About the Dukan Diet

I lost the weight while following The Dukan Diet.

The Dukan Diet is separated into 4 phases, two to lose the weight and two to keep it off forever. Of course for a full understanding of how this diet works I always suggest you buy the book, also, check out the webpage.

Phase 1 – Attack Phase
Length 2 to 7 days, on average 5 days. Only eat Protein (Lean meats, eggs, nonfat no sugar added dairy products) I lost over a pound a day in this phase. I followed it for 10 days, but this is because I had over 100lbs to lose and I figured I was motivated enough to do this phase for that long. The problem with Attack is that it can become monotonous, without veggies there is not a lot of variety.

Sometimes if you are stuck on a plateau people will suggest you try a ‘mini attack phase’ this refers to cutting out veggies for a few days, see if you can let go of some water retention. Although there are several reasons you might hit a plateau, don’t worry though: THE WEIGHT DOES GO DOWN.

Phase 2 – Cruise Phase
Lasts until you have finished losing all the weight you want to lose. I lost on average 2.5 lbs a week. 3 lbs a week in the beginning, going all the way down to 1 – 1.5 lbs a week by the end. In this phase you eat protein as well as vegetables alternating days. In the book Dukan offers a list of 100 natural food items you are allowed to eat during this phase. I found it incredibly helpful and I suggest using the list to the best of your ability, if it’s not on the list you don’t put it in your mouth, simple! No cheating!

This seems like the longest phase, but you will blink and it will be over.

Phase 3 – Consolidation Phase
Lasts 5 days for every pound you lose (So I would be on it until August 10th 2013… 550 days woah.)

This phase is more complicated, you add in two servings of whole grain bread a day, as well as a serving of fruit and a serving of cheese. You also add in a Celebration Meal a week as well as a starch meal. Of course there are rules to this phase, all the information can be found in the book as well as scattered throughout this blog.

Phase 4 – Permanent Stabilization phase
This phase is for the rest of your life!
One day of pure protein (phase 1) a week, for the rest of your life. Easy peasy! Just forget to eat bread and veggies for one day a week.

You wont gain the weight back while following this diet because of these two lasts phases. The 5 days for every pound you lose tricks your body into thinking it’s new weight is it’s heaviest weight (since your body is always trying to reach that heaviest weight, survival and all that junk.)


I suggest using The Dukan Diet as a tool to teach you good eating habits. I always say, I started Dukan on a diet, I ended it as a lifestyle change. I learned enough about nutrition and healthy eating while following Dukan that now I would never go back to eating as poorly as I once did. I know to stay away from starches and sugars, my body doesn’t need it, I want to be healthy. I learned to cook while following Dukan, I learned about what my body needs, and I have taught myself to prepare my food in advance and to eat well balanced meals. I love eating this way now, something I never could have thought I would say earlier on in this dieting journey.

During The Dukan Diet you don’t need to worry about portions. You eat unlimited of the allowed foods (with the exception of dairy). This helps you follow the diet since you are never hungry. At one point (at about 100lbs loss) I did learn the hard way (with a long plateau) that the diet does become about portion control eventually. There comes a point where your body wont drop the weight and potion control is the only thing to get you moving again, but no need to worry about that until later on. ;)

Also read this post about why the Dukan Diet worked for me when no other diet would. It might give you more insight on whether or not The Dukan Diet is for you.

As always if you have any questions, ask away!



30 thoughts on “About the Dukan Diet

  1. I finished my attack phase and lost 10 lbs. (7 days) I have been on the Cruise phase for one week now and didn’t lose a pound! I was so down about that. I didn’t cheat once…did the exercise too. I’m about to start my period, could this be the reason, water retention? I’m going to keep on, but sure was expecting at least a 2 lb. weight loss this past week. Please give me some words of encouragement to keep me motivated!!

    • I’m going to put the blame on that period of yours sweetie, combined with the fact that you just added vegetables, YEP: water retention is the culprit!

