Supplements I Use

The photo to the side represents the supplements I use on a daily basis. I am not sponsored by any of these companies and obviously you should do your own research when picking a certain supplement or brand for yourself (oh and as always, talk to your Doctor.) ;)

Supplements can help in your fitness and weight loss journey, be aware that they are just that though… supplements. When used in combination with working out and diet they can help, alone they generally do nothing. So put in the work and let them aid you in your journey.

I would like to mention that although I am not sponsored, I am open to sponsorship opportunities. ;)

So finally, here is a look at what products I use, the brands, as well as when I take them and why. If you have any questions feel free to comment here or e-mail me.


A – Whey Protein Powder

I use ‘Promasil’ as my go-to protein powder generally (the orange label). A tip for when you buy your own protein powder: Look at the nutritional information, let’s say the scoop size is 35g right? You want something that has as close to 35g of protein per serving as possible. Makes sense right? The rest is filler. I believe mine is a 35g scoop and 30g of protein which is good.

I take it when I wake up in my protein pancake or protein muffins (one scoop) and I take it after my workout.

The whole point of whey protein powder is it gets absorbed by your body really quickly since your body doesn’t have to digest it like it would if you were to take in protein with chicken or another solid protein source.

Also, you really have a 30 minute window after your weight training for protein to get into your muscles and benefit you the most, so fast absorption is always preferable.

Different sources suggest to take protein powder before your workout as well as after, and in between meals if you are hungry. Do your research but know that whatever protein your muscles don’t use will be peed out and since protein powder can be expensive… well you get it.

B – Greens

I take greens every day when I can afford to add greens to my repertoire. Even if you are not into bodybuilding I would suggest greens. I personally don’t get enough veggies in my daily diet… at all. I use Progressive brand greens which have 17 servings of veggies and fruit. I prefer the blueberry flavor. I mix it in my protein pancake or muffins since I find as a shake they taste absolutely disgusting.

It balances out your alkaline and acidity levels (I mention my issue with PH balance quite frequently in this blog) and has vitamin B which helps with energy levels.

C- Glutamine

I take L-Glutamine about 4 times a day. I will add it to my pancake or muffins in the morning, take it after my workout, before bed with my casein powder, and then sometimes during the day before my workout or just randomly as a shake.

Glutamine helps boost your immune system as well as helping heal your muscles (from my understanding). It delays muscle fatigue.

Now I didn’t think Glutamine really helped with my weight training. I didn’t feel a difference while using it. When I was finished using the Glutamine in the green container pictured above I didn’t buy some for a few weeks (supplementation is expeeeensive).

Those few weeks were really awful. My muscles hurt SO MUCH, it took days for my biceps and chest to feel better after a workout, stretching hurt so much. I was incredibly sore and it was difficult to get back to working out after my days off since I was still in so much pain from earlier in the week.

Since having started taking Glutamine again I feel much better, so I would absolutely recomend using it, and it also helps your immune system!

For which brand to take… well apparently any glutamine you would buy has the exact same things in them, it is usually Japan-based product and the only reason you could find a difference in price would be for how it is marketted, so you can buy the cheapest Glutamine and still be fine. Do your research though, always!

D- Casein Powder

I take Casein Powder right before bed (or an hour before bed). It is a slow-release protein powder which gels in your tummy and gives out protein as you need it over an extended period of time, which is good for when you are sleeping, since you can’t be eating every 2 hours overnight.

I have also started adding a scoop to my morning protein pancake or muffins, or taking it at a time during the day where I know I might be late for the next meal or I am particularily hungry.

I have read that it is good to take it with a fat such as peanut butter or flax seed oil.

E – Pre-Workout Muscle Pump

Now this isn’t one of my daily products but I thought I would include it here for you anyways since it is a supplement I use. Since I do suffer from exhaustion it makes my workouts much better. Not reccomended to use every day, it has a lot of caffeine in it and most definetally use at your own risk and talk to your Doctor beforehand.

What this does is helps boost your workout, gives you extra energy when doing weight training, helps push you to that next level to to speak. I love it, like so much. I am not very sensitive to caffeine so I take about 2 scoops, it takes about 20 minutes for it to start working and you can feel it when it does.

I get a bit tingly and I can actually feel myself be stronger. I always push myself incredibly hard when using it and I find I have more focus, which is great, since I usually do my weight training after work when I am at my most tired.

I have heard it lasts 3-4 hours generally. I find I don’t feel it for that long, an hour tops, but like I said: caffeine doesn’t really hit me hard.

Make sure to read the label before using this kind of product but know that I do use it and really love it.


2 thoughts on “Supplements I Use

  1. Hey! Have you tried Shakeology? I just started trying it. So far, it’s great!! I’m not so RAVENOUS, and I’ve noticed that I have WILL POWER (all of a sudden)! Thanks for checking out my blog, btw. Your weight loss journey is AMAzING!!! And yes, Turbofire is by Chalene Johnson – Me too. I just love her. <3! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! =0D

    • She is really rocking, do you follow her on Facebook? She is always posting such motivational stuff!

      Shakeology? I have never heard of that, where would I pick some up? Is it a supplement? What is in it? :)
      Thanks for the motivation. ;)

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