About Me

Hello! :)
My name is Constance, formerly known as the DukanDietress.

I lost 110 lbs on the Dukan Diet.

I started the Attack Phase on June 10th 2011. I followed it for 10 days and lost 8.4 lbs.
I continued onto phase 2 losing the rest of my weight during the next (almost) 8 months.

I created this blog once I started phase 3 because I was being asked so many questions over facebook from my fb friends, about this diet, my eating habits, exercise, everything. I would leave for work for the day and come back to at least 8 new messages. They all read the same but I would give all these women my personal message, explain the diet, answer their questions. & Then I was finding I didn’t have enough time to give everyone a thorough answer, so I made this general answer-blog to respond to everyone’s questions.

A lot of people want to know if what they are experiencing is normal when they start any diet or start losing weight rapidly. I really hope to answer everyone’s questions through this blog.

Of course, once I lost the weight I was still unhappy with my body and I still wanted to push forward in my transformation, to keep working hard at making my body the best it could possibly be.

I didn’t want my journey to be over. After a few months of trying anything to get a consistent attendance record at the gym I finally figured out how, through goal setting, and have since fallen in love with exercise and the gym.

Working hard now to participate in my first female bodybuilding competition this November, follow me as I continue to discover things about nutrition, fitness, and general health on what seems to be my never ending transformation.

Love you all.



Contact Information

If you ever want to contact me privately about any questions, concerns, about more in depth information on the Dukan Diet or my personal routine you can always e-mail me at:


You can also comment on this blog! I read every single comment.

You can add or follow me on facebook.



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22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just started this diet a month ago and am SUPER excited, especially after seeing your results. I’m down 11.8 lbs to be exact (they’ve slowly been coming off at 1 lb per week after my initial 8 lbs loss during the Attack phase) but I won’t lie, I have cheated which is why the weight loss has slowed. I plan on gearing back up again though. It’s hard when my live-in boyfriend is trying to gain weight and I buy all the nutriciously unhealthy but delicious snacks for him! I have 68 lbs until goal and hope to follow you until I get there!

    I, too, hate the gym. Mostly because the ones by my house are full of NJ beefcakes and people I went to high school with. I was taking kickboxing for a few months (decided to give it a rest because it was hurting my fractured ankle) but I’ve kept up with Zumba twice a week and yoga once a week, which I’m sure will turn into more because it’s addictive!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this truly inspiring blog.

    • Oooh man I feel you. On one hand I hate working out when people I went to highschool with are there… on the other hand, I do work out harder because I don’t want them to find me wimpy. :P Double edged sword.

      Exercise is addictive, absolutely. I know first hand how that is. Keep at it! Work hard, sweat, and lift weights! (You wont get bulky I PROMISE and you will get super-addicted to how sexy and toned you get.)

      Hard to deal with the boyfriend thing. I was fortunate enough to have a great support system with Prawn, who followed the diet with me in its entirety. My grand-maman did the diet preparing meals for my grand-papa every day, none of them were Dukan friendly. I look at her in complete awe. No idea how she did it. I def don’t have the willpower.
      Why is he trying to gain weight by eating unhealthily? I don’t understand. :S I can’t see that being good for him sweetie… :)

      Thank you so much for the kind words. 68 pounds to goal is NOTHING, you will blink and it will be there. Hard work (and it IS a struggle! I know!) but you can do it! I really believe in you. Stay motivated!


  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement! He’s not trying to gain weight by eating unhealthy, he just likes to enjoy is unhealthy snacks once in a while but they also happen to be the ones I like (brownies, cupcakes, etc). As far as dinner goes, we eat the same thing (protein/veggies) but he has no appetite most of the time and loses weight easily. If only I had that problem! Our metabolisms are polar opposites!

  3. Hi everyone, just started the attack phase August 9 and already lost 9 lbs! I am shocked at how quickly the weight is coming off at this time. I’ve been on numerous diets through the last 20+ years. This one seems easier for me to follow thus far. Thanks for your blog Constance. It is very inspirational (my daughter told me about it). :)

    • Congratulations! Keep up the good work and keep me updated on your successes. If you have any questions, don’t feel shy. :)

      It is so simple to follow, and the results are so instant it is easy to stay on track. Don’t cheat, make good decisions, and keep working hard!

  4. Wow…. love your blog…. so glad you found mine and took the time to say hi because now I have yours to read and enjoy. You have come such a long way, your photo transformation is truly amazing… all that hard work is paying off, you look great! are you UK based?


  5. Wow!! I saw your photos from the home/front page and you look absolutely wonderful now! I’m inspired. I don’t know what the Dukan diet is yet – will google – but I started an exercise regime and hope to look as good as you do somewhere up that hill.

  6. Hey Constance, I’ve finally re-found your blog…love the work you are doing with weights! Glad you are w/ wp now. I’m so sorry to hear that you and Prawn are in a place of transition. Trust your process, and don’t compromise your goals. *anna

  7. Hello Constance–I just wanted to say that I am so impressed by your blog. I don’t mean to sound weird, but for so young a person, you seem remarkably mature, wise, and focused. Good job and best of luck in your competition! –Daniele

  8. Amazing transformation. Congratulations! I totally agree – exercises are addictive. After long run I am on a high and can’t wait to do again. Love you approach to the life style change.

  9. Thank you for checking out my blog. I am amazed by your weightloss! I gained a lot of weight after my last 2 kids were born (I have 5 and easily lost weight after them). I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in my 30’s now, or the fact that I eat more,, excercise less and practically live in my car, but I am struggling and am bigger than I have ever been. Your blog is an inspiration! Not sure what this diet is, but will google it and check it out with the Dr. to se if it is a good one for me. Can you eat no sweets? That is my weakness! Coffee and sweets. I will be following your blog!

    • Absolutely check with your Doctor, and if you do decide to follow the diet drink A LOT of water, okay?
      I am the oldest of 5 kids. :) I love being a part of a giant family (by todays standards).

      No sweets, nope. No sugar or carbs ever. It seems very strict dear but it is so worthit. The instant results and healthy feeling… it’s amazing. I am 21 and have been following it since I was 19 and you know what, especially after this past 3 weeks of ‘eating normal’ I realise I can NEVER go back to eating junk. I feel so much more fufilled and healthy when I am on Dukan. LOL.

      Thank you for the comment. :) xo
      (Make good choices today!)

  10. Constance, you look amazing and are an inspiration. Thank you for visiting my blog (A Nourished Life) and giving me a “like”. I’ll be back to see how you’re doing. Congratulations on losing 12.2 lbs this last week!

  11. Hi Constance.

    This might sound a little weird, but thank you for your blog. I have enjoyed reading through it, and find great inspiration in your efforts. I am starting my journey now, and I look at your success and feel hope for myself. I appreciate how hard you have worked and I hope that you understand that all of this time, you weren’t just working to change yourself, but to change others – because you’ve inspired me at the very least.

    My very best wishes!

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