      Lessen your salt intake and drink a TON of water, just flush it all out.

      Let me know how it goes, but I guarantee you (especially since you were so successful on attack, CONGRATULATIONS) that this diet will work for you, stay consistent and don’t get discouraged! :)

      Keep me posted on your success!

  2. I accidentally had a skinny caramel mochiato from starbucks not knowing that the drizzle on top was not sugar free and in fact contains 12 g of sugar. I am currently on the 2nd week of cruise phase, how badly will this affect my weight loss?

    • Well, sweetie everyone is different and just don’t do it again now that you know. ;)

      You might gain a little, but I doubt just a little slip up like that will cause you any weight gain that cannot be fixed with a few days back on track. If anything maybe a few pound initial body-shock gain or one or two pounds of fat gain one or two weeks from now?

      I am not sure, just get back to it and don’t stress! Consistently making good decisions will get you the results you want. :)

  3. If I fewll off the diet for a couple of days, could I just make up for that with (2) protein days and then go back to my 2nd phase or should I start the attack all over again.

    • Do whatever you feel comfortable doing! Don’t guilt yourself into restarting with an attack phase… unless you crave attack phase results and want to just go at it guilt free to boost your weight loss!

      Depends on what you want really, this is such a forgiving diet!

      PS: Don’t fall off the diet again! YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. I am sorely disappointed in the amount of weight I have lost. I am on day 6 of the attack phase and have only lost 5 pounds. I am working out daily and have followed the rules to a T. I really don’t mind the eating style at all and will probably turn it into a lifestyle vs a diet.

    • Hey Tracy!

      What are you doing as a workout?
      Just FYI, I lost 115lbs while following the Dukan Diet in 8 months, without doing a single minute of exercise.

      I’m not saying do the same (In fact, I am saying do NOT do the same!)

      I am just pointing out that I don’t find an increase in exercise should make a giant difference. Losing weight is mainly about diet! :)

      What have you been eating? If you don’t mind. ;)
      Drink tons of water and maybe send me an e-mail!




  5. Hello. First of all I would like to thank you for this inspiring blog. I check it very often and it’s quite inspiring. I have finished my attack phase and now I’m in my cruise phase that will have to last for 91 days ( a little bit long). Five days have already passed but I really miss fruits and sugar as well. Unfortunately I had a farewell party at work today and couldnt resist the cake. I feel so guilty now and promised myself to not cheat again. Have you ever cheated during the cruise phase? how did you control any cravings for sugar or carbs?
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience:)

    • Hello honey!
      Thank you for reading my blog and for the kind words.
      Congratulations on making it this far into the Dukan Diet!

      I cheated on the 3rd day of following Attack and just restarted the diet, since I figured… I was only 3 days into it all. I went dancing with a girlfriend who did not support my dieting (the fat-friends I make reference to pretty frequently throughout this blog). She convinced me to drop the diet and I had a totally reasonable for me at the time… 5 tequila shots. ;)

      Although for the rest of the 8 months I was dropping weight I did not cheat a single time, even though… I wanted to so badly… during my birthday for instance, Christmas,Thanksgiving… all days with my family that I would have loved to share in the food-experience… you know?

      Mostly I was afraid to cheat, thinking constantly that it would completely derail my progress, that fear is what stopped me from cheating more than controlling any cravings and to be honest… the weight melted off so quickly and I found the dieting process so easy, and that also pushed me through.

      Do you know what made it more difficult? The maintenance process is BRUTAL… I have been maintaining for over a year and it is so difficult, since now I have started the cheating. I generally go through 3 weeks of cheating… average of 30lbs gain… 30 weeks of strict weight loss… lose the 30lbs and right back to it.

