you want to compete in you need to train differently. I hired a personal trainer (after months of debate, and it was the best decision I made regarding this competition) and he has been helping me build muscle properly, safely.

Currently my workout schedule is as follows:

Alternating one day of weight training one day of cardio. I take one day off the gym a week, a complete rest day. For my weight training I follow a full body program (for the next few weeks to build my overall strength) which takes me between 2 hours and 2h30 to complete. For cardio I aim for between half an hour and an hour (sometimes an hour and a half) at a high intensity. My theory about cardio, if you can talk while doing it, it’s not really cardio.

I love the feeling of getting fit, seeing a little bit of progress here and there keeps me motivated to get stronger and stronger. I love it!


One of the things you need to work on before competing, definitely the mental game. Hardest part for me I think, it’s all mental. Need to get the confidence to walk on that stage in a bikini, to be judged. Need the confidence to stay strong while working out, to stay consistent. You need to change your mental view on food, you need food to fuel, not for pleasure or indulgence. It’s a lot of hard work, as much a mental sport as it is a physical one.


Obviously these are new goals of mine, the new chapter of my journey to having the best body I can possibly have. I am always learning new things about this sport and am working my butt off to get on stage this November and compete with the best. All so exciting!



7 thoughts on “About Female Bodybuilding

  1. Very exciting! About the bikini thing – I wasn’t nearly as nervous about being on stage as I thought I would be. It helped a lot to be backstage with about 100 other people in their posing suits. All very thirsty and spray tanned. And the show takes HOURS, so there’s a lot of time to get used to standing around in your underwear. (Not many people sat – didn’t want to wreck the tan.)

  2. Hello, I am a follower, and I am also an avid lifter myself. I was wondering if you could give me a few tips as to how you cut so much weight. (YOU LOOK GREAT BY THE WAY) I have a girlfriend who is wanting to lose a few pounds but I’m not sure how to help her she is currently 225lbs and she is about 5’7 26 years old.. Ive tried Burpees, Suicides, crunches, taking salk out of her diet,, Circuit training weight training. Still nothing!! She is getting really discouraged because I look the way I look and she wants to look a certain way. Can you please give me a few tips. Your advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much. Also how can I get more followers, I write often and I think what I speak of is pretty decent. Can you help me a little with that too.
    Thank You
    Isaac Hall

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