Weight In

Official Start Date: October 10th 2012

Here is a daily tracker of my weight while following the Dukan Diet this time around. These results are not typical since I have already (at this point) lost over 100lbs while following this diet and right before the start of this round of dieting I did 3 weeks of bingeing and bad decisions. -.- Still, here are my results this time around!

Goal Weight – 130lbs

Attack Phase

October 9th – 180.2lbs
October 10th – 175.6lbs
October 11th – 171.4lbs
October 12th – 170.4lbs
October 13th – 168.8lbs

Cruise Phase

October 14th – XXX
October 15th – 168.0lbs
October 16th – 169.0lbs *1st time eating veggies, TOTM start
October 17th -167.8lbs
October 18th -166.6lbs
October 19th – 166.0lbs
October 20th – XXX
October 21st – XXX
October 22nd – 165.8lbs
October 23rd – 167.8lbs
October 24th – 166.6lbs
October 25th – 164.6lbs
October 31st – 169.0lbs

November 1st – 167.4lbs
November 2nd –
November 3rd –
November 4th –


One thought on “Weight In

  1. So motivating to read this! I have just started the Attack Phase today – and reading this blog has definitely helped! THANK YOU :-)

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