      I would hate to see you go through that same cycle before you even hit your weight loss goal! Why make it that much harder on yourself to hit that target weight? Think about it… 91 days is NOTHING… why stretch it out to 3-4 months of weight loss, the struggle, the disappointment in yourself…

      Just do it! :)
      Also, yogurt… for me, it helped curve cravings but also be aware… slows down the weight loss process.

      I hope I answered any of your questions. :S
      Anything else? Any other questions?


      • Thank you Constance so much for your reply. You’re completely right. The time will fly and in a blink of an eye i will reach that TW (hopefulllllyy).
        I have just read your last post about your maintenance phase and i really wish you the best of luck. I know it’s hard but you’ve passed the hardest part so always keep that in ur mind.:)
        I have one last question. I always exercise. I go to the gym 6 days a week and i lift weights. Do you think that lifting weight will have its effect on the scale? It’s my passion and the only way to tone my body so i really really don’t want to stop it.
        Thanks again for all ur advices and best of luck in the rest of your journey. You’ll impress yourself even more:):)

  6. I have been doing the Dukan for two weeks now and was so committed for 2 full weeks, but I completely went off track for the last two days. I am wondering if I should do a few days of just protein to get myself back on track. I am so mad at myself, but I know I can learn from that. I’m 26 years old and my goal weight is 135 and I am at 150. What is your advice? Have you ever derailed? If so, what did you find helped? I’m excited I found your blog by the way!

  7. eeek! Sorry one more thing!! I find I am just uncreative at the moment for what I eat in phase two. Do you have a place on your blog where you have some ideas or great “go to” meals? I am still new to the blog and diet.

  8. Hi I have just finished my third week on Dukan and this week i have gained 2 pounds. In total i have lost 9 pounds. I don’t understand why i haven’t lost anything apart from my water intake hasn’t been very good. I have about 80 pounds to loose so was expecting a steady weightloss. My period isn’t due but i am very frustrated as my husband started this with me and he weighed in this morning and has lost 14 pounds in 3 weeks!

  9. Hi Constance, I read your page and I’m wanting to try the dukan diet and my question is, do you have to follow a certain “meal spacing” program? Because I always fail in that part. Sometimes I get hungry before the 2-3 hours later. For example, I tried day 1 of the diet and had 2 spoons of oatmeal (didn’t have oat bran), I mixed in a spoon of flax and sweetened with splenda and some non fat dry creamer. Then maybe an hour and a half later I had 2 turkey muffins, an hour after that, I had another turkey muffin because I was hungry! Lol.. So as you can see, there is not really a 2-3 hour window between the meals. How did you remedy this? HELP ME!! Lol… You have obviously had AMAZING success – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  10. Hello my name is Joyce and I have tried so many diets and pills and none of them work can you tell me ho was to get started I really need to do something I am feeling depress and ugly.please help me

  11. I lost 6kgs after being on the Dukan Diet for 2 and half months but i found myself cheating 3 times already and i kept going back to attack phase. I have put on 2kgs. How dangerous is it to cheat many times and still start again from the attack phase?

  12. Hey Constance! Thank you so much for your blog! I started the dukan diet exactly a month ago today and I always log on to here when I need a bit of motivation ;). I was wondering if I could get your advice? Ive been on cruise for 3 weeks now, and after a month have lost 13 lbs. However, I lost the 13 lbs with following the diet to the letter pretty much all in the first 18 days. The last 12 days I haven’t lost even half a pound lol. Im feeling a bit discouraged as I don’t know how to break this plateau. I drink approx 3-4 L worth of water everyday, and haven’t ever cheated in any way. In fact I haven’t even used my tolerated items on Cruise more than one day in the entire period. Wondering what you would recommend? The most is that I haven’t kept track of dairy, but I usually don’t have too much. Im obviously sticking with it, but would feel a lot more encouraged if the scale moves a bit! I stopped exercise for 3 days in hopes when I start it tomm that it might jump start my system? Best I could come up with haha. As far as age, Im 25 years old. Thanks in advance!